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Want to burn video or image files to DVD disk so that you can watch it on any home DVD player? For photo editing, you can rotate, add text, add transition effects, and add background music.
For background music, select your favorite song and trim it to seamless fit the rest of the show. It offers several free DVD menu templates, that will help you to make personalized DVD menus. I want to make a slideshow of pictures with music but I want to give it as a gift so it will need to play in a normal DVD player. This is a typical problem for someone who wants to create a DVD slideshow as gift out of his photos and music. Next, you need a DVD burner to help burn the video to DVD disc for playing in a DVD player. First you need on create a PowerPoint slideshow using all your photos, music, video clips and all the tools that PowerPoint provides.

Moyea PPT to DVD Burner will help you to burn PowerPoint slideshows to standard DVD disc with perfect audio and video syncing for playing on DVD player. The PowerPoint to DVD burner saves you work by converting PowerPoint to DVD at a few clicks. All posts on this blog are created for non-profit sharing by the blogger staff of Moyea Software. You can also set the font, color, style, text size, as well as the view duration of each photo and transition.
Set audio fade in and fade out effects and adjust audio volume to achieve better audio effects.
Or, you can click on the thumbnail and then select the personalization options listed on the bottom of the screen. I know you have to convert it to APEX (whatever that is lol) or something like that but I don’t know how.
Beside what Windows Live Maker can do, PowerPoint also allows you record narrations to tell an amazing story about the pictures and bring your slideshow to next level.

The original PowerPoint elements and effects like font, language, music, narrations, video clips, animations, transitions, etc.
The original PowerPoint slideshow is still there and you can further edit it or converting to video for uploading to YouTube to share with more people if you like.
As soon as the DVD slideshow is finished, decorate it with a beautiful package and that’s the final gift for your family or friends. Only in PowerPoint 2010 can we save PowerPoint as video in WMV format, but it doesn’t matter for we have a much stronger tool to help us. You can organize it by chapters with a DVD menu, just like you are watching a real DVD movie. If you like the timeline for better syncing the pictures and music, here is a detailed guide for you.

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