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The prospect of efficient business processes and enhanced benefits has made marketing automation a key attraction for businesses. The PRM is aligned with the CRM, holding customer database and marketing automation tools for better visibility and tracking of performance of partners, co-ops, and other assets. Vendors and manufacturers can also set up on-demand services through marketing automation using social media, telemarketing, and email. There is no need to employ multichannel strategies, tools, and resources for deal registration and management of opportunities. With increased availability of SaaS solutions, there is no major technical obstacle that impedes PRM-marketing automation integration. In the sales and marketing realm, we’re continuously working to convert leads into customers. Creating effective campaigns, identifying segments, analyzing the results, and tailoring subsequent messaging to nurture and convert leads can prove time consuming. With greater knowledge comes greater power; leading marketers are making the most of MA to turn leads into customers. Tracking customer behavior and gathering insights into how leads engage with your website, enables you and your team to optimise your campaign messaging, ensuring you are sending tailored content, to the right leads at the best time. For social media marketing, it gets better: using MA to its fullest, you’ll be able to identify where your best customers are, about their conversations, and who else in the industry they’re engaging with. A great Marketing Automation platform should have the ability to store your marketing materials, so if you’re creating collateral such as blog articles, newsletters, webinars and whitepapers, you have easy access at any given time. While many of you will already be familiar with lifecycle campaigns, such as introducing new customers or subscribers to your company, or even within the retail sector with activation series that encourage first purchase, you may not be aware of exactly how MA can streamline your email marketing processes. Marketing Automation in email marketing is about creating workflows that specify who gets what, when and what happens in certain situations, such as if a lead clicks triggering a behavior you wanted to encourage, but much further down the line. If you have questions regarding the blogs, please comment on them or contact our team who would be pleased to help.
This is the final post in a 3-part series that addresses the future of real-time, multi-channel marketing and the critical, driving role that social media plays in it. In our first and second posts, we discussed how real-time social data can make an enterprise more agile and responsive, and we discussed the critical role that marketing automation platforms play in making this possible. In this post, we’ll show you how to get access to real-time social data, extract meaningful signals from it and leverage them in your marketing automation platform to trigger emails, score leads and improve marketing performance. Most marketing automation platforms can leverage online behaviors to trigger a variety of marketing actions today. For example, many will let you automatically send an email to a contact when they visit a certain page, or launch a drip campaign after a successful lead capture. Social signals of intent are another class of behavioral trigger that many leading MAPs can leverage today (with IT assistance) to trigger emails, send internal alerts, launch campaigns, score leads – pretty much anything your marketing automation system can do. This article explains how to build social triggers you can use in your marketing automation system, in four steps.
Note: you do not need to be active in social media in order to to use socially-triggered marketing, because it does not require a response in social media. By social data, I mean grabbing posts published on the social networks, forums and blogs your contacts & prospects use the most. By for your business, I mean gathering posts published by your existing network of prospects, customers, followers and contacts PLUS gathering public posts containing keywords related to your business. Manually classify your social data (ie, monitor and flag for action).  This is the most common and most precise method available, but there are serious drawbacks. We’ve developed an API that mines your social data for signals of intent. It works with any short-form social posts, in real time.
In addition, you can build custom social signals for your business in minutes using our self-service app (no other provider offers this flexibility). Our API is optimized for Twitter, but it classifies any short-form social media like the kind you find on Twitter, Facebook, blog comments and more. Using our Social Signals API, you can build custom “social signals” for any type of need or requirement and immediately gain access to them from our API.
In order to take full advantage of the signals you receive, you’ll need to know the social IDs for the contacts in your database, so when a social signal comes in you will know who posted it. To keep your contact database fresh you will need to send all new contacts through your provider’s API immediately, and you may want to build a polling routine to update existing contacts every month or so.

The final step is to create social triggers in your marketing automation platform that can be used to send emails, score leads or whatever you think is appropriate. The process of building social triggers is the same used to create any other type of trigger, except the trigger signal is from social media.
From this point forward, your social triggers will work like any other trigger – email, web hook, landing page, whatever.
We hope this article has opened your eyes to the new marketing automation capabilities that real-time, social data can provide for your business. Ignoring mobile marketing now is to risk certain death in a world where giants like Starbucks, Walgreens, and Macys are able to turn mobile users into more valuable customers. But in a field that only emerged in the last-half decade, how do you know the best platform to choose?
Do you go with the grandfather of automated mobile marketing (Urban Airship), figuring they’ve got most of the kinks worked out? Do you go with the large enterprise company (Adobe), assuming it has the bench-press strength and reliability? Or do you go with a new startup that learned what to do – or not — from watching others and built a new approach from the ground up? And it’s what VB’s VP of Research John Koetsier will be sharing in this one-hour webinar. More: MobileBeat 2016 is focused on the paradigm shift from apps to AI, messaging, and chatbots. It uses predictive analytics machine learning techniques to predict the customer's next actions. The algorithm targets the most appropriate content for each customer all along his lifecycle. Gone are the days of the segment, each customer expects a personalized experience based on his unique preferences and purchase history. The predictive Marketing Engine's patented technology is built upon scientifically proven predictive analytics and data mining techniques. With the Predictive Marketing Engine, no need to hire a data scientist, we plug it into your CRM systems, in store POS or any other source of data and you are ready to get started !
Our predictive marketing automation platform boosts your customer lifetime value effortlessly. Organizations are increasingly integrating marketing automation with their CRM databases and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) strategy to facilitate efficient lead nurturing and achieve the most favorable sales potential. Organizations operate in a complex ecosystem that demands attention to a variety of factors. While the former focuses on customer lifecycle management, PRM solutions take care of reporting and analytics suitable for partner lifecycle management. By integrating PRM and CRM with marketing automation platforms, businesses can offer instant portal access and training courses in their chosen language and medium.
Often channel managers run helter-skelter as they work with manual systems and spreadsheets to deal with partners and customers.
It is easy to monitor and manage a campaign and activity on leads and holistically measure direct and indirect sales benefits to partners using the marketing automation platform. Many consider budget and disconnect issues caused by failure of the system as key hindrances.
Top of the class are the marketing teams that invest and utilise automated marketing tools and respective best practices associated, creating highly engaged users, and tracking all available touch-points of the lifecycle journey. By tracking real-time activities such as page views and clicks, they can tailor their content to increase engagement and therefore likelihood of conversion.
Marketing Automation can help you identify the best times to schedule and post your content, and personalize your messaging to really speak to your target audience.
Benefit from cloud storage, enabling your team – both in-house and remote - to collaborate and create joined-up campaigns referencing existing materials, building your content library in a single place. Instead of spending hours tweaking your segmented lists and creative, you can create dynamic list in your CRM and automatically trigger campaigns to help nurture leads into converting to paid up customers.
Our blog provides help, advice and resources from some of the leading industry experts covering a wide range of marketing subjects including digital, search, display, social and email marketing.

Our StreamBuilder tool lets you create a custom signal filter and view the types of posts it finds, in real time. Each MAP has its own process for creating a marketing trigger, so I won’t go into that in detail. If you use an in-house marketing automation system, you will need IT’s assistance, but it can be implemented today. That’s what VB discovered in its recent report on Mobile Marketing automation which surveyed 375 mobile developers, analyzed 1.8 million apps in Google Play and the iOS app store, conducted 17 live interviews, and surveyed 19 MMA providers. The research results showed that the best platform you choose depends on the size and kind of your company. Its predictive algorithm predicts the customer's interests and delivers engaging, highly targeted content maximizing his lifetime value. Reduce churn rates, take advantage of cross sell and up sell opportunities, and increase customer lifetime value by generating individual‑specific content. Its machine learning technique ensures increasingly accurate predictions based on predictive models trained over your data. Its data driven technology eliminates the guesswork so that you don't have to worry about missing opportunities with your customers and the best part, it evolves with your data.
This three-way alignment optimizes stand-alone solutions and multiplies sales capabilities of the organizations, creating marketing alignment.
It has become increasingly difficult to track and report marketing progress and sales opportunities across partner networks while managing campaigns and opportunities.
Marketing automation integrated with the two enables businesses to integrate records and track and monitor typical sales opportunities created in a partner network and specific interested customers.
A big plus is that partner branding can be aligned with marketing resources and increased ability to monitor and manage leads and campaigns.
Marketing automation facilitates use of same system by brand owners and partners, reducing time and gap in interaction. But what do you need to consider when assessing if your company is getting the best out of what marketing automation has to offer? Storing this data and creating dashboard reports in the platform enables your team to constantly review the results make informed decisions on what is and isn’t working. Second, your recall (market coverage) will suffer whenever your labor is tapped out or off-duty – meaning you will miss some opportunities. Unfortunately, to get results anywhere close to useful, you will either need to become a boolean keyword ninja or employ expensive linguistics experts to build natural language filters for your business.
Some platforms like ours leverage more data than text to classify intent, which is what creates the precision advantage. Think old-school CRM and web-based marketing automation solutions merged with modern app analytics solutions and you get mobile marketing automation.
What’s right for an enterprise company is different from a mobile-first company and different yet for a mobile game publisher. Many fall upon PRM solutions to maintain and boost partner-vendor relationship and ensure superior coordination among different channel players. With vendors rolling out campaigns and leads in no time to partners using the vertical-sharing system, both can work side by side, enhancing coordination and cooperation. They can interact, learn, receive training, and lead sales efforts without overburdening the business. No doubt PRM can be a stand-alone solution, but when integrated with marketing automation, its compatibilities multiply, assuring better lead development and campaign execution.
You may have already adopted a marketing automation platform to streamline your department and remove the endless spreadsheets, but that’s just scraping the surface! Most customers we’ve worked with who have tried keyword-mining approaches have been unhappy with the quality of results.

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