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2014 was a challenging year for the retail sector and this trend is set to continue in 2015. Below is a look at how respondents felt about whether or not their compensation reflects their level of responsibility. When asked what is the most frustrating aspect of your job, respondents’ answers varied.
In terms of job security, when asked how secure they felt in their present position, the vast majority felt secure to very secure.
Our online survey tallied more respondents this year—so, a special thanks goes out to all who participated! Here is a look at the median salary levels for US-based respondents based on position held.
Based on this year’s responses, there has been a shift in thinking regarding the most frustrating aspect of your job. Although marketing and sales staffers are juggling multiple projects, we asked respondents to tell us their most important project. With Facebook pages, Groupon and QR codes becoming more commonplace, social media and online efforts have become an increasingly critical aspect of many companies’ strategies. While the information above casts a wide net, here is a way to better gauge current compensation with peers. May 2, 2016Extracts & Ingredients highlights the newest ideas in efficacious oils for the personal care market. Those working on sales teams at publishers, like all the other disciplines, have clearly seen a big impact from the digital realm—not just in learning a new medium to sell, but a vastly increased stable of products to sell against. All of this has created scattershot results for Folio:’s 2012 Advertising Sales Salary Survey, conducted in partnership with Readex Research. At the lower rungs, ad executive base salaries and total compensation are harder to determine due to the lower response rates to the survey.
Nevertheless, it can’t be stated enough how much the product array has grown for sales teams—even as personnel numbers have been cut.
Another respondent noted, “Expanded to oversee audience development for website, not just sales.
Integrated selling is another big area addressed in the verbatims, with many respondents noting the obvious transition from the long-gone focus on print. As for what may impact compensation going forward, responses were not too optimistic but largely agreed that the transition from print to digital will continue unabated. Advertising  sales directors and publishers in the consumer and association sectors were a bit more pleased with their base salary performances this year than their b-to-b counterparts, who were the only ones to see mean base salary decrease slightly from 2011’s survey to 2012. However, total compensation is a different story, except, once again, for the association sales directors. The gender gap, at least in terms of total comp, closed a bit from 2011’s survey to this year’s. B-to-b sales managers saw their mean base salaries plummet from $51,798 in 2011 to $42,415 this year. The gender gap is much wider for ad sales managers, with females making $26,000 less than their male counterparts in total compensation.
Years at the job still matters, with sales managers with 20 years or more in the publishing-related sales making $19,000 more than managers who have worked between 10 and 19 years in the business. This category did not receive as many usable responses to the survey as the other categories. Cross-tabulation is difficult to determine based on the low number of usable responses this year, but as in the other categories, the gender gap is significant, recording the highest difference at $29,000 less for female account executives.

Company revenue seemed to have no impact on salary, with account execs at companies with less or more than $10 million both making $92,000 in total compensation. Home improvement brand to be sold to former Time Warner executive alongside private equity firm TZP Group.
The Economist aims for profitable growth by breaking down the walls between creativity and data.
Leading commercial real estate B2B media and events firm looks to capitalize on a decade’s worth of rapid expansion.
Tell Folio: how you're getting your message out to your audience and you'll automatically be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card!
As social media becomes more and more prevalent in the print & digital publication industry, we want to know which social media channels you've had the most success with!
Average Marketing Sales Coordinator salaries for job postings in DeKalb, IL are 5% lower than average Marketing Sales Coordinator salaries for job postings nationwide. You can include this smaller version of your results on a webpage by cutting-and-pasting the code below.
On the one hand, digitisation and intellectualisation of research and design technology have become increasingly apparent. Qualified and well trained sales professionals will still be in high demand across major cities in Mainland China. More detailed breakdowns—including gender comparisons and salary differences at supplier vs. Four percent said they thought they should meet less often than they do and another 4% said they thought they should never meet with R&D. In most instances we have included compensation levels for specific positions based on gender, supplier vs. Over the summer, we polled marketing and sales staff in the household, I&I and personal care marketplace to determine their attitudes toward their jobs, level of education, salaries and what their biggest concerns are at work. By category, 40% of the respondents came from finished goods manufacturers, 60% coming from the supplier side. According to our data, 85.6% of the survey respondents this year said they did not layoff staff in the past 12 months. Although answers varied, the largest percentage of respondents (23.2%) said that being overwhelmed by multiple projects is their biggest concern at the office. Just over 36% said they should meet more often, but less than 4% said they thought they should meet less often than they do and another. At first blush, this might seem like a good problem to have, but in a pinched market with print advertising spending still at modest levels, digital dollars may be commanding more marketer attention, but they’re only interested in spending against a limited number of opportunities. Base salaries for top-level sales directors across b-to-b, consumer and association sectors were flat to significantly up, but total compensation was flat to down. In the b-to-b sector, however, base salary is slightly down while total comp jumped up quite significantly—from $76,000 in 2011 to $90,000 in 2012.
In verbatim responses to a question about how much the job has changed in the last three years, one respondent replied, “A ton more products to sell, digital focus high, sales cycles longer. In both the b-to-b and consumer sectors, total compensation slipped, from $126,000 for b-to-b in 2011 to $125,000 in 2012 and from $123,000 for consumer in 2011 to $102,000 in 2012. Males earned $34,000 more in total comp than females last year, which shrunk to $12,000 more this year. Consumer sales manager base salaries fell from $51,000 in 2011 to $35,532 in 2012 and association sales manager salaries fell $24,000 from 2011’s $60,525.
B-to-b fell from $89,000 in 2011 to $85,000 in 2012; consumer dropped from $75,000 in 2011 to $63,000 in 2012 and association dipped $6,000 from $75,000 in 2011.

Interestingly, the number of magazines worked on doesn’t impact compensation all that much.
There were enough b-to-b account executive responses, though, to see that base salary also declined for this group—dropping about $5,000. The survey was closed for tabulation on May 4, 2012 with 193 usable responses, a 31 percent response rate. The result of this is a shorter delay between design and manufacturing, thus reducing costs for new products entering the market. The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry continues to expand, increasing the need for commercial talent.
This survey was a follow-up to our R&D Salary Survey, which provides the same insights from those involved directly in product formulation. The next most popular responses were internal politics within their department (20%) and inadequate compensation (17.2%).
This is in direct contrast with one of the byproducts of the recessionary period of 2008-2010 which was a desperate search for new revenue streams—webinars, spinoff events, more newsletters, a variety of integrated marketing campaigns and on and on—to add to the traditional lines of business. Association ad sales directors, however, saw a major leap in base salary, jumping about $13,000.
Association sales directors once again saw a healthy increase—from $104,000 in 2011 to $119,000 in 2012. Working in the New York City area still commands the highest levels of total compensation—$158,000 versus $110,000. This may have to do with the broader array of products that are being sold, as well as the cross-platform nature of those sales. Total compensation, however, jumped significantly, going from $76,000 in 2011 to $90,000 in 2012. Last year, average commission for b-to-b account executives was $22,116, or about 29 percent of total compensation. Responses were filtered to include only the 153 who completed the survey and indicated their job titles matched what’s used in the survey. On the other hand, intelligent equipment, such as robots and automated production lines, are increasingly common.
Market indicators highlight a continued focus on improving client service levels and the overall client experience. Other projects, such as event marketing and in-store displays, are noted in the chart below.
Advertising managers across all three sectors saw significant drops in base salaries and total compensation was down for all but association ad managers, whose total comp edged up. Adding to this, the “machine replacing human” has been an important means for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce personnel costs. Professionals in this space can expect more opportunities and an attractive remuneration aligned to this growth. And we recognize that many are naturally juggling multiple projects—and maybe all of these at once!
Sales VPs, key account managers, BU parts sales managers, marketing managers, digital marketing managers, event managers and project managers are highly sought after. Sales vice presidents (VPs), key account managers, marketing managers and digital marketing managers are in high demand.

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