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For those big fans of Super Mario, just one Super Mario papercraft apparently is not enough. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
This Instructable will show the basics of Scratch, a simple and easy to use design program, and how to make a Super Mario game using it.
For the flooring, I used the grassland set of the scenes that I provided, but you can use which ever you want. Now depending on what type of game you want to create depends on what else you must create. For all scripts, when you pull out rules you can either place them one under each other or, for certain rules, inside other rules.
Where you have your scripts, on the left, you should see a script there that you didn't create, called stage. Now you can design your own Mario game even without any knowledge of programming , just download and start Mario Worker creativeYou can create a game like The Final Fantasy , Warcraft , start crafting , ..

This game allows you to create custom levels on the Wii U gamepad and share it with your friends. The reason for this is that when we start with the scripts, it’s actually impossible to make scripts disappear, unless you make then 100% transparent which actually isn't making them disappear, so you just move them to a corner and cover them with some other costume.
The maker utilized 3D software to create the whole virtual 3D model, then convert it into printable parts using papercraft software.
The reason I only created 4 is because my game which I created used coins which completely slowed down my game as I tried to make it longer, so I shortened it. The Super Mario measures 30cm tall, and features complete detail from the original model in Super Mario series video game. It looks (as you can see from the screenshot) very much like a lovely old paint package for any 8-bit machine you'd like to name.The product is coming out in 2015 for Wii U.
Just import it into the background section, but make it a bit larger by using the grow tool, but don't make it too big.
Once you have done this use the select tool to move the blocks together to get something like image 2.

Finally use the dropper tool to acquire a colour close to the top of the top blocks, and create a line, using the smallest size, and place a straight line across the top of the four blocks. Solve that by placing a brown coloured box that looks like dirt; see the last image for guidance. I will explain why you have done this later, but do this for all the tops of all the blocks that you have created.
There isn't a real borderline I can give you, but look at mine, image 9, and try make yours like mine. Could you send me your scratch project so i can take a better look at the scripting to understand it better?

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