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Without a market analysis, you're severely hampering your ability to connect with potential sources of revenue and support. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Colorful graphs, data analysis, marketing research and annual report background, concept for success business, management project, budget planning, financial growth and education. The following worksheet will produce a comprehensive Website Summary Report that will help accomplish better business results.
So it’s crucial to stay critical of your email marketing tactics, especially in the context of what your competitors are doing. Create a Wordle using the body copy from your competitors’ emails, and another using the subject lines of the emails. You’ll get the best results from a large dataset, so wait to do this until you’ve been conducting your spreadsheet analysis for at least several weeks.
Another great way to visualize your competitors’ emails is to import each into Evernote, using the Powerbot for Gmail Evernote app. Lastly, it can help to visualize the frequency of your competitors’ emails by plotting their deployments out on your calendar. Using your spreadsheet and visuals, evaluate Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for each of the five main competitors. Just as you’ve been “stalking” your competitors’ email campaigns, you should be closely following their promotion of said campaigns across their social channels.

It can help to highlight specific tweets, status updates, or posts that garnered the most buzz, then later dive into why that might be (the time sent, the CTA, if anyone with a large following engaged with it). Once you’ve been tracking your competitors’ email campaigns for a month or two, you’ll have collected a gold mine of data to assess the quality of their email marketing strategies and identify weak spots that you can improve on.
When you’re ready to initiate your own email marketing campaign, or make key tweaks to it thanks to the insights gleaned from the competitor analysis, check out our previous posts Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign and 10 Keys to Successful Prospect Email Marketing. Categories of information like market size and segmentation can be harder to pin down than simple or even in-depth demographics. Our mission is to empower our clients to make the best possible business decisions, boost company performance and facilitate their funding success by laying the groundwork for strong businesses that excite, inspire and retain talented and exceptional employees.
You need to know your competition and how your company actually performs in correlation with them if you want always to be one step ahead from competition. When you think about your customers and prospects receiving a batch of six emails in their inbox – one from you, the other five from your main competitors – which one do you want them to immediately click on? Gmail makes it easy to create an additional email address with plenty of storage space and easy-to-use labels and folders. You’ll get a clear visual of the major themes your competition is tapping into, and therefore how to either align yourself with them or differentiate.
It fuses Evernote into the Gmail interface so you can save emails into an Evernote notebook directly from your inbox. The visual overview will you help you note competitive opportunities for when it’s time to plan the delivery timeline of your own email campaign.

Diffusing your exhaustive data collection into a descriptive narrative structure will help you actually draw actionable conclusions from your investigation. Be sure to adapt any noted best practices, or avoid any dead-end elements, into your own social media promotion of your email marketing.
It’ll also be easy, with your organized bank of information and the tactics above, to pinpoint opportunities for differentiation in your own email marketing. If you categorize emails from each competitor using separate notebooks or tags, you’ll have a permanent, easily searchable record of the emails’ design and layout.
For example, if your top two competitors push out email on Friday afternoons, you might consider experimenting with a Friday morning deployment. You must know what is positions of your company in relations to crucial competitors.The analysis must result in real steps for improvement of your business.
That action-oriented steps need to improve your company and make it better from the competition.

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