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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Marketing is not focused on building the content that sales needs, or at least usually not all of the content they need. Our experience as an entrepreneur has afforded our organizations great success in several businesses from start-up to millions in annual sales through effective business planning, creative sales techniques and innovative marketing.
As a C-Level executive at the West Corporation and at NCO Group, we developed a profound understanding of business to business needs, wants and desires, specifically related to increasing new customer acquisitions while decreasing acquistion costs. It’s all about equipping sales people with content and tools to help advance opportunities to close. Marketing Solutions is one of the country's most successful lead generation, online marketing and broadcast media companies. Marketing Solutions is the culmination of years of experience in New Business Development, New Customer Acquisitions, Revenue Growth Strategies, Long Term Business Development, Strategic Sales Planning, Sales Rep and Mgr.

We have extensive and direct experience as a sales and marketing consultant in a variety of dynamic industries including the Financial, Healthcare, Insurance, Advertising, B2B, B2C, Legal, Retail and Real Estate sectors.
Most importantly, We are recognized by clients and colleagues as a consummate professional with a high degree of personal integrity, a contagious passion for excellence, a talent for resourceful business solutions and the capacity for motivational leadership. Last week I had the chance to co-present on Sales Enablement with KnowledgeTree customer Brian Groth from Xactly. Training, Workshops and Coaching Clinics, Marketing Concept Development, and Marketing and Sales Management. He'll explore a real-world example of how to synchronize how marketing and sales communicate with prospects. We have an intimate knowledge of call center management and all aspects of new customer acquisitions. They’re twofold: First, generate qualified leads that translate into qualified opportunities and won deals.

But the good news is that as an industry we’re making great strides on both fronts. The Rise of Smarketing Increasingly sales and marketing are no longer two solitudes that stand apart. Marketing must deliver leads that are qualified, that translate into genuine opportunities. Sales and marketing are now jointly responsible for revenue numbers and are signing Service Level Agreements to that effect. Holding marketing accountable and closely monitoring conversion rates at all stages is vital to helping enable sales teams with truly qualified and prioritized prospects to work. But What About Sales Enablement Tools? As an industry we are making great progress on the first cause of the divide.
This is where marketing and sales enablement teams can get ahead of the market with a strong focus. Instead you were likely ranking the challenges of your company, and investigating solutions to those problems. Jill Konrath in her fantastic book Snap Selling discusses the concept of the ‘harried buyer’.

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