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Music Shake provides a free online tool for students to experiment with and create music from scratch. Beat Lab is a free service through which you can experiment with thousands of sound and rhythm combinations. Incredibox is a neat website that allows you to create unique rhythms and sounds from drag-and-drop menu. From the same people that brought us the great computational search engine Wolfram Alpha comes Wolfram Tones.
Veteran entertainer, Alistair Izobell brings his latest one-man production, Let’s Make Music, to the Roxy Revue Bar at GrandWest in February 2015. Music lovers are in for a superlative treat as Izobell performs toe-tapping hits and breathtaking ballades by some of the world’s most memorable artists. Expertly weaving together songs such as the Commodores’ “She’s a Brick House”, Eric Clapton’s “Leila” and Air Supply’s “Two Less Lonely People in the World”, Izobell will have his audiences singing along from start to finish. Fans will also be treated to some of his original material in a captivating and intimate setting.
Let’s make Music will run at the Roxy Revue Bar from 6 February 2015 to 4 April 2015, with four shows per week.
He has been immersed in the local music scene for almost three decades, and is well-known for his vocal ability, fast-punched humor and interactive stage presence. Izobell is an extraordinary South African singer who traveled the world with the musical Kat and the Kings for which he received a Sir Laurence Olivier Award for his role as Magoo on the West End and On Broadway in New York. During his music career, which stems back to the early 1980s, he has worked with some of the most talented and successful recording artists in South Africa including the late Brenda Fassie, PJ Powers, Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels, Walk This Way and Ringo Madlingozi. Izobell was also one of the lead vocalists of the renowned group, The Rockets, before embarking on a new journey when he opened his own production company, Alistair Izobell Productions.
One of his first major achievements in this new venture was securing the exclusive African rights to a wonderful and acclaimed New York musical, Three Mo Tenors. It seems as if the sky is no limit for this youthful impresario who has also dabbled in the world of broadcasting and has had his own radio show on a popular Cape Town radio station. Woman Online Magazine is a lifestyle publication for women of South Africa to share their views - a one-stop online source for women who want the latest news, reviews and information. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. However, it is not just designers who have to put this amount of work into the look and feel of their resume.
Basically, what it comes down to is the biggest piece of advice I can offer anyone writing a CV: really think about the company you are applying to. Like most of the other services in this list, Music Shake provides the instrumental sounds and students select the beats.

After you've created your music samples you can download them, reuse them in Myna, or embed them into your blog. The sounds in the menus are recordings of a Bobby McFerrin-like artist making "human beat box" sounds. Okay, so it might not make you a singing sensation, but it could help you create music tracks that you can share with friends and use in multimedia productions. If you have used Apple's Garage Band or Aviary's Myna, Soundation will look familiar to you. Wolfram Tones uses algorithms, music theory, and sound samples to generate new collections of sounds.
It promises to be a wonderful show,” says Elouise Matthys, the PR and Promotions Manager at GrandWest. Even writing that here finds me yawning controllably despite having already had the six coffees that us students call a ‘mid-morning pick me up’. The search behemoth, who can receive up to 75,000 CVs in a single week, offered designer Eric Gandhi an interview solely from finding his CV on LinkedIn, so impressed were they with his clever use of their own user interface to promote himself.
Everyone can benefit from altering their CV to better fit the particular company they are applying to.
Gandhi’s application worked because he was applying to a company known for their innovation and the famous design of their logo and front page. You can experiment with different sound loops, choruses, and instrumental sounds to create your own unique sound loops. Soundation provides five tracks on which you can place music clips and sound effects to mix together. And yet I’m just like the majority of you out there; I’ve used this line countless times over any number of CVs and application forms.
Because so many people make these basic CV mistakes, even a tiny amount of creativity is guaranteed to put your CV in the top percentage of resumes for any given position.
Definitely something you can’t say about anyone who used a Microsoft Word template and their often copied and pasted experience and achievements. I personally know people who have got internships at prestigious newspapers by basing their CVs on the front pages of said papers, and the internet is full of other examples who went the extra mile to gain the attention of major companies.
It definitely would not have worked, however if his was applying to a company known for being traditional. No amount of using a company’s font but substituting your name into it or aping a company’s website will make up for demonstrating no dedicated interest in a givenfield.
It is free to experiment with the service and play your music online, but you have to be a paying member in order to download your musical masterpiece. You can specify how often you want each sound played and how quickly you want the sounds played.

To use Incredibox just head over to the website, select the English or French version, then start mixing sounds by dragging from the menu to the "people field." Every time you add a new sound a new person appears in the screen. To create your original work you can select from Soundation's gallery of 400 free sounds, upload your own sounds, or record new sounds using the instruments and keyboard built into Soundation.
Wolfram Tones allows visitors to choose samples from fifteen different genres of music on which to build their own sounds. Not only is it dull and predictable, however, but it might actually stop you getting that dream job that all that student debt and living in some of the most damp-infested houses in the world has been leading up to. It might get you the interview, but if you’ve got nothing to say at that interview you’ve seriously wasted that midnight oil on all-night Photoshop and InDesign sessions. When you've created a product you like, you can download it or share it in Soundation's gallery. Once a genre is selected visitors can then alter the rhythms, instrumentation, and pitch mapping of their sounds. You can add more sounds by selecting "add more sounds" and choosing from the huge catalog of sounds.
When satisfied with their creations, users can download their sounds or have them sent directly to their cell phones.Having students experiment with rhythms on a drum set is usually a very loud experience for the students and for anyone within earshot of those students. If the sound you want isn't available in the Beat Lab catalog you can upload your own sounds. That probably explains why my elementary school music class was held in a room behind the cafeteria kitchen and hundreds of yards away from any other classroom. Fortunately, developments in technology have made it possible for students to experiment with drum rhythms on a quieter scale than was previously possible. In order to download your projects as MP3s you do have to Tweet or Facebook to your friends that you're using Loop Labs. Monkey Machine is a free web-based program that allows students to experiment with drum set sounds and rhythms. Using Monkey Machine students can customize the selection of drums and cymbals in their virtual drum set. Monkey Machine also allows students to customize the tempo in their drum tracks and the frequency with which each drum or cymbal is played.

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