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A second strike from Dele Alli secured all three points for Spurs on the south coastHe said: a€?I think the players show every day that they believe in the way we are taking. Ita€™s difficult to explain all the reasons but I think we have a group that believes in the way we play and believes we can achieve a lot of things.a€?The problem in football is always time. For them to adapt in the Premier League, the culture, the language a€” it is difficult to bring in players from outside.a€?You need to take the right profile. Sting, the master of mangled words This is one chart that Sting probably wishes he didn't top.

The term is a reference to the 17th century ballad The Bonnie Earl O' Murray, in which the final line 'and laid him on the green', can be heard as 'and Lady Mondegreen'. Ita€™s impossible to settle a new philosophy and create a winning team and mentality if you dona€™t have enough time to deliver that.a€™The success of Pochettinoa€™s project could yet be determined by injuries, with Clinton Njiea€™s three-month lay-off with knee ligament damage leaving the side precariously short on striker cover for Harry Kane. Game of Thrones season 6 will continue this Sunday, on HBO.Which actress had the best lyrics for the Game of Thrones theme? Share your picks and your lyrics in the comment section below!Photo Credit: Entertainment WeeklyGame of Thrones Season 6 Gallery Sansa Stark In the Snow Guess who survived the leap from Winterfell's castle walls?

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