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After completing all the steps given above, the card will look like an interesting smiley heart shape valentine's day gift card.
Take a long red color sheet and fold it on the center and cut them in a half heart shape as it is shown in the step1 picture.
On this special day, lovers share their love by presenting valuable gifts and greeting cards to their better half.
Most of them are easily getting their valentines day gift valentines day gift cards from shopping malls and gift card shops.

But only few of those like you want to make their own hand made craft gift cards and present it as a special hand made gift card to loved ones. They will be surprised to see that you are different than others when they come to know that you have spent your own time(For Your Lover Give Some Time) to make a gift card for them. Big heart shape card should be kept at the center and the small heart shapes(2 for hand and 2 for leg). Fix them together with the help of an adhesive gum and after completing these steps, take marker pen and draw eyes and smiley shape mouth at the biggest center card.

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