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Peripherals giant Logitech rolled out its latest G-Series gaming mouse, this time targeting the MMORPG market.
With a design that is clearly inspired by the Razer Naga, the G600 MMO packs a total of 20 buttons in its right-oriented form-factor. The 12 thumb macro buttons are divided into two sets, each with its own index bar, and uniquely shaped caps, which gradually become intuitive, and are designed to be ergonomic.
If you have any questions or just need some help integrating our SDKs, let us know and we will be in touch. Assign the functions of G-Keys from within your application's own UI, without having to exit to use the Logitech Gaming Software.

Arx Control introduces second screen capability that allows iOS and Android mobile devices to display in-game info, vital system statistics and more. GamePanel introduces second screen capability that allows GamePanel-enabled Logitech gaming keyboards to display in-gamne info, system statistics, ane more. Easily implement Logitech steering wheel support for your game by using a set of predefined force feedback effects or customize your own effects by specifying individual forces.
The G600 MMO gaming mouse packs a staggering 20 buttons, and is designed for games in which quick access to as many macro buttons as possible, is key. These include 12 thumb macro buttons (G9~20), two central macro buttons (G7~8), the three main buttons (left, middle, right clicks), and two side-scrolling key-type buttons that can be clicked by tilting the scroll-wheel.

Each of the 12 are labeled with illumination, and the color of the illumination can be customized from the RGB palette, using the Logitech Gaming Software application, from where you assign macro functions.
Its three main buttons can hold up to 20 million clicks, and the feet hold good for 250 km of wear (that's a lot). The mouse is clearly not meant for claw grip, and only palm grip gives you access to the thumb buttons.

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