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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 14 provides you a facility to experience your own video recordings faster and easier than ever on TV, mobile playback devices, or online. A powerful application that helps users perform cleaning operations in order to remove distortion noises efficiently, while offering support for different cleaning modes (e.g.
This tool was specifically built for allowing users to perform cleaning operations in order to remove distortion noises efficiently.
It boasts a clean and straightforward interface that lets users upload audio files by simply dragging and dropping them into the primary panel. MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab enables users to import tracks from audio CDs, view the waveform representation of audio files, as well as perform several operations, such as move audio streams to the desired position within the track, delete, or cut them.

Other important functions worth mentioning give users the possibility to split stereo channels, normalize the volume, set the volume of every single channel, use an equalizer and a multi-band compressor, regain the original audio quality of MP3 files that were compressed, and apply reverb or echo effects. Furthermore, the program features several cleaning modes, each of them designed to remove a certain type of noise. The tool allows users to carry out the noise removing process automatically, opt for a step-by-step approach for selecting the noises to be removed, or create presets. Last but not least, you can install plugins, change the tempo and pitch of audio items, save the audio files to MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, or WMA format, as well as burn data to audio CDs and DVDs, edit track information manually or download metadata from the Internet, as well as design CD covers and labels. All in all, MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab comes packed a complete suite of tools for helping users manage audio data and enhance the quality of audio streams in a professional way. Effects: The effects have been completely redesigned, optimized for touch -operation and integrated in the interface. This way, you can delete crackling and clicking noises from vinyl records, distortions from overmodulated recordings, sound disturbances (e.g.

You can transform your best video recordings into exciting theater-quality films because it has comfortable interface, advanced automations, and handy assistants guarantee perfect results at lightning speed. The program provides several dedicated parameters for helping you set up the recording sessions, such as recording level, sample rate, and timer. Pinpointed photo-editing and picture design is a real joy thanks to powerful functions and the easiest handling which you really notice - no previous experience necessary. It can also read videos from any source like (HDV) camcorder, DVD recorder, cell phones, etc.

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