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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! If you liked this wallpaper and you would like to get more in you mailbox, you can subscribe to our newsletter! In the first Despicable Me film, super-villain Gru is bent on taking over the world, but somehow ends up becoming custodian to three young girls. After a strange magnetic machine steals a genetic enhancement formula from a polar research station, the Anti-Villain League sends Agent Lucy Wild to recruit Gru to their cause. Eventually, the AVL convinces Gru to join their cause, and he and Lucy stake out the mall, where traces of the formula have been discovered. Oh, yeah, and the minions are there too, being yellow and pill-shaped and doing funny things.
Kristen Wiig as Lucy WildDespicable Me 2 stars Steve Carell (The Office) as Gru, the reformed super-villain. Gru and his kids.One thing that I really loved about the Despicable Me films is the visual style. We were on a family holiday escaping the heat waves of the Australian summer when a cold snap took over Europe.
Four hours later a six star junior penthouse suite was available and the kids were ice skating at the Hotel De Ville in Paris. The Stress Surfer’s house backs into the bush with a beautiful creek flowing through the back of the block. At 4pm the kids are evacuated and furniture moved to higher ground all whilst hungover with jetlag and only 10 days after being snowed in, in Paris!
Remember just because we experience such big waves of disruption in our lives does not necessarily mean we wipeout and lose control of our lives. By adapting flexibly to the limitations our circumstances bring us we can ride through such difficult times and indeed keep focused and moving forwards with life.
When hotels rejected us and taxis drove on by, we avoided the blame and anger game and stayed positive and kept trying….
During the snow storm problem solving was vital to get accommodation yet the following day at the airport once flights were secured the 14 hour wait was all about distractions and games….

Stay fit, eat healthy, sleep well and keep exercising – be flexible and creative in your approach to keep these things going. Remember we cannot always control the waves that life throws at us but we can choose how we respond to Balance the four Elements of our inner wellbeing and keep the wipeouts to the minimum!
Let The Stress Surfer teach you how to master the 4 Elements of Wellbeing, so you can stay on top of those waves and not wipe out. Nefario) are back in Despicable Me 2, and this time it’s the good guys who want Gru to stop a new menace to society. As before, Carell uses an eastern European accent to make Gru seem funnier than he might otherwise be — similar to what Mike Myers did with Shrek. Nefario, Steve Coogan (Neighbors from Hell) as Silas Ramsbottom, and Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud (the film’s directors) as the Minions.
It’s sort of a cross between the throwbacks seen in The Incredibles and the absurdist style of Ralph Bakshi. NefarioI think Despicable Me 2 accomplished what it set out to do, which is to be an entertaining film.
It’s here to capitalize on the popularity and marketability of the Minions, and to entertain kids and adults in such a way that they feel okay with having spent $50 on a night out at the movies with the family. His fiction has appeared in Asimov’s, Escape Pod, and the Crossed Genres anthology Fat Girl in a Strange Land. Natural Disasters all over the world – and you bet, The Stress Surfer had front row seats on both sides of the planet! With snow everywhere, having checked out of our hotel which was fully booked and unable to get to the airport due to roads being shut, we were stuck in the snow and freezing cold. The following day after a marathon 14 hour campaign at the Orly airport we were flying out to Rome only 1 day behind schedule with an amazing series of extra adventures under our belt! Back to Australia and home to Brisbane arriving horribly jet lagged on an early Sunday morning in the middle of Monsoon rains. At 10 am a beautiful babbling brook with a delightful sound of water flowing through the river rocks whilst we slept off the jet lag. The following days were jetlag filled with landscaping and back breaking labor to get things back into shape!

Natural disasters are literally big waves that rate highly on the stressful life events scale for us to cope with and recover from. But rather, we maintain Balance in the Four Elements of our Inner Wellbeing (Mindsets, Emotions, Lifestyle, Purpose).
In the flood, problem solving was needed to get the house ready and then distraction when waiting for the flood to subside.
Airports have long sheltered walkways to keep exercising, sleep can be found in strange and uncomfortable ways and food – well it’s your choice – keep the caffeine and sugar low and breads, salads and water high.
But it kept with the style of the film, in the same way that Michael Giacchino did for The Incredibles. I was thoroughly entertained the entire time, even though the story was relatively straightforward and didn’t cover any new ground. I could tell on the way out that most of the moviegoers enjoyed themselves, and, really, isn’t that the important thing? His voice has been heard around the fiction podosphere as well, including here on Escape Pod.
We convinced the kids it was all a lot of fun whilst changing into warmer clothes in front of curious commuters, followed by an internet search problem solving for available hotels.
When Gru won’t come along, Lucy is forced to use other means to convince him (and a couple of minions) to visit their underground headquarters and their leader, Silas Ramsbottom*. The plot was supported by a lot of sight and sound gags, mostly perpetrated by the Minions (although the scene with the guacamole hat was pretty amusing). When caught in the subway we stayed relaxed and huddled together whilst we planned the next steps….
Finally, Benjamin Bratt (Private Practice) goes super-over-the-top as Eduardo, tango-dancing proprietor of the Salsa Salsa Mexican Restaurant, but that kind of made sense.

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