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Twine is a free, simple program that allows you to create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style text game. Twine works like “Choose Your Own Adventure” books—but instead of writing “turn to page 59,” you use hyperlinks to direct how players experience your story. After you finish your story, you can publish your story as an HTML file and share it with your friends!
There are plenty of storytellers who love games and would love to make their own, but are scared off by the thought of coding and scripting. As an example, Twine allows you to create variables that affect how players progress through the story. Players who have battery life on their phones experience a different part of the game than players who don’t.
For tech-savvy or artistic users, Twine offers additional flexibility—while my idea of customizing my game meant changing the font size and background color, other Twine users have created games with pictures, sound, and unique fonts. By the time I’d whittled my Twine connections down to a reasonable journey from “Start” to “The End,” I had a lot more respect for game writers who have to account for far more variations than the four I’d created in my simple game. If you (or other gamers in your life) are passionate about storytelling and want to write your own games, Twine is a great place to start.

With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. I was in the mood to make an Ugly Christmas Sweater and thought why not make it Adventure Time themed!
With the holidays coming up, what kid wouldn’t want to color some BIG HERO 6 coloring pages and activity sheets at the table, right? There are plenty of resources for people learning how to code, but getting from the early coding lessons to a fully functional game can be daunting. While I was able to see my story as an interlocking web of pages, my testers experienced my game as an online text game.
For my first Twine game—a typical survival game with scary noises and poor lighting—I created a variable that tracked whether players had any battery life left on their phone.
It’s a simple mechanic, but it reveals a lot about how choices and dialogue are managed in more complicated games. Depending on the scope of your story, you could finish a game with little more than an hour of work. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.

The good news is that you could make your own game in the next hour—and you don’t need to know how to code, script, or even draw. There are several sites that will host Twine stories for free, so you can share it with the whole Internet if you like. And if you dive deeper into the program, you can make more complicated games—and see a bit of what professional game writers have to contend with when they work on a game.
On off days, she can be found running around Lake Union or raiding the comics section of the public library. If I wanted to make a coherent game without spending weeks of my life writing it, I had to make some tactical decisions. You can also play entire collections of Twine games to see what other game makers are coming up with. Each option, no matter how different it seemed from the others, would need to lead to one of the three variations of a “Game Over” page I’d written.

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