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Textual is completely new from the ground up and combines all well-liked features with lots of great new functionalities to every part of Textual.
In addition to being the most powerful text editor for Mac, Texual 4 now provides an unique set of tools, such as document management, bookmarks, find in files, full text translations and direct online searches, which all together bring you an unmatched user experience.Besides all fundamental text editing operations you can now seamlessly organize your documents, quickly find important content even in large files, translate paragraphs and documents with one click, leave comments in your writing and keep your fingers on the keyboard by using keyboard shortcuts.
Textual 4 delivers now several options for maximizing the editing space for any screen size.The standard Textual environment balances the main elements of the user interface, the text editors and the additional tools for managing documents, translations, search results, etc. Now it's easy to quickly translate your content and documents directly from Textual, because the power to translate is now inside Textual.You will be able to translate text between over 50 language, such as English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, Polish, Spanish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, and many others.

Textual supports over 200 coding languages by default, including  syntax highlighting, folding and auto completion.
The insert menu provides access to several time saving items for inserting HTML and PHP elements. Working steps that previously had to be done through various programs, now find their way into one central application. But when you’re looking for some elbow room while editing text, you can hide any panel without having to manually disable each tool, and show them again if you really need them.

And even insert the translations directly into any of your documents without leaving the editor. This help you work without distractions, structure your thoughts, and get your done in less time.

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