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If you want to preserve some of your mom or grandma’s old recipes, or if you have favorites of your own that you want to keep safe, here’s an easy and effective way to create your own family recipe book. Regardless of how you choose to personalize your Favorite Family Recipes cookbook, it will surely make your meal preparations efficient and will help you to keep your recipes organized and clean for years to come. Piera Jolly shares her method for setting up a mimosa bar that is perfect for a wedding or bridal shower.
You can think I am strange if you like, but I will freely admit I love binders and am always looking for excuses to buy more binders. I found so many amazing ideas I think I will plan a shopping trip just for the purpose of buying more binders.
I don't really like recipe books very much anymore because they're just not as interactive as the web (less photos, no reviews), but I do like to keep recipes I've used and like on hand and off line.
In order to organize all of my favorite recipes, I keep recipes that I've made and enjoyed in this recipe book on the left.
For Pinterest recipes where the blog post doesn't allow printing the recipe as a recipe card, I found this recipe card maker free. These would make such great gifts as well, especially if you include a few of your favorite recipes. This blog post shares four recipes that use rum chata: Chai rum chata, rum chata root beer, rum chata cake, and rum chata hot cocoa.

I have two books available right now for sale (eBook and print versions): "The Complete Guide to Using, Laundering, and Sewing Reusable Cloth Products" and a "A Month to Happiness," a book of journal prompts. Especially if you’re keeping your recipes on fading index cards, or if you have a stack of dog-eared favorite recipe books, this project will certainly make it easier to find your recipes. I have so many of these items that are sitting empty at home that I am always looking for more ways to use them.
Links to any page on this blog are always appreciated and photos may be used with a link back, provided that full and clear credit is given to Sherri Osborn at Mother's Home. It's a 3 ring binder, made especially for recipes, and it's got some special pages you put inside that holds two recipe cards each. I could probably print them directly on, but I have a feeling I'd kill a few trees trying to print them in the correct direction so I haven't bothered. How about making one of these for a bridal shower and having each guest bring a favorite recipe to share?
You'll get access to the DIY Danielle member's only printables, exclusive content, and more! Also, this could be a perfect gift for your child who’s moving out of the house for the first time, a bride- or mom-to-be, or a special relative with whom you’d like to share generations of treasured recipes. If you aren’t into baking bread and rolls, substitute 30 healthy recipes instead — and, once you’ve done that, use the included Table of Contents circles to specify your categories.

In order to make your recipe book sturdy and long-lasting, you can print onto cardstock paper, or you can print on regular paper, insert each page into sheet protectors and save in a binder to keep them safe.
This book can be all about your favorites, or the favorites of your family members, past and present.
You can have six variations of a delicious enchilada recipe, or perhaps no-bake desserts, if you go for easy and quick entertaining.
You could choose your favorite 25 appetizers, for example, and pair them with your favorite entrees and sides. Or, you could even modify the Table of Contents by person in your household so that there’s a category of each individual’s favorites. On the backs or margins of the recipe cards, I might write little notes about substitutes or alternative ways to good a recipe.

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