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2 motors or 1 motor - 2 motors does sound good, however there are also limitations with this. Thumb or trigger remote control - The index finger is the most intuitive way to control and feel anything, using a thumb does work however it will not feel as comfortable as using a trigger control. Fold all corners of your Minecraft mob characters cut-out template, tabs should always be folded inwards. Right click and save image as, print out the Minecraft Iron Golem template, its a good idea to use card but you don't have to, it will still work with normal printer paper.
You have boards that get you from A to Z and then there are the ones that are a pure pleasure to ride. How often will you have to replace the belt and wheels or other parts and are they easily interchangeable? Remember to compare apples to apples: lithium batteries are more expensive than lead acid, professional branded skate parts are more expensive and much better quality than off-the-shelf boards from China, a longer range means a more expensive battery has been used.

2 wheel resistance from the motors will effect the roll compared to 1 wheel resistance so this means the battery will be effected faster.
Look into the wheels and trucks and ask the question a€“ how would this board perform without the electrical setup? Some companies advertise their max output wattage instead of their rated wattage (one company advertises their board as having a 400 watt motor when this is the actually the max output and the rated output is only 150 watts). Therea€™s a big difference between an off-the-shelf electric skateboard vs a quality longboard with a motor.
Is it off-the-shelf from China where cost is the bottom line, or has it been made by someone who is an eboard rider and passionate about performance?
There is a large gap in the electric skateboard market in terms of price and materials used, rule of thumb is a€?you get what you pay fora€™.
By adjusting gear ratios on a motor it will effect torque and speed, just the same way a 10 speed racing bike does when you change gears for hills or flat riding.

2 belts are needed to drive 2 motors so keep this in mind for future maintenance and obviously there are 2 times potential problems to occur in the electrical setup. Ita€™s also a very good idea to read reviews and research how long the company has been trading for. Check out videos and customer reviews to see if a board appears to have a decent amount power. 1 wheel drive allows for better turning, rolling and sliding.2 wheel drive really needs a differential system for turning for it to be effective, however 2 wheel drive may give better traction when first accelerating.

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