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In a medium sized bowl add in cabbage, onion, shallot, adobe seasoning (if using), habanero peppers, lime, lime juice,salt, pepper, and vinegar.
You might also like:Pumpkin is not an Halloween exclusive; treat yourself with this squash soup on a regular basis! The very first time I decided to purchase a camera with the sheer intent to go pro, I looked at all the models out there and just found myself buying a Canon camera. And, somewhere in the middle of all that purchasing, I started really getting how much money we sink into gear.
But, nonetheless, I kept hearing great buzz about the Nikon low-light capabilities, the Nikon ISO sensitivity, the Nikon auto-focus, the Nikon sharpness. The first thing I noticed, right out of the gate, was the feel of the camera system in my hands. The other thing I noticed was the incredible speed of the D4, while I was shooting action shots.
It was slightly bizarre that all this happened right around the exact same time my image made the cover of EOS Magazine, along with a lovely featured spread. I have shot quite a lot, lot, lot this year with the Nikon D4, the Nikon D800 and all my favorite lenses. One other big question I’ve heard is this:  Was it hard to re-learn everything with a whole new brand of camera? Which direction the lens turns when you mount it, where the buttons are, how the memory cards pop in and out … those are new details that are learned fairly quickly.
I just needed to go through a period of time where I jumped off autopilot, when it came to my technical movements, and focused on relearning some new movements (some new chords, so to speak).
If there are any other questions, comments, or needs for clarification, please leave them in the comments section. I had been a Canon film (A series) camera user for decades… but after 2 shutters and my camera starting to fall apart I decided to switch to digital.

In response to Jay Gough on Facebook (trying to keep all answers here, so they can all be in one place!
I have just been going through the should-I-switch-to-Canon-or-stay-with-Nikon question for awhile now. It amazes me the changes in photography equipment over the past 20 years, not to mention the editing software – so much nicer than the old darkroom days.
I teach frequent introductory DSLR classes, so although I use Nikon myself, I handle a lot of Canon DSLRs. I am a Canon shooter, have been my whole life, but with so many pro shooter making the switch the switch to Nikon the thought has crossed my mind. Very interesting post Tamara, I’ve never actually came across quite a detailed write up for anyone switching manufacturers and their reasons.
Regarding the Nikon-Canon-Competition, I’ve been looking for pros and cons for a long time now.
PS: I really liked your argumentation, Tamara, or rather, how neutral and personal you wrote it! Probably a direct result of itemizing those purchases every year for tax purposes, bejeebus. My immediate choice was Nikon primarily for lens compatibility reasons, I started with a D70s then D200, D300 to my present D3 and D700. And just doing that, my impression has been that the Nikon controls are better placed and certain things like autofocus seem much easier to me on the Nikon. How do I, as an up and coming photographer how may not have a lot of working capital, physically make the switch? The thing is, I’ve never came across a photographer who switched from Canon to Nikon.
I had early cold symptoms when my pikliz was ready to taste: as soon as I tried a spoonful, I felt like all the bugs were shocked and evacuated from my system.

I love the feel of my Nikons and the ability and ease to customize settings and the lenses are great. In 1996 I started with a Cannon film camera and made the move to digital in 2004 my first DSLR was a Fuji S3 that uses Nikon lenses.
I had purchased a Cannon 20D and felt like everything was backwards so I handed that off to the hubby and continued on with the Nikon D70, D200, D300, D300s and as of last night the proud mama of the Nikon D800. I am a Nikon gal through and through BUT there have been many times that I have dreamed about owning THE ever famous 5D Mark 11 and the Canon 50 1.4mm. I use it very little professionally, though with my 50mm lens it does come in handy sometimes but the problem then is getting the photos to all look the same as they do have a different feel to them. I have tested Cannon VS Nikon in the past shooting the same image and have to say- You cant tell what camera shot what. Reading your article has made realise that I like the way it handles it does make more sense, I thought that was because it was my first SLR but now I think not. On the other hand I find Nikon to have better quality, lighter and less expensive lenses vs. I have had plenty of focus issues with my Canon last year I sent the body and lenses to be serviced thinking it was me, I have far less focus issues with the pictures I take on my Nikon. Granted, I picked it up out of the blue and I didn’t use it for very long, but my Nikon, out of the box, felt good. Thanks Tamara, I no longer feel schizophrenic I think I maybe just didn’t trust myself .
I made my decision and placed my order earlier this week, but it felt a little reassuring to read your post.

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