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Depiction what-if mapping software helps emergency managers and others adjust plans to deal with changes during disasters. With the recession and housing crisis stressing local governments, Depiction's lower price means that more community services can apply this new what-if mapping software to explore, prepare for and manage disaster scenarios. In Hurricane Ike recovery efforts, The Salvation Army deployed Captain Dana Libby, who noted, "Depiction enabled us to upload information concerning command posts, field kitchens, fixed feeding sites, and points of distribution. Usable both on-line and off-line, Depiction provides free access to public data about communities, such as satellite images, road networks, elevation, and more. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.

That's particularly good news for police, firefighters and other first responders who need what-if mapping tools. Michael Dinn, CRE, President of Dinn Focused Marketing, uses Depiction to help cities such as Detroit analyze urban areas hardest hit by foreclosures and other subprime crisis fallout. We could easily update and track resources as frequently as necessary, uploading Excel tables into Depiction. Users can add their own images and information such as a spreadsheet of volunteers, a scanned paper map or fax.
Depiction's website examples address not only emergency managers with applications such as nursing home evacuation, but also what-if mapping for security, military, business and other planning.

The software has proven its power and ease of use depicting various community scenarios and during actual field operations at Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. What areas would be cut off from rescuers?" In an emergency, Depiction provides such rapid and intuitive scenario mapping integrated with live reports transmitted from other locations.

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