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Training for SketchUp, Screenflow, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, After Effects, and Photoshop. To change the default you only need to change the Matte Color in the Video Generators folder within the Effects tab. To get started in the exporting process, click the Timeline, or select the sequence in the Project panel. You can also use Adobe Media Encoder as a standalone application to encode media files from third party applications, and from other users which provide you source files that need encoding. You can also drag a sequence from Premiere Pro or a sequence from After Effects directly into the Queue. Now that media is in the Export Settings dialog box (or the Queue), make choices for the video format and preset.
After you have selected the proper media type (codec), the next stage in encoding media would be to choose the proper preset. Now that you have the media in Adobe Media Encoder, and have chosen a format and a preset, it’s time to encode the file. Sometimes you need to encode multiple clips to a single format, while other times, you have to encode a single clip to multiple formats. See this video tutorial about batch encoding and using watch folders by Jan Ozer and video2brain. To see the workflow for batch encoding and for using and creating watch folders, see this video tutorial.
In Adobe Media Encoder, change the In and Out points by dragging the work area bar in the Export Settings dialog box and then clicking the In and Out buttons.

If you are creating a DVD or Blu-ray disc, you can circumvent Adobe Media Encoder by using Send to Adobe Encore via Dynamic Link instead. Somehow I managed to get my exports directed to a particular folder in a past project, but now ALL exports go to this folder, but I’d like them to route to their respective projects. All the information I can finds states that exports always export to their SOURCE folders, however, this is not the case for me, and there does not seem to be an obvious way to fix this.
I am trying to figure out if you can export a file from a project in PPr to Media Encoder to render then switch projects in PPr while ME is rendering that file. In CS6 Premiere I have tried to copy a sequence to a Jump drive and then watch it in a TV set , the TV says inappropriate codec or so. For a long time I would open the Matte Color, and then click the Controls tab to change the matte to the color I wanted, which was almost always white.
Once you make the change here every time you bring it up through the Video Generators menu (the "A" button) in the viewer it will display your new default.To make the change load the Color generator into the viewer, select the Controls tab, and click on the color indicator, change the color to what you desire, and click OK.
If you want to learn how to export media from Adobe Media Encoder, you can start from the beginning of the article and work your way through. This is an excellent video tutorial to get you started in understanding how to use Adobe Media Encoder.
Choose File > Add Media, or click the Add button (the Plus sign icon) to add files to the Queue. A good technique is to drag the sequence or composition, then press Alt (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) + Tab to switch applications to Adobe Media Encoder.
You can do either in Adobe Media Encoder by exporting media in batches using the Queue, or by using watch folders.

Karl Soule shows you how in this video: Save Time with Powerful Background Rendering Using Media Encoder. After a hundred or so times doing this I finally had the bright idea to see if I could change the default.
However, Adobe Media Encoder is so intuitive, perhaps you only want to know which are the best settings to use, or how to encode to multiple formats.
Once Adobe Media Encoder is the application in focus, drop the sequence or composition into the Queue. From the menu, choose the appropriate preset for your target device, an obvious choice should be available.
Click the Queue button, if you have more movies to add, or if you want to encode in the background. You can also create an Auto-play DVD (sometimes called a first play DVD) using this method. You will choose format and preset in the Export Settings dialog box by clicking pop-up menus to choose the format and preset for the encoded movie clip. Once you’re in the Export Settings dialog box, make choices specifically for your the kind of media you need for your device.

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