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Everyone knows how to play Hangman, it is a simple word guessing game that I'm sure we all played in school and for fun while bored. Web Hangman has some great Hangman type online flash games but does have much more than that. But like I said earlier, Web Hangman has more games than just Hangman to the contrary of their name. So if you're feeling bored or nostalgic of past school experience, head on over to Web Hangman to play some of those good ole' fashioned Hangman, Word Search or Crossword online flash games!

What the hotel which Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife opened a restaurant in Santa Monica? This of course then turned into many developers creating online web versions of Hangman and other educational word games.
They also host a lot of Word Search online flash games to help curb your boredom as well as Word Scrambler flash games and Crossword flash games. They have their own very basic Hangman they use for a site wide highscore contest so you should go play and see if you can make the leader boards.

However, Web Hangman also hosts popular Hangman games such as Hangaroo, Classic Hangman and Extreme Hangman. Of course they are open to hosting more Hangman games so if you own one then send it on over to them for more exposure and plays!

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