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After my posts about creating monograms, labels, and banners in Word, I have received quite a few questions asking if it was possible to make other graphics as well.
Have you ever searched and searched for a background graphic to use only to become frustrated that nothing is “just right”?
You can now use your graphic as a background in Word or another program or to fill a shape, like we did in the bunting banner tutorial. I wanted to make sure the circle was defined, so I drew another circle of the same size and put it directly over my existing circle. Finally, you will want to follow steps five and six above to group the graphic and save it as a picture using PowerPoint.
If you’re just starting to experiment with graphic design and aren’t ready to invest in designing software, Microsoft Word has a surprising amount of options available and is SO easy to use!
Wow Abby, you are very talented with graphic design, who knew you could do all that in Word? It is hoped that few of these instructions for using this template will assist you in getting most of this template. Wedding Guest List Template A wedding guest list is very important for making all wedding arrangements like sending invitations, sending reminders, making seating and food arrangements etc. Free List Template Lists are of different types to meet different needs whether business or professional. Attendance List Template An attendance list is used in different organizations to keep a record of attendance of students or employees.
Prayer List Template Are you going to attend any worship gathering or a wish making event?
Holly: How very inspiring!  Chin-up guy (below) looks like he might just give up and go order a cheeseburger.  Also, is that a woman bench-pressing on the cover, or a man in a leotard?

Leotards were a de rigueur exercise outfit even up through Jane Fonda’s leg warmer workout videos, so it would be only natural to pump iron in them. I like how some fashion concise Library worker tried to help that woman and slapped a bar code over her outfit. I can see the chair-thingie being useful for someone like my mom who can’t do regular excercise because of spinal stenosis. There are sub-$50 – $100 recumbant-style exercise bikes that do the same thing, not to mention stand alone pedal setups for even cheaper. Unless the book was something severely dated (like an old phone book) or dangerous (like a how-to guide on using arsenic to treat syphilis), our weeds end up in our library book sale. Interestingly, on the cover, she’s not even doing a bench press, but a close grip bench press, which targets the triceps far more than the chest.
As for chinning bar guy on the inside of the book, that’s some bizarre, anatomically impossible art. These seem like silly little ideas, but I am sure these could probably be useful to someone with little to no budget. This way you’ll have a guide to help you make sure your patterns are straight and evenly spaced.
I can’t really imagine doing this in a word processing program, but you did excellent. In fact, I have used Word to create text boxes of color, that I save as a picture and then use as backgrounds in my collages in Pixlr. I hear ya–I’m always trying to find ways around needing expensive programs and equipment!
I use Photoshop some too, but Word is great if you don’t have a specific design program!

If you are an event planner and don’t use guest list then you should start using it to make your planning effective and professional. Usually attendance list is maintained for whole month in one sheet but it can be on daily basis also.
Today I’m going to show you a couple examples of how to create your own graphics and let you in on my little graphic-making secret. I actually make a lot of them in Photoshop Elements, but the same thing can easily be accomplished in Word as well. A guest list will help you to make sure that you have sent invitation to all guests and make other arrangements according to number of guests like seating arrangements, parking arrangements, food arrangements etc.
All of the diagrams show angry, unhappy, uncomfortable people struggling in their exercise routine (or with their homemade exercise equipment!). I bought a virtually unused professional spin bike, complete with SPD clips, valued at $1,700 for $175 and the same person sold me a like-new bow-flex (again worth over $1,000) for $125…. In other words, bad exercise form on the cover of the book, but hey, it’s a homemade bench! It will include guest’s name, address, contact number and a column to be used as a checkbox. Here we present a simple guest list template to give you idea about preparing a guest list. You can feel free to download and customize this guest list template according to your needs.

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