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Derailleur allowances are the amount of extra chain required to go around a derailleur rear gearchange mechanism.
The extra amount of chain required is approximately a bit more than the difference between the length of the red zigzag line from A to B to C to D and the blue straight length from A to D. Even calculating the straight bits and curved bits separately this would still be effectively as tight as possible which is still too tight. Works in basically the same way as the triangular approximation described above but now resolves some extra triangles and angles to calculate the length of the red wavy line with precision.
NOTE:- The rigorous approximation also calculates the length of chain to wrap the jockey wheels from the highest and lowest points in this diagram in exactly the same way. If the capacity of your derailleur is bigger than the number of teeth on the biggest rear cog, the distance C increases by the difference between the radius of the actual cog used and the radius that the biggest cog could be. Both the triangular and rigorous approximations determine the jockey wheel position and the length 'd' in this way. If you haven't got a computer, abacus, slide rule, calculator etc but you have got a pair of compasses and a set square. When you have finished with the string you can always use it to suspend a weather prediction cone. The HTML Color Code Generator provides an interface for generating those hexadecimal numbers (preceded by a '#' character) and named colour constants that web browsers understand.

Alternatively just choose one of the named colour constants from the drop down list and WMW will show you the hex code and display the colour. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. I'm also a fan of tensioners, and have used various types with great success and little drama. An adequate estimate of the extra chain can be made by producing a scale drawing and wrapping a piece of string around the chain path.
Choose your colour and the HTML hex colour code appears below along with the named colour constant of the colour you have chosen matches with one of the pre defined constants. I've used the white bros eno eccentric hub, it's a beautiful polished piece of work, super smooth bearings, and a super clean looking option. The straight blue line from A to D represents a tightly stretched chain without a derailleur. It will always under estimate very slightly because the reality is the chain follows a curved path around the jockey wheels. Click the 'copy' button (or right click and select copy) to copy the colour code or constant into the windows clipboard. This value, displayed as 'Tangential Length =' is taken from the last calculation in the main chain length calculator window.

I have seen some with 13T inner and 15T outer wheels so an inch must surely be an under estimate for these.
Because the answer is usually only a few thou more than with the triangular approximation either method will do for practical purposes. Never tried EBB or adj d-o, but I think those solutions aren't necessarily any better looking or more trouble free than a tensioner. The extra few thou pale into insignificance in comparison with the amount that is added to give some slack. The general consensus on eccentric bottom brackets is pretty poor, so why are companies trying to complicate chain tension. With a conventional dropout you can use a QR, don't have to worry about aligning a rear wheel, and can avoid the pitfalls of an EBB.

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