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ScrutiniesCatholic culture, education, family, and humor"A Christian should be an Alleluia from head to foot." - St. I write the categories on Post-Its, because that way I can switch them out each time I use the review game. If I were a better-prepared person, I’d write up the questions ahead of time, but I usually just make them up off the top of my head as we go along, making the difficulty of the question correspond to the point value.
Last – it has occurred to me today that using this game would be an easy way to involve your classroom aide in teaching. Catechist Chat will be an ongoing series of posts for teachers in religious education programs. Click here to read other entries in the series, and be sure to follow Catechist Chat on Facebook!
Hi my name is Laura and I think Steven Moffat needs to get off my lawn and the hell away from my favorite show. The rough skin of his fingers (rougher than she would expect from a teacher) catches on the edge of her injured cheek and she flinches away. She says nothing (what do you say to a declaration like that?) but something loosens and tightens in her chest and it’s like the whole of the world stretches out in front of her, open. When Rose was small she thought that working at a fancy boutique like Henrik’s was glamorous. They’re studying the Imagists before Rose works up enough courage to attempt anything.
He is watching her rather like she imagines one would watch a particularly dangerous predator.
She wonders why she is thinking about biscuits when he’s busy snogging her breathless. He places one of her hands on the left side of his chest and the other on the right side of his chest.
The ache is back in her chest, the desire to soothe away whatever has pained him and it overwhelms her trepidation.
With these printable jeopardy game boards, you’ll be able to turn any occasion in to a game show.
If you wish to use these jeopardy templates in a Powerpoint Slideshow, simply place the images on your slide.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. But if you need a low-tech version, this one takes about 20 minutes to create and can be reused throughout the year.
It is based on my personal experience and not on any statistical evidence of the effectiveness of my advice.
You can also sign up for my email list, and I’ll send you resources, including non-PDF versions of the activities I post (which means you can edit them in Microsoft Word to customize them for your own students). Her lips throbs and blood drips down her chin and her cheek, courtesy of Jimmy’s rings. It breaks the fragile mood and he straightens, pulls himself back within the parameters of their positions. It’s softer than his usual manic grin, a curving of the lips she fancies is just for her.

He appears lost in thought and she is too busy trying to calm her racing mind to engage in conversation. Her mum lets her into the flat but the barrage of questions begins as soon as Rose steps through the doorway. He’s taken to walking her home when she stays after class for help, and though her mother continues to glare at him Jackie says nothing.
She struggles for a moment, but he’s strong, far stronger than he looks (and he looks pretty damned strong).
Use them for classroom presentations, fundraising events, work activities, and church get togethers, and see how sharp your peers really are.
I hate it that I usually have my aide doing stuff like taking attendance and passing out papers and don’t find more ways to have her actually leading the class.
He is one arrest away from a prison sentence, she knows, and that is not the life she wants for herself. A rough palm slides across her cheek and lifts her face gently until she’s looking him in the eye. She can find her own pulse, and she felt it plenty of times, lying on top of Jimmy after sex. After your game contestants have answered a specific question, cross through that box so you know which questions have already been asked.
Its concrete and steel construction always calls to mind a prison more readily than a home, and that association sticks with her. She’s too young and all she hears is her mother telling her that her dreams are futile.
She is finding out that, like most things, the childhood fantasy far outstrips the reality of the situation.
He got his A levels but never went to school—his gran needed someone to bring home a paycheck, as she was blind, and after she died he hung around, stayed on the Estate. Something in her throat tightens and an ache springs up in her chest, a dull pain that echoes the burning of her cheeks.
A muscle in his jaw twitches and she can feel him prepare himself for something, steel himself against—what, exactly? To fit any of these printables to a letter-sized 8.5”x11” sheet, press “scale to fit” in your printer settings. Using some tape or sticky tac, place the money value boxes over the questions to create your game board.
A quiet voice in the back of her head whispers that she will always be safe, as long as he is there. He’s been carefully controlled before, meticulous in his observation of the divide between teacher and student, and Rose cannot help but feel that something is changing between them.
Folding clothes is monotonous at best, and the condescending attitudes of many customers make her want to scream. Rose knows he fancies her, that he always has, but he’s always been like a brother to her. Embarrassment, grief, fear—they all war for expression, but she is no school-girl, not anymore (despite her location in a school).
It isn’t the manic grin he gives her in class when she gets a question right or shows him up.

Her heart is pounding and she feels like she did so long ago, when she was a child and she’d race to the roof when a storm hit.
He kept telling me not to worry about school, that when his band got their music out we’d be able to go anywhere, do anything. She will wait, of course, because she loves him, but when he returns she will wear the Powell Estate like plate mail, will arm herself with the knowledge that she is fantastic and brilliant and that class and status do not dictate her place in the universe (and her place is at his side). Rose denied it, of course, when her friend asked if something was going on between the two of them, but now, now she thinks she may have been wrong. She hasn’t been back to his flat since that day, but he seems more at ease around her. The thunder would roar and the lightening would flash and the wind would buffet her back and forth, but she knew down to her bones that she was safe, that the storm would not hurt her. The breeze brings a faint melody to her, something haunting and lovely that she can’t place. She will remind him that she is Rose Tyler, former shopgirl, savior of the universe and his equal.
She makes it bearable by tuning out the repetitive clubbing music designed to subliminally increase one’s desire to shop, and going inside her own head. She doesn’t recognize the instrument and a quick glance reveals nothing about the source of the song, but she shrugs it off. She will remember where she came from, because the universe will not forget, and if she wears it proudly, if she holds it up for all to see no one can use it against her. He hugs her when she does especially well, and she relishes the feel of his arms around her, holding her close.
He’s gentle at first, questioning, and it takes a moment for her brain to process what just happened. When he looks at her with those blue, blue eyes she feels like he actually sees her, not just the bleach blonde hair and second-hand clothes, and lower-class accent, but Rose Tyler.
Reinette may be lovely and talented and the uncrowned Queen of France—but she is the Bad Wolf, and she walks in eternity and she will be damned if she lets him forget it. She’s trying to process what has just happened, trying to make sense of it in her mind. Smith disappears for a moment, but he returns with a strange looking canister (antiseptic, maybe?) and a plaster.
But now, now she is nineteen years old and her mother just called her a whore in front of a man she might be in love with. There’s something in his eyes, something wounded and broken and it makes her want to hold him close.
There’s a world of hurt in him, beneath the scathing sarcasm and manic enthusiasm that he wears like a mask, and she aches for him.
It always surprises her, how grateful he seems for them, like no one has bothered to give him anything in a very long time.

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