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With the explosion of smart phones and high speed mobile access, online local rankings and mobile accessibility has become a necessity and  can make or break your growth of both online and offline business. Our local Internet marketing services are centered around driving high quality traffic to your site or storefront.
Studies have shown that 86% of consumers who use search engines to find a local product or service follow up with a phone call or an in-store visit. Local direct response advertising can be a very consistent way to attract new clients and generate leads.
First, you probably advertise at the moment, maybe in the local paper, or in magazines, maybe even on the Internet, and if you don’t, then you’ll want to after this. If you currently advertise, you may have wondered just how to make it stand out from all the other ads. But how are you going to stand out, how are you going to grab your prospect’s attention, if your ad looks like all the others? Here’s a quick test for anything you’re thinking about including in your ad (A picture, an overall design, words and paragraphs): Take it and compare it to the ads your competition is running, in the paper, the yellow pages, wherever. All the other ads in your section will almost certainly look the same – basically a big business card. Side Bar: Remember, this ad can be changed for just about any other advertising medium, not just a newspaper. Unless you have experience in direct response marketing, the ad might look a bit strange to you, maybe even downright ugly. The point is that while most ads are made to look very pretty, a direct response ad like this one is designed to do just one thing: Get you a paying client!
There is something that almost all businesses put at the top of their ad: Their business name and logo. I’ve done something a little different here – I’ve placed the coupon towards the bottom of the ad. Now, a feature is something like, in this example, the treatments you use, your wax types, etc. You should also test giving away a free hair cut and a free beauty pack to see what kind of numbers you get, keeping in mind it’s about how much you make in back end sales from new customers, and how many referrals you get.
If you do not get these kinds of results, then there is something wrong in your business and you need to fix it right away.
I’ve put a regular number on this ad, because of the nature of the offer, but another great marketing technique your competition doesn’t know about is the 800 number with a free recorded message. Here’s why it works: For a start, an 800 number will get greater response simply because it’s a free call. If you go for the 800 number free recorded message option, this is a way to get a lot of interested people to raise their hands, say “I’m interested in manicures and pedicures”, and give you permission to market to them. Your future customers are searching the web and using mobile devices to find products and services in their local towns or community.
Today’s customers are very Internet savvy and new smartphone technology has made local search marketing a necessary part of your search engine marketing strategy.

Now, the old adage of location, location, location no longer refers to your address on main street, it’s all about your local Internet marketing. We will walk you through the right package for you based on your business and your local online advertising budget.
If more than 5% or so of the other ads use a similar picture, a similar ad layout, then don’t use it! But the thing about advertising, is that your ad cost is the same whether it gets you one new customer or a hundred, so I’ve attached a sample newspaper for a hair salon ad (and a second ad for a nail salon) for you to look at, and I’m going to show you exactly how you can come up with your own profit pulling ad in no time. But it doesn’t matter what your first impression of an ad is, unless you’re seriously looking to buy whatever the ad is promising. With a big bold headline, lots of text, even a testimonial, if you’re looking to get your hair done, then this ad is going to attract your attention.
Making a statement like this is very powerful for someone who is after this type of service, even if it’s just a bit of fluff on their lip. But a benefit might be, ‘Gets your teeth naturally pearly white without dozens of treatments and harmful chemicals’.
A free Hair Care Beauty Pack, (which worked like gangbusters for one hair salon that tried it), plus a Follicle Assessment, which can be a 10-point or 5-level analysis and assessment that might come with a report in writing while they’re with you, the full robe and slipper treatment. If you say they can come in and get the offer next week, next month, whenever they get around to it, next time they have a lazy afternoon, then you’ll never see them. And just saying you’re great doesn’t count, because anyone could say that, and they all do.
A very common method is to then send out a series of sales letters, postcards, you can even use a phone call or fax to increase sales.
And, anything you do will also be so far ahead of everyone else, you’ll might have your local market all to yourself. But don’t use your website as the only way to contact your business, get a coupon, or special offer. As a business owner, especially the small to medium business, that means you can no longer afford to take your chances with traditional marketing tactics such as mailers or phone book ads that may or may not be working. Finding the right partner to help you with your local online advertising campaign is critical to your success and we believe at FP Internet Marketing we are the right choice. But the problem comes when we take a look at what everybody else is doing, come to the conclusion that what they’re doing is ‘what everybody does’, and we do whatever they’re doing.
Studies tell us that we are exposed to something like 2,500 plus advertising messages per day. The phrase ‘FREE’ and ‘With Any Service’ literally screams out to be noticed by your target market. When you place this ad, the rep will say something like “All that text is going to be hard to read”, or “People won’t read all those words”. They’re not interested in how good you say you are, they want to know how they will benefit.
What gets them there, what nobody else talks about, are the benefits, the beautiful hair they’ll have, the compliments they’ll get from their friends.

Don’t try to ‘get your name out there’, you need sales as a direct result of every ad you pay for. It’s designed for new customers, so I’ve put that restriction on it, but otherwise I haven’t weighed down a otherwise great offer with a ton of conditions, like you have to come in between 7 and 8 in the morning of a Tuesday in a month without an R in it. You’ll see that by giving away a service or treatment that you will make a lot more money and build your client base faster than ever.
Well, one other concern your prospects have is that they think they’ll have to put up with a ‘hard sell’ from a sales person when they call.
Don’t try to sell with a picture, unless it very powerfully demonstrates the main benefit you offer, or it’s a good picture that goes along with a testimonial (like in this ad). The goal of every ad is to not only get the attention of your prospect, but you want to make it very easy for them to do business with you. As a matter of fact, any ad that works in one industry can be modeled in another industry and work even more effectively.
So to get through all that clutter you need a powerful headline to draw their attention in. Advertising works on emotions, we justify with logic later, and this is a headline guaranteed to stir up feelings.
And that’s exactly what you want because once they have a wonderful experience they will come back and buy more products and services, and refer friends. Make sure you use a deadline, or limit the offer to a certain number of packs, so something to motivate them to do something now.
Especially if you’re generating leads to market to later on, as opposed to presenting an offer such as in the sample ad.
Remember to run it through your test: Take a look at the other ads, does it look like any of those? Secondly, a large percentage who take advantage of a free treatment will spend the money they saved on products and services during their initial visit. But if they know they can leave their details so you can send them something in the mail, that’s a far lower barrier to them picking up the phone. Because every industry is busy looking at what each other are doing and copying each other. And frankly, direct response ads are usually very effective without needing images and pictures, it’s the words that sell, so any pictures you use must contribute to the sale. Remember when I said, “Don’t try to sell with a picture, unless it very powerfully demonstrates the main benefit you offer”?

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