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If you’re setting up a new business, the most cost-effective way of marketing and promoting your new venture is online. This was a guest post by Keith Barrett.Keith takes a keen interest in a wide range of business and finance issues.
Overall I was very surprised by a number of things when I assumed the responsibility (and, frankly, ongoing as I talked with more experienced business development people and consultants). People within an organization should be able to seamlessly step into a business development program maybe on a specific assignment and contribute. Here is some new business consultant heresy … all clients or call them ‘Prospective Clients’ go through the same process (I will talk about lists or building a client base in part 2). It is here where I have seen the best laid plans go astray with business development people. Beyond that, of course, the best situation is that the prospect doesn’t feel like it was forced but rather it reached the conclusion on its own. You have reached an archived page for Blue Sky, Chicago's gathering place for news, analysis and events related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Joe Calderone of Calderone Marketing suggests entrepreneurs take advantage of free services, free trials, and freemium versions of professional business applications. If you're already inventing a business, there's no need to reinvent the wheel with a completely new contact base, said Jill Dretzka of SocialSpark Marketing. Entrepreneurs starting a new project are strapped for cash and time, which poses a challenge when it comes to getting word out about their business. No one understands that better than marketers who have launched businesses to help other startups launch theirs.
Getting a handle on what needs to be done, and how to approach it, isn’t rocket science. But it does involve resourcefulness, hustle and attention to detail, say Jill Dretzka of SocialSpark Marketing, Taxi Magic Marketing Manager Kris Linney and Joe Calderone of Calderone Marketing.
For instance, the search engine on Twitter can hunt down people tweeting about a particular subject within a few miles of a given place.
Marketing for the newly started business is a lot like introducing yourself in a new neighborhood. If you have a particular demographic you are trying to advertise to then the first thing you need to do is find the hot spots or places where they most often gather. Online presence is a must for businesses today as nearly 84% of US adults are online at least once a day, and on average they spend at least 40 minutes of that online time on social media networks like Facebook.
Though most advertising nowadays is done online it is important to have business cards to hand out to specific people. Being the new business in town can be nerve-racking and stressful, especially if it is your own personal business that you have just started from the ground up. Pie Media HouseSince 2010, Pie Media House has supported young people, giving them experience in the media world through its magazine platform. While we’re on the subject of business directories, these are another great way of getting your business noticed by prospective customers. And talking about trials, is it possible to let your customers try out your products and services online?
He likes free business promotional methods, including business directory submissions and making full use of social media.

In my industry most mid to senior level people only get involved on a specific meeting basis. Go ahead and use whatever terms you use in your own industry (or your own organization’s thought process) on how you treat your clients’ customer buying process when thinking about it.
After you have finished the business development “dance” sometimes people forget that the “buy” moment can dictate a lot of whether the relationship gets off on a good first step or a hesitant step or even worse … you trip.
You need to scope out the terrain—identify influential people and check out important places.
If these places are not competitors with your business, approach them and ask about advertising. Have a competition among your employees where whoever gets the most referred customers that month gets a special bonus.
Make sure you have a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, everything you can to spread the word of what’s happening with your business. These can exist in the form of regular cards, refrigerator magnets, or some of the items listed in #1. Put your personal touch in everything you do, whether it’s a float, shirt, card, or social media page. We are one of the most read online magazines ever founded, so if you're keen to start getting your name out there, then write for us. To push your website up the search engine rankings and drive more business your way, you’re going to need some SEO integration.
Today, many business directories operate online for a fraction of the cost of printed directories.
Some PPC providers will even give you free trial, so you can see if PPC actually works for your business before you start paying for the service. This is a good way of showing off your expertise in your business sector and will help your website rank higher in search engines also. Then in 2001, I took over specific business development responsibilities and it remained a significant responsibility for a number of years afterwards. Something wacky happens as soon as the words “business development” or “new business” are uttered. The easiest way is to have the same process and same vocabulary so they can apply the same things they are doing (and how they are thinking) to the ad hoc project they are being pushed into (typically in a crisis pressure cooker where “seamless” is treasured). This translates into an increased likelihood that whatever “it” is cannot be consistently delivered in the experience phase (assuming you actually get there). This is making sure that your organization’s employees can say the organization is good at the same thing the business development person has said the organization is good at. Calderone wishes more people would take advantage of free services, free trials and freemium versions of professional business applications. And when trying to gauge early traction, use free analytics such as different links to see how your customers find the same offer extended on Twitter, via email or on your website, Calderone said. Strategic partners need your services but also can offer channels into untapped pools of customers for your startup company, said Calderone.
Finding ways to involve the customers in the marketing of the business is a good way to make them remember you and get them to continue giving you their business. These pages are also great ways to show hours of operation, selection of services, location, and any other essential information for customers.

People buy into people much easier than they buy into products nowadays and that is what good marketing starts with. Not only does Google Local display your contact details, your customers will be able to navigate directly to you using Google Maps.
It’s like everyone forgets traditional customer acquisition knowledge and some common sense business building knowledge.
Trying to make them unhappy is difficult and it shows more about your own character (or lack thereof) then it does any competence. Have you ever noticed the “oh let me tell you about the time” war story of success that is told over and over again? And months 1 through 6 will set the tone for whatever the relationship ends up being(see my thoughts on this in a previous post).
The problem is that most new business people and processes try to make it some voodoo that not everyone can do. The range of free or low-cost tools includes advice on search engine optimization, social media monitoring and demographic information.
Dretzka says she refines her pitch at least every month, based on how she sees people respond to it. Once a marketing plan is in place, he suggests people let it run without adjustment for up to a week for events or even a few months for content and social media strategies. If you have the budget, hand out some samples or branded merchandise at these places like custom pens, T-shirts, or bracelets. Get the employees together to make a float for the parade, set up a booth at the big game, let the town be the guide to your marketing train as much as you can.
Nowadays the first thing people look for on a business card is a website or online address to your social media outlet.
If they get treated like “hey, we really just wanted the sale” (and are ignored now), well, that’s the kind of relationship you’re gonna get (not so hot if I have to spell that one out).
Business cards are now usually used to refer someone to a specific person for service but can sometimes serve as that extra personal touch a person needs to give you their business. Because in that the first, and sometimes only, time they see prospective clients it is over the “money negotiation.” Feel free and plug in “accounting” instead of CFO if that is more relevant to your situation. Admittedly some people will be better than others … but anyone can follow this process.
If the experience matches up with everything you have been saying consistently throughout the entire process you are rockin’. And you would be quite surprised to see how often common sense, no bullshit, actually wins new business.
Maybe 50 percent of general population knew who they were (it helps to remind yourself that your little corner of the world is exactly that …your little corner). Thinking about this kind of stuff helps you think out what you actually want to say to people.

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