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Our sales and marketing professionals take a strategic approach to promoting your property through careful analysis of target markets, development of innovative programs and monitoring of results. In addition to PSS, Grandeur Management believes in taking advantage of every brand training and marketing initiative made available. Our front desk associates are considered an extension of our sales department and receive ongoing reservation training with the goal of converting more inquiries to sales.
Sales and Marketing is a critical part of a results-oriented strategy that drives consistent, above-average revenues to each of our hotels.
We identify, recruit, and orient top sales professionals to achieve and exceed revenue goals. Our philosophy of building strong hotel sales and marketing teams and our commitment to support their efforts at the corporate level give Grandeur Management hotels an edge and contribute greatly to their success.
While each flag brand is responsible for driving marketing efforts, Grandeur Management actively participates as full brand partners. Grandeur Management places special emphasis on a strong and effective sales and marketing department.
The sales and marketing department works closely with an in-house graphic artist to provide cost effective, full-service graphic design. In managing the sales process at Grandeur Management, we believe in a heavy emphasis on direct selling and outside sales calls.
Quarterly Power Sales Meetings to keep our teams energized and focused featuring renowned guest speaker.
Advertising and marketing provide the tools by which companies or individuals use to convey that information and persuade the purchase of such items. For the past 8 years I have been applying the advertising, sales, sales management, and marketing skills I've learned and continue to learn, to help small and large business create sales and marketing success via print advertising in Enjoy Magazine Northern California and Greater Glendale, Arizona. In December, we shared tips on Developing A Marketing Plan For Your Store.  In that blog post we talked specifically about creating a marketing plan to benefit your business.
When it comes to retail, marketing and advertising have the same end goal–getting products and services sold!
Marketing is the process of defining your brand and attracting the customers and market that you want.
To market your products or services, you need to understand who it is that you want as a customer.
Promotion—Promotion includes all the ways you tell your customers about your products or services and how you then market and sell to them. Product–-Is your current mix of products and services suitable for the market and the customers of today?

Place–Place refers to the physical place where your products or services are actually sold. Packaging–Packaging refers to the way your products or services appear from the outside.
Positioning— Thinking continually about how your business is positioned in the hearts and minds of your customers will help you succeed. People–People refers to the people inside and outside of your business who are responsible for every element of your sales, marketing, and daily business functions. Advertising is the process of making your products and services known to potential customers.
Tip #1:  Did you know that many of the manufacturers you buy from, like Melrose, have pre-designed advertising templates that you can take advantage of and use as part of your advertising?
And don’t over-look social media which is a relatively new, powerful and inexpensive advertising option that you can use to grow your business. Mission–Your business should have a mission statement and so should your advertising plan. Money–Plain and simple–how much have you allocated to spend on advertising your business? Message–Your message is the idea, information, literature and theme you want to communicate to your target customer. Measure–Once an advertising initiative is complete, measure and evaluate its success against how much gain your generated vs how much the initiative cost. As a specialty retailer, there are lots of elements that drive your business and marketing and advertising are just two components to help you be successful!
This sales and marketing resume sample was written by Land That Job and provided for free download in MS Word format.
This training is reinforced with an ongoing sales shopping program so that ongoing training and support can be followed through. This training and shopping service is done through a company called The Hotel Shopping Network. To ensure sales and marketing efforts are appropriate, given highest priority, and reflect our corporate culture of excellence, Grandeur Management provides strong corporate support to hotel marketing departments through our Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Area Sales Supervisors. Our policy of corporate superintendence does not undermine hotel initiative but supports it. We invest in sales and marketing initiatives that unleash the full communication power of both interactive and traditional sales and marketing tools. Together with important online selling resources, industry reports, and a state-of-the-art sales data management system, we take full advantage of data mining to target, create, measure, and track our sales and marketing communications. The department handles all advertising including direct mail, print media, radio, television and billboards.

Because after all, we advertise and market our product and services to increase sales, and hopefully increase profits. I help business owners generate the income they need to grow their businesses, so they can make a better living for themselves, their employees and their families.
Despite that common goal, there are distinct differences between marketing and advertising and how you should be using them to drive your business. Every year make it a practice to examine the prices of the products and services you sell to make sure they’re still appealing to your customers and appropriate to the current market. As your business develops, review your location and ensure it meets the needs of your brand, your products and your customers. Are you doing what it takes to select, recruit, hire and retain the proper people, with the skills and abilities to do the job you need to have done? Print media is much more costly than online advertising so determine where your dollars best spent based on the customer base you have?
Visit our Jobs section to find a great posting for these resume samples and our resume templates and cover letter templates.
Major consideration is placed on working with managers to better enable them to work with their sales staff.
Your company logo, tagline, packaging and other branding elements are integral in connecting the types of products you offer to your target customer base. Take time to analyze all the packaging elements of your store, everything the customer sees from the first moment of contact with your company all the way through the purchasing process. The people you bring into your business represent you and can be one of the most important elements of your success.
While marketing is the way in which you convince potential buyers that you have the right product for them, advertising is how you communicate to them that the products are available to purchase. Following careful research, strategic marketing plans are put in place for each property in the portfolio and reviewed quarterly. Marketing dollars are carefully allocated and accurate market segment tracking is reviewed to assure that the monies are being spent wisely.
It refers to your brochures, your correspondence and every single visual element about your company. In order to further promote sales and marketing, major national conventions such as HSMAI, NTA and ABA are attended regularly.

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