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Bookemon online yearbook maker and iPad app makes it easy and fun for teachers, students and parents to create their own yearbooks. You can also document your family history, rememember important events and always keep in touch with all family members through the family tree. Trusted by schools, non-profit and education organizations, Bookemon takes the hassle out of making yearbooks. You can start with a blank template, use one of our pre-designed layouts, or upload a document you've already created. We provide you with ample free design tools and libraries of clipart, backgrounds and frames to make your book, your way.

You then expand the family tree by either adding details of other family members yourself or just send out email invites to relatives so that they can fill their own details.
The interesting part is that all your relatives and family members, who you have added to the tree, can also contribute and expand the family tree by adding more relatives or inviting others. Other than building the family tree, everyone in a family can upload photos, share ancestral history, track family events and more. If there’s a new baby born in the family or your phone number has changed or something else, you can inform all the family members in one go.
Although that application just for fun, that application can for make a decoration idea for many people.

He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker. Many makers home use that application for their job, because with that application make it easy for make a home design.If you confuse with design idea for your home. If you use that application, you can remake your home design.  So don’t be hesitating for use that application for make your home design.

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