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Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, so that the product or service sells. Marketing has the goal of increasing the desirability and value of the product and of the company to the customer, as well as, increasing the number and engagement of interactions between potential customers and the organization.
Sales Management would of course be pertaining to sales, whereas Marketing Management would be pertaining to marketing. A Marketing Manager has to find prospective consumers, study the consumers’ needs and wants, develop new products, developing marketing and launching strategies, develop and manage promotions, make advertisements, develop and promote new brands, collect and analyze consumer feedback, implement feedback, etc. It can be said that marketing management is responsible for a person going to a particular store, whereas sales management is the reason that the person buys a product from that store. Marketing and Sales Executive with previous job positions as Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations. The resume opens with an executive profile where the job seeker states that they have more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and operations. The resume utilizes key sales and management qualifications in a bullet list format that include sales, business development, strategic planning, accounting management and other related expertise that will match the job targets. The professional experience section uses paragraphs where the job seeker identifies their role in the executive position. The resume also includes an education section to show the Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Unless you work for a small business, the marketing and sales executive must include a bottom line achievement that represents millions of dollars. This doesn’t mean that every achievement has to be written in terms of dollars gained or saved.
Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers powerful, integrated customer, sales, and marketing management capabilities that can help your people build and strengthen customer relationships and increase sales.
With insight into business and customer information, you and your staff can proactively manage relationships and provide fast, informed answers to queries. Get a real-time view of customer and prospect data with the ability to define relationships and track correspondence, phone logs, and automatically generated activities. Identify and seize important sales opportunities with access to integrated sales information, and evaluate sales activities against the profitability of each segment or customer.
Simplify campaign planning, execution, and analysis by leveraging rich ERP data with definable processes that increase effectiveness and help control costs by measuring the success and profitability of each campaign.
Gain insight into customer needs, improve lead generation and qualification, and improve sales performance by combining sales and marketing information. Specialized sales and marketing Role Centers help organize relevant tasks, information, and tools so people manage their work easily.
The cover letter example below of a B2B marketing manager (meaning business to business) is interesting from many standpoints.
My passion for delivering fresh, innovative marketing solutions, enthusiasm as a people person, and proven experience make me a natural marketing manager.
Since departing from AAA in 2009, I have devoted myself to volunteer work with both Non-Profit A and Non-Profit B, which has afforded me the opportunity to help those in need. My skills, experience, and determination make me an excellent fit for the [company name] team. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. Dun & Bradstreet's information helps you find profitable new prospects, identify and develop the potential of your existing customers and save time and money by prospecting effectively and efficiently.
Do you want more information or would you like to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities?
Sales pipeline management is about keeping track of your prospects all the way from interest to sale, and managing them efficiently from one step to the next.
It’s easy to think at the time of speaking to a prospect that you’ll give them a call tomorrow or next week or next month, and honestly believe it. The key to all of this, especially in a business with more than one person handling leads, is to operate a formal sales pipeline.
Now I usually recommend that the first column in your pipeline spreadsheet, or the main sorting order in your CRM system, is the NEXT ACTION DATE.
If you create and operate a sales pipeline including the above information, you’ll maximise your sales, and perhaps just as importantly, your prospects will be looked after and feel that you care and are efficient. Hopefully at least some of you have noticed a very important piece of information missing from the above? Traditionally, sales and marketing are like oil and watera€”the departments dona€™t mix well. University of Georgia professor Tom Leigh was consulting with an organization when he asked salespeople to describe marketing.
A companya€™s marketing activities include creating advertising and promotional campaigns, participating in trade shows, and preparing collateral.
This a€?sell sheeta€? for a color photocopier is an example of collateral used by the salespeople who work for Konical-Minolta Business Services (KMBS). Traditionally, firms have used their marketing groups to create awareness for their offerings and brand names through advertising.
A closed-loop lead management system can result in better investment decisions for marketing managers because they can learn what marketing actions shorten sales cycles and create more sales.
Ram Ramamurthy is a marketing professional for Sri-IIST, a company that has a closed-loop lead management system. Marketing groups also help their firmsa€™ salespeople improve their conversion ratios by scoring the leads they send them. Without the help of their firmsa€™ salespeople, marketers would be at a serious disadvantage.
Salespeople are responsible for voicing their customersa€™ ideas and concerns to other members of the organization. Accenture, the management consulting firm, engages in projects with clients that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.
By contrast, KMBS salespeople sell copiers and printers that range from $5,000 to $150,000.
This elegant sushi bar is actually part of a trade show booth used by Durcon, a company that manufactures impermeable countertop. Astute marketing professionals, however, do not rely totally on CRM software to understand what makes markets tick.
Changing the offering can be the outcome of what occurs when salespeople convey information provided by their customers. Kiosks, like this one made for American Airlines, contain computers made by other companies such as Dell. In this instance, the salesperson did not carry the voice of the customer back to the company so much as carry the company directly to the customer.
Salespeople also track the actions of their competitors, what customers buy, and enter the information into their firmsa€™ CRM systems. More specifically, marketing managers need to know which companies are the strongest competitors based on the percentage of deals they win.
Marketing personnel support a firma€™s sales force by shortening the sales cycle and improving conversions. Lead management and lead scoring are two other ways in which marketing professionals help their firma€™s salespeople. In turn, salespeople support marketing personnel by communicating their customersa€™ needs and ideas back to them. Sales management is mainly responsible for meeting the sales targets, hiring sales staff, training sales staff, preparing sales reports, order collections, stock checking, managing retailers and whole sellers, etc. In small companies, the differentiation does not matter, as it most cases sales = marketing, and is handled by the same team.

Marketing management mainly focuses on the practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities. For example: I went to Burberry to get a jacket as believe they are currently at the top of the market (Marketing). This is great resume resource for anyone in high level sales or business development positions. The writer makes sure to explain they have worked at the district, regional and corporate level in retail and manufacturing companies. Notice that the writer documents the size of the company and number of staff members managed so the reader understands the extent of their responsibilities. Either you improved millions of dollars in sales revenues, increased profits by millions or managed a multi-million dollar marketing campaign. Make smart marketing decisions, plan effective campaigns, and strategize for the future by analyzing individual and consolidated data on all business contacts to create precise target groups. It is, in fact, a generational shift in business software, delivering new levels of capability, unmatched agility, and a compelling and empowering user experience. First, it emphasizes the fact that the job seeker is an outgoing and resourceful person who can reach out to others.
From seeking out new customers through email marketing campaigns and promotional events to maintaining long-standing partnerships with clients and vendors, I have a diverse grasp of marketing, sales, and customer relationship management that spans more than 14 years. During my time at AAA Corp., I successfully executed a large-scale annual event (20,000+ attendees) after the sudden departure of the previous event manager. Not only am I dedicated to helping others, you will find that I am incredibly hands-on, easy to work with, and refreshingly creative. Rather than taking a shotgun approach, focus on the right prospects with the highest chance of success. They’re left ignored for long enough for them to go cold and then put in a pile or left in a list and never seen again. This will probably need to be in a database of some kind, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, or a spreadsheet at the very least.
One salesperson said the marketing department was a black hole that sucked in money and gave nothing back. CollateralcollateralPrinted or digital material, such as brochures, position papers, case studies, clinical studies, market studies, or other documents created by marketing professionals. Although a pharmaceutical rep selling a drug might claim it works faster than competing medications, a clinical study would carry more weight.
Lead managementlead managementThe process of identifying and qualifying leads in order to capture new business. So in many cases, marketing personnel identify leads, turn them over to sales representatives, and thata€™s the last they hear of them. Ramamurthy met Frank Zapata, a potential customer, at an industry trade show held annually in Las Vegas and gave Zapata a demonstration of his companya€™s new offering, a software service called DG Vault.
Lead scoringlead scoringThe process of rating leads based on the readiness of potential buyers to purchase products.
A potential customer who visits your companya€™s Web site, downloads a case study about how a product solved certain problems for a customer, and then clicks a link on a follow-up e-mail to watch an online demo of the offering has shown a significant amount of interest in the product. If the lead was generated at a trade show, then the salesperson should get the lead immediately. Marketing personnel can improve salespeoplea€™s conversions by providing materials that help buyers make good decisions.
After all, if marketing managers are going to create collateral to educate them, they need to know what they need and want in the way of information. After each sale is concluded, the account management team reviews the process in excruciating detail, win or lose.
A KMBS sale generally isna€™t as large as an Accenture sale, but KMBS has many more sales going on at any given time than Accenture does. The elegance of the countertop, with its black and white design, reflects a key sales message the marketing manager responsible for the exhibit gathered from Durcona€™s salespeople.
Perhaps customers are asking for additional product features, faster delivery, or better packing to reduce the number of damaged products shipped.
Wendya€™s Pak-Sher sales representative could have pulled a number of different products from Pak-Shera€™s shelves that would have worked marginally well for Wendya€™s salads, but he knew more than that was needed. Salespeople from Dell worked with the kiosk manufacturer to design in the best computer solution for the job. Managing the collaboration in new product design is often the function of salespeople when products are customized. When marketing managers examine the marketing and sales efforts of their competitors, they are looking for their weak spots and strengths. Knowing this information can help a firm analyze its own competitive strengths and weaknesses and develop better marketing messages, sales strategies, offerings, or a combination of the three.
The sales cycle is shortened whenever a marketing activity or marketing communication either eliminates a prospecta€™s need to take a step in the sales cycle or speeds up the stages in the cycle. If a closed-loop lead management is used, marketing managers can determine what tactics and messages works best and make sound marketing investments. Salespeople are also the first to spot the actions of competing firms, including which companies and products are the strongest competitors. However, in big companies and corporations the distinction is quite important and necessary. Sales Management is an important business function as net sales through the sale of products and services is most important source of revenue for any company. Marketing management is responsible for influencing the level, timing, and composition of customer demand. Bullet points highlight specific accomplishments such as growing business, improving gross profit, hiring employees and creating a marketing campaign. Executives are hired to provide a major impact on a corporation and this type of accomplishment needs to be a priority. Of course, executives need to include details of projects that were created and executed for a corporate benefit. Sales representative Role Centers display sales flow information, such as outstanding sales quotations, current offers, activities, and forecast data with links to related documents. The cover letter then goes on to tie the loop by directing to three key aspects of the job: marketing, sales and customer relations.
I jumped right in and directed the intense planning process involving a 140-point task list and constant cross-functional coordination.
Enhance your customer database with valuable, additional Dun & Bradstreet data to expose cross sell and upsell opportunities. Even more common and more of a delusion is the situation where a lead is followed-up, but then no next action defined. But even though you’re likely to need a CRM system, I think that it’s good to start with a simple spreadsheet.
The whole point of operating a pipeline is to look at it and know which leads you need to follow-up on today, and do it. At the national printing company Moore-Wallace, for example, salespeople are five of the seven top-paid employees, with the CEO coming in at number three and the CFO at number five.
In the same company, a marketing manager described salespeople as selfish glad-handers who often skated on the wrong side of ethics. If such a study existed, the drug makera€™s marketing department would prepare a brochure to give to doctors that highlight those findings. So when Curtis Hamm, the Sri-IIST salesperson who handles Zapataa€™s account, followed up on the lead, he knew that Zapata had already seen the product. The people and organizations designated in Leads generated through other means, however, might be targeted to receive additional marketing messages before being passed along to a salesperson.

Advertising, a companya€™s Web site, activities at trade shows, and collateral can all help, and in the process, improve a sales forcea€™s conversion ratios. Questions such as a€?Did we have the right information to give to the client at the right time?a€? or a€?Were our offerings aligned with their needs?a€? are answered. The sheer volume of sales at KBMS makes it harder for salespeople to get the information related to those sales to the companya€™s decision makers.
Andrea Wharton, a marketing executive with Alcatel, is responsible for her companya€™s presence at trade shows. The kiosk manufacturera€™s salespeople then worked with American Airlines to provide the hardware and software solutions.
For example, Tim Pavlovich is a salesperson for Dell, but what he sells are called a€?appliances.a€? These appliances are Dell computers that are installed inside of the customera€™s product. Marketing managers also want to know which competitors the sales force most frequently finds itself competing against. Marketing managers also create printed and digital materials called collateral designed to help persuade buyers. The marketing department then uses the information to create better marketing messages, sales strategies, offerings, or a combination of the three.
The sales team has to directly interact with the customer and persuade them to buy the product. In the middle paragraph, the cover letter goes into specifics and gives examples of events that were successfully organized, things that were done to increase productivity and skills put to use. I pulled off the event without a hitch including planning of a large booth and multiple kiosks, as well as scheduling of conference accommodations, parties, presentations, and press interviews. This allows you to create column headings, ie the information you will keep about each lead, in a very flexible way. It can consist of brochures, position papers, case studies, clinical studies, market studies, and other documents.
Closed-loop lead management systemsclosed-loop lead management systemsInformation systems that track sales leads from the point at which the marketer identifies them to the point at which they are closed.
Instead of two or three sales calls to build interest in DG Vault, Hamm only needed to ask Zapata to gather all the appropriate personnel together to review the service, and then present its financial benefits to Zapataa€™s CFO. As you can imagine, someone who has had a conversation at a trade show with a company representative, seen a demonstration, and answered questions about her budget, authority, need, and time, is close to being a prospect already. The buyera€™s behavior, though, indicates a strong interesta€”a much stronger interest than someone who clicked a link in an e-mail and only watched a portion of the demo. Closed-loop lead management systems provide marketing managers with the information they need to know when to pass the lead along and when more marketing conversations are effective.
To be sure, some educated buyers, once they have more information about a product, will realize they dona€™t need or want it and will go no further.
How the information is conveyed, though, varies from situation to situation and company to company.
After the review, executives then decide whether the company needs to produce additional marketing material to support the offering, create new offerings, or follow up on any other ideas generated by the review. For that reason, KMBS uses CRM software to track all its prospects and their key buying criteria.
Wharton spends a great deal of time talking to salespeople in order to find out what messages are effective, and she uses that information to create Alcatela€™s exhibit booths for trade shows. When Wendya€™s began testing the idea of offering salads in its restaurants, it had a problem. Together with the Wendya€™s product developers, the Pak-Sher engineers created the plastic packaging Wendya€™s a€?Garden Sensationsa€? salads are sold in. When you go to the kiosk at the airport and swipe a credit card in order to print your own boarding pass, chances are good that inside that kiosk is a Dell computer. If prospects consider the same competitora€™s product time and time again relative to your product, then the competitora€™s marketing and sales efforts are very similar to yours. Whereas, marketing has a much bigger scope; it incorporates how a company places itself in the market and in the eyes of its customers and potential customers. In this case, you may want to put your most proud achievements towards the top of a resume in its own section.
On-site, I orchestrated all logistics and successfully handled unexpected issues, despite having a 103-degree temperature! You need this vital information so that you know which marketing is working and what to do more of and what to stop.
But when a salesperson does come by from a well-known company, the businessperson is far more likely to be courteous and listen, however briefly, to see if there is some value in continuing the conversation.
Because of the meeting at the trade show, at least two stages in the sales cycle were eliminated.
The more hot leads you put into the sales cycle, the more conversions to prospects and customers you can expect. But this is better than their buying the product and becoming angry when it fails to meet their expectations. If the sale is lost, the reasons for it can be entered into the software, as well as information about the competing product the buyer purchased. She then works in the booth at the shows so she can talk directly with customers and get their reactions firsthand. While the plastic packaging required Wendya€™s to reevaluate its position on the use of plastics, Pak-Sher engineers also incorporated recycled material to support Wendya€™s sustainability goals.
Pavlovich works with Della€™s engineers to make sure that the customer gets the right component or appliance; in turn, the engineers obtain valuable customer insights that translate into new Dell products. In this case, you might need to develop some countertactics your salespeople can use to eliminate the product from the prospecta€™s consideration set. Otherwise, you can briefly mention core achievements in the summary or introductory area of the resume. That may not be a big asset if you are a bookkeeper, but if you are in marketing, it is definitely an added bonus. An event that took previous event planners more than 10 months to plan, I executed in less than five months. FigureA 13.15, a€?How a Closed-Loop Management System Worksa€? illustrates the process and shows how marketing groups use the information to evaluate which of their activities are earning their companies the biggest bang for their buck. Closing the loop (meaning closing the feedback loop to marketing) gives marketing personnel insight into what works and what doesna€™t. After Hamm closed the sale, he also closed the loop, providing feedback to Ramamurthy about any lingering questions Zapata may have had.
Those tactics could include focusing on certain features only your product has or helping your buyers feel secure in the purchase by pointing out how long youa€™ve been in business.
In short, marketing ensures that sales take place; that the customers are confident enough to buy from the company. This is where a professional writer can be of great value and why most executives prefer to work with a professional writer. The skills I used to plan the event - leadership, innovation, organization, and determination - I have utilized throughout my career in marketing. The company had made a commitment to environmental sustainability and not using plastic was a point of pride for the organization.
Now that you know how much those leads are worth, you’ll want to make sure that you’re looking after every one of them.

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