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A blank jigsaw template is a great way to introduce a new and creative activity for you, your young children, and your whole family! You can find a blank jigsaw puzzle template on the Internet simply by searching for it on your browser. You can also visit the blog Free Printable Fun to find a fun jigsaw puzzle that you can decorate. If you dona€™t find anything that you like on the Internet, you can always create your own blank puzzle template. The first, and most obvious, activity that you can do with the template is creating a puzzle. After you and your children finish drawing your designs on the puzzle, your next step is to carefully cut the pieces according the lines drawn on the puzzle template.
If you want to make your puzzle sturdier, you can glue your puzzle pieces to pieces of cardboard. You can do the same technique using the multiplication tables to help your child learn those.

If you search for the templates in Google Images, youa€™ll instantly find a myriad of different styles and templates to choose from including this group, which has puzzles that range from the small, to large puzzles with thirty pieces or more.
Simply take a piece of paper (whatever size that you want your overall puzzle to be), and draw wiggly lines throughout it that connect but dona€™t overlap. Maybe you want to write a message for your child that he or she will discover after they reconstruct the puzzle. This is important because if you do not cut according to the lines, you may not be able to put the puzzle back together. Cut out the cardboard in the shape of the puzzle piece, and then glue the puzzle on top of it.
Pick a multiplication table, such as nine, and write each number of the table on one of the pieces using the same technique from the alphabet puzzle discussed above. Perhaps your family can have contests for who can solve another family membera€™s puzzle the fastest.
Your children will have more fun with these than with the usual square and ordinary puzzle parts!

Make sure to use a variety of different colors and decorations to make the puzzle eye catching and exciting!
Print the letters going from left to right across the first row of the puzzle, one on each piece. Whatever you choose to do with it, a blank jigsaw puzzle template is a fun and different way to spend a Saturday afternoon! As your son or daughter reconstructs the puzzle, he or she will also be learning the alphabet at the same time!

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