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Modernizing the old school a€?cassette mixtapea€™ way of sharing music, MakerBot has created a way to let you make MP3 players in the shape of cassettes. To customize the playlist, users just need to plug it into their computers with the included USB cable, and pick the songs they wish to include. The MP3 player also has a battery life of up to four hours, and can be recharged using the USB cable.
If youa€™ve got a 3D printer, MakerBot offers kits at US$25 each, that let you print your own cassettes in various colors and designs.

We know how precious your personal payment security is, and our systems are checked daily by McAfee Corporation to ensure that they are 100% Hacker Safe! Customize your aquarium with a wide variety of fish and be captivated by their life-like behavior as they swim through a 3D reef. The ON DEMAND feature offers you the opportunity to listen to the show anytime, on any device right here on this page.
You can listen to all the music by one artist, all the songs from any album or anything you like for free!

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