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If you’ve ever asked yourself the question above, then this small business roundup is for you. Small businesses tend to be too busy, too overwhelmed or too confused to really dive into social media as they should. Hello everyone I’m a 25 year old business lady, a co partner to a 30 year old business man. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need.
Along the beautiful waterfront are many old Chinese shop houses where you can buy art crafts and local souvenirs. In the Sarawak Museum you can spend hours to learn about the local culture and their life in the past and also about the variety of animals of Borneo. Nightlife in Kuching is mostly happening around the cat statue and around the Hilton hotel. You’ve got a great product or service in place, but how do you get customers to learn more about it and about you and your company?
A recent study shows a significant shift in the use of social media as a marketing tool for small business. Small businesses still swear by Facebook as their main social media marketing outlet saying it is still more effective than all other alternatives.
Paul Gillin has this roundup of surveys all showing that the time has come for social media marketing in general. Check out the rest of the data in this survey released in time for this past Small Business Saturday.

Though it may be the last tool you think about in your marketing tool box, e-mail should not be counted out.
Susan Payton takes us on a guided tour of the newest social media frontier with a review of this new guide to Google +. Though a survey may show small business still lags behind in the use of mobile marketing, other data points to the fact that mobile marketing may soon be on the increase among small businesses. Not only can mobile marketing provide a compliment to your social media campaign, it can also provide important boosts where needed to generate sales on Holidays and at other special times. When coming up with a marketing plan for your small business in the new year, don’t forget these five important points.
A new project focuses on delivering marketing advice and tools to 10 specially selected small business owners and entrepreneurs in an effort to help them find more customers. Then when they do, they tend to focus on Facebook without really thinking about what platform is best for their type of business.
For our restaurants, we have been using email marketing the last few months and it really driving business and helps build loyalty and relationships locally with customers. We are in a Mechanical field ( A motor Industrial Business), The name of our workshop is called VIMLA ENGINES, GEARBOX, DIFFS AND SUSPENSIONS (PTY) LTD. Traditional local groups - Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Orang Ulu, Kayan, Kenyah and Kelabit living in harmony together with Malay, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian. The market boasts a huge variety of jungle fruit, local food, fish, sea creatures and much more.
Marketing may not be as hard as you think and there are plenty of tools and a lot of advice to help you along the way.
Check out some of the interesting numbers as small business seems to be finally adapting to the social Web in a big way.

Though the Constant Contact survey is the one most sited in connection with SMBs, there is some other data here to confirm the trend. The Fall 2011 Attitudes and Outlooks Survey has plenty of insight of interest to your small business. If you’ve been slow to get started, join the club, but understand the value for your business. I still feel people read in certain age groups, so don’t discount the old fashion newspaper depending on what type of business your in. We are two driven, energetic and more passionate young people who love fixing All Makes and Models. Even sago worms, sea horse crabs, snakes, palm hearts, wild honey, fermented insects and other specialties are sold there. Meet young folks at the ladies nights in Merdeka Palace and at the pub on top of the Civic Centre. A meeting point where you can have a beer before you start your night is the popular SOHO pub next to the cat statue.
Please note we are not manufacturing any cars, Trucks or Buses, we repair the Gearboxes, Engines, Diffs, Steering Boxes and all the other Sub Systems helping the Main System (Vehicle) to function.

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