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So long as they still think of themselves as a fat person they will severely impede their progress.
To become the type of person who already has what it is you want, you need to change how you see yourself at a subconscious level. As you watch your mind movie over and over again, your repeatedly suggest to the subconscious mind that this is your new present reality; new neural pathways will be made in your brain. A mind movie is simply a slide show presentation of images with accompanying positive affirmations. You select the pics you like from around the web, create some empowering statements and pick the music of your choice. Take a look at the goals you have for your body and think of images that might inspire you to achieve them.
I recommend that you watch your movie twice a day or more if you feel you have the time, but never to the extent that it becomes a chore.
Can I give you my free muscle-building workout?Join thousands over the world who are packing on slabs of new muscle for free with Targeted Hypertrophy Training (THT). If you have a Mac and MS Office or (I think) Open Office, you can do the same in the powerpoint presentation program, just set the slide transition option to a specific seconds amount and the slides will automatically change for you. This is a great idea and visualization is used extensively in NLP and hypnosis as Irwan says. On the other hand, if the affirmation is placed into the future, particularly in a way that shows movement and progress, it will be much better received.

For written goals, I think the subconscious BS meter can go into overdrive for some people when written in the present tense. MuscleHack is simply one of the BEST sites on the net for free tips on how to gain muscle fast and lose fat. When they are ready, ask them to share their ‘Mind Movie’ with you.  You’ll be in for an experience of pure delight and fun! Here are three more scenarios for other mind movies.  With imagination, you and your children will also be able to come up with oddles of blockbuster movie scenarios.  Please share some of them with me! You are outside one night looking at the stars.  All at once you see two huge, round lights coming slowly across the yard.  What in the world is happening?
You are playing a game on your iPad and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get to the next level.  All of a sudden you hear one of the game characters talking to you.  Are you going crazy? You are a little mouse that has sneaked aboard the Mayflower.  You just heard the Captain tell his crew that there are 5 mean cats on the ship.  How are you going to keep out of the way of those cats?
Later in this article I’ll give you a link to a free piece of software that will quickly allow you create your own. In order to be successful in any endeavor you must become like those who are already successful in that field.
When the overweight individual begins to identify more with the slim version of themselves than what he or she sees in the mirror, they’ll move towards their goal on autopilot without fear or doubt.
If you want six pack abs go to google image search and find some pics there that motivate the socks off you.

The guy at the top of this post is Nick Auger in case you want to search for more pics of him. Ah some things must remain private lol ?? I have more than my fitness and body goals in there.
You are going to love your fast gains on THT :)Join thousands over the world who are packing on slabs of new muscle for free with Targeted Hypertrophy Training (THT). Please note that it is important to word these statements in the present tense as if they’ve already occurred.
It may be useful to hear yourself state the affirmation as the movie plays but it isn’t necessary.
He says, “I believe that THT training is the single best way to train for size and strength gains.
You are training yourself to see this as your present reality, not a future one – this is important.
However, I think it is more important to try to phrase things in the positive, or as in taking a positive action.

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