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As I type this it's Midnight and I'm sitting here watching the Power Pressure Cooker infomercial like it's an actual TV show. Anyway, I'm watching and I notice some key things that I think ANY business should emulate in their marketing.
Instant Gratification: They give you the promise of fast, instant or almost instant gratification.
Now you could add trying to get regular face time to your daily list of to-dos, but shoot, who wants a longer to-do list? NOTE: Want a step-by-step blueprint to automate your marketing, create time freedom and still multiply your profits? In any case, if folks aren't whipping out their money to buy your products or services, try the infomercial method and see if that doesn't get things snapping, crackling and popping.
Learn your "quickest path to cash"Join Our Little Family for Weekly Tips Like These.Introduce yourself and your programYour information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party.You're good to go! I started working on a new version of a marketing landscape that will be released early next month.
One thing in particular that has surprised me in my research is how much the marketing automation category has expanded. A new wave of vendors have launched in this space — the second-generation of marketing automation: Bislr, Leadsius, inBoundio, Whatsnexx, Intercom, Inbox25, and more. I’ll have more — a lot more — to rant say about categories and labels when I release the new landscape.
And there’s yet another counter-narrative, with more specialized kinds of marketing automation receiving more attention — in particular, marketing automation designed for channel and partner marketing, companies such as TreeHouse, Marketing Advocate, Zift Solutions, and others. In turn, this emerging channel marketing automation category is intertwining with many marketing resource management (MRM) vendors.
But the truth is, despite all this competition, the market for marketing automation solutions — if we use that label loosely — is large and growing larger.
As David points out, the math would suggest that we’ve only seen about 5% adoption of the potential market.
Which is why I believe we’re going to see a super-collider effect of marketing automation in 2014. Read this post from Jay Famico of SiriusDecisions on How Marketing Automation Has Evolved in 2013. A negative side effect of the overlaps between WEM and Marketing Automation platforms is the confusion it will create for marketers who need to select software. In my experience marketers are often buying platforms for an element of the total functionality offered (e.g.
On the whole, I believe the positives will outweigh the negatives: more innovation, more price competition, more specialization to better suit different kinds of businesses, and more incentive for open APIs, especially around customer data records.
I’ll have a category for Content Marketing, in which you guys are clearly one of the stars. Having been around since 1998, and always having considered ourselves as a technology company that understands marketing well, we have witnessed the inception and growth of our corner of the martec ecosystem. Let me know if you want some more information, or any support in mapping more European companies in the sector. Our own theses is that no one Marketing Cloud (Oracle, Salesforce, IBM, Adobe, others to come to the party) will dominate, it will be a world of multiple marketing, sales, ad tech and other customer facing platforms and tools in each enterprise. For our CMO customers, Integrate is a SaaS-based marketing tech platform that automates and connects media investment and all the corresponding data to marketing systems and processes. But all is not lost for those who want to just dip their marketing toes in the automation waters. The VB Marketing Automation Index: 1,000 marketing pros rated the top systems in 24 categories. That’s why, he says, his company built a product to do what Hubspot does, but at a price point he wanted to pay. Leadsius is a three-year-old Swedish company that just released its product from a long-standing beta two weeks ago. Sales Autopilot is fairly typical of low-cost entry-level marketing automation solutions: It tries to do a little bit of everything, including some basic customer relationship management (CRM).
Based in Hungary, Sales Autopilot offers complete functionality for free for its fairly extensive list of features, as long as you stay below 400 emails a month and one user. Azuqua is another of those quasi-hybrid systems that does a bit of sales, a bit of marketing, and a bit of customer service.
But still, for a fairly inexpensive price you get a marketing automation starter system which focuses on inbound leads via content marketing and social media. Like Leadsius, JumpLead first approached marketing automation from a web visitor profiling perspective, with a product that could identify visitors by their IP addresses. Building features for themselves, JumpLead’s engineers soon found themselves with a product that they could sell to others, with landing page creation, email marketing, contact management, and analytics joining the original visitor identification capability. What facilitates that wide reach are an extremely simple interface and the ability to use the system as a stand-alone tool. Infusionsoft is possibly the best-known and most successful marketing automation system in this list, and there are some good reasons why. That helped it achieve eighth place on our VB Marketing Automation Index among much bigger, tough competition. Genoo says it marries old-school email marketing software and new-school marketing automation in a way that allows you to do more with less. The lowest price level doesn’t include everything, but Genoo does have a very broad marketing automation toolset for its price. Infusionsoft provides the leading sales and marketing software for small businesses, designed to help them get organized, grow sales and save time. Let me be frank: investing in marketing automation solutions can take your company to the next level. And that is one of the traits that sets small, struggling companies apart from large, profitable companies.
Let’s say you’ve actually collected contact information from prospects interested in your products or services.
If you have marketing automation set up before you received a prospect’s contact information, you wouldn’t worry about any of this. Your salesperson gets the prospect’s contact information in exchange for a free guide on what to look for when purchasing this big ticket item.
The salesperson enters the prospect’s contact information into the marketing automation system. Day Three – Prospect receives a postcard that the system automatically printed, labeled, and put into day one’s outgoing mail.
Day Seven – Reminder pops up on salesperson’s computer screen that it’s been seven days since prospect visited store and it’s time to make a sales call. Day Eight – System automatically sends another email to the prospect with a special discount offer. Day Ten – The prospect goes back to the store with his email offer and purchases the big ticket item.
By offering the prospect the free buyers guide in exchange for his contact information, you had the ideal opportunity to follow up with him practically on autopilot with marketing automation. Without marketing automation solutions, prospects like this one may never return to your store to make the purchase.

Each day you don’t follow up with your prospects is a day you’re losing sales to your competition. I’ve been gearing up for the next edition of our VEST report on B2B marketing automation systems, which involves catching up with established vendors and chasing down some new ones. Before jumping into the new systems, it helps to define a set of standard features to measure them against.
Salesformics is designed primarily to give sales people a pleasant-to-use CRM system, while offering marketing automation and dashboards to everyone in the organization.
Target360 was also developed by a UK-based service firm, in this case CRM consultants specializing in Microsoft Dynamics. Add Your Comment (All comments are reviewed by moderator, no spam permitted!) Click here to cancel reply.
Progressive companies are now using predictive analytics to deliver an optimal service experience before a customer calls to complain or responds to a survey.
Last month we unveiled the VentureBeat Marketing Automation index, a straw man top ten of marketing automation systems. Marketing automation is, of course, the software that is revolutionizing the way CMOs and marketing managers are attracting, finding, and nurturing leads — as well as continuing to keep existing customers in the fold. After getting your input, and checking other sources, we’re revising that list by pulling MindMatrix out and inserting Act-On.
Act-On has been tripling in size for each of the last three years, CEO Raghu Raghavan told VentureBeat.
Not as much as market leaders Hubspot, Marketo, InfusionSoft, Eloqua, or Pardot (owned by Salesforce), but significant.
Act-On: Strong mid-market performer with a focus on non-tech, non-Silicon Valley companies. Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world's #1 CRM, empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way. Marketo (NASDAQ: MKTO) provides the leading marketing software for companies of all sizes to build and sustain engaging customer relationships. Act-On was created to empower small and mid-sized businesses to effectively market online at a fraction of the effort and cost incurred by larger enterprises.
So they may say, order now and get instant access to our members only forum where Superstar Guru Guy will answer any questions you have. In my Marketing Funnels Crash Course I take you by the virtual hand and walk you through how to do exactly that. Marketo had a successful IPO, and its stock has risen by 42% this year to a $1.2 billion market cap. You could argue that products like Intercom are more of an alternative to marketing automation.
Another major category of marketing software — what started out as web content management (WCM) but is evolving into web experience management (WEM) — is increasingly overlapping with the capabilities of products in the marketing automation space (and vice versa). Meanwhile, some marketing automation providers like Marketo are making a strong push to incorporate MRM capabilities into their platforms. As David Cummings wrote earlier this year, the numbers suggest that we’re just at the beginning of the coming wave of marketing automation adoption.
This means that the pie can grow tremendously, even as more contenders seek to have a slice. In my opinion, David is one of the best authorities on marketing automation (and related categories), and he’s extremely generous in the depth of his analysis that he provides for free on his blog. If you feel I missed a company that should be represented in one of the categories above, please let me know in the comments.
I actually think that’s a good thing for the creative energy of how things are evolving.
At the moment, I’m leaning towards having a Personalization category that I thought would be a good place to feature you. Automated marketing responses based on personalization and loyalty rewards would describe what we do better, so I’m curious to see where you would position us. So it would be interesting to see if you will have a better category recommendation for us.
For those interested, we have a library of ROI case studies that demonstrate our platform success and also forward-thinking annual reports that we sponsor. There are so many MA platforms that are cropping up, the change in adoption rate still doesn’t make a big difference. Which is probably one of the reasons why bringing high-end solutions like Eloqua, Marketo, or IBM into your company can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. But the company might be strongest in website visitor tracking and analytics, since that’s where the company first began. In other words, it’s incredibly easy to say yes to Sales Autopilot, and yet it can expand up to as many as two million emails a month for thousands of dollars in monthly cost.
In some sense that can be a bad sign, and sometimes all-in-one system do everything adequately but nothing extremely well, but in another sense it speaks to the ongoing melting of marketing and sales and customer support into a single set of activities with different foci in each. The system then analyzes the tweet for sentiment, and routes it to different departments such as sales or customer service depending on what it finds in the tweet.
That product, however, generated large amounts of data which the company couldn’t handle.
Some people will use Nurture within their larger company as a personal or project tool, while some will use it for their entire small business. Even though its price is low, Infusionsoft offers an all-in-one system that combines aspects of CRM, marketing automation, social media marketing, and e-commerce tools into one package that is very attractive for small business. It’s also the system that generated the most responses in our surveys from companies with under $25 million in revenue. But allow me to ask you a few more questions to see if you’ve maximized this opportunity.
Did it take you hours and hours to address all of those postcards you sent out in your last mailing? What follows is an illustration of how marketing automation works to promote your company while you focus on other tasks that need attention. Give us a call at (888) 465-8350, extension 225 for a free, 30-minute no obligation consultation. The new entrants are clustered towards the small business end of the market, where they see an opportunity for simpler systems at lower prices than existing market leaders.
It basic versions of the standard marketing automation features: lists are not updated automatically, workflows only branch on email behavior (opens, clicks, or nothing), and lead scoring is largely limited to profile attributes. Like several of the new vendors, it is based in Europe (Sweden), although the user interface is in English.
The system was developed by a UK-based marketing services firm and is still in public beta, which should end in mid-February. The system adds email marketing and campaign tracking to Dynamics, working with Dynamics files directly rather than synching to a separate database. Clients have included major firms in financial services, retail, communications, and other industries.
Join this Mastery Webinar for leading-edge thinking and examples of "predictive customer service," including how signals from the Internet of Things can predict service failures and enable the organization to be proactive.
Held May 17-19 in Denver, Colorado, this event will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at driving business success through customer insights and intelligence.

SCORE 2016 will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at driving business success through customer insights and intelligence. With its focus on the non-technology middle market, Act-On is winning deals and winning new converts to marketing automation, and now has over 2,100 clients.
They've spent so much time showing you benefits that by the time you see the price you're already sold.
I believe your work can and should be a fulfillment of your life’s purpose… that it must be fueled by your passion… and therefore, aligned with your destiny! The SMB segment of the market is particularly diverse with products that cross boundaries from traditional labels. You could argue that the long-term effect of this may be consolidation, but there’s no doubt that the short-term effect is an expansion of choices in the space. It’s going to become more important for them to understand the depth of functionality being offered by each part of the product to ensure that the solution is adequate and cost effective. We make it really simple for them to build and launch rich media re-targeting, email, and display campaigns to boost top of funnel leads and accelerate their pipeline. The platform that owns all of the prospect and customer profile, and the interaction data that is generated at every touch point regardless of digital channel, by integrating with the broadest set of third party marketing platforms and tools, stands to reap huge rewards. Marketers will need lots of help to ensure the seamless flow of marketing process, data, and content across their systems so they deliver a superior customer experience on each touch. Personally, I believe that Marketing Automation will be divided in multiple ways: customer type, industry, size, business domain. That creates actions in, for instance, Salesforce, which then trigger customer or prospect contacts from your team. Search engine optimization (SEO) help in creating your content to attract leads via search marketing.
And, despite the low cost, it ranked well in our reader survey on its ability to meet most or all of organizations’ marketing needs.
How many of them engage in consistent follow up with their customers through email, catalogs, etc?
Once you see the power of marketing automation you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. I always wonder whether newcomers can find substantially simpler approaches than the older firms, which are already focused on ease of use and typically gone through several redesigns as they learn from experience. On the other hand, it adds a powerful survey tool, easy conversion of emails to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn messages, and easily created “instant offers”.
In a relatively radical departure from standard interfaces, it replaces traditional menus with a search box that lets users type commands or contact information (name, address, phone, etc.) and have the system return the best matching results.
His B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool provides detailed information and guidance to buyers of marketing systems. Attendees will also receive two special reports focused on research and best practices for CX leadership.
And VentureBeat readers mentioned Act-On more frequently in the free-form comments than just about any other solution.
I love helping other entrepreneurs break through technical barriers to implement their ideas, from concept to completion. Certainly making me re-think some of the possible ways that an equilibrium could be reached — and on what time scale that might be. We see ourselves trying to solve the integration challenge in a small way, specifically in the demand generation and lead management phase of the customer life cycle. But it’s still worth scanning the new entrants to see how they’ve departed from older approaches. Not quite standard but increasingly common features include social media sharing and tracking, Webinar integration, visitor identification via reverse IP lookup, and capturing campaign information from Google AdWords. Looking beyond technology, the vendor provides access to a 15 million name email database, a telephone lead generation team, and other services that can supplement or even replace an in-house marketing department. Workflows are currently limited: triggers are based only on email and Web activities, segments are defined only with profile attributes, and the only actions are emails.
Of the standard marketing automation functions, Target360 provides email, Web behavior tracking, lead scoring, and workflows. Using WordPress as a platform, my goal is to make getting your business online (and managing it once you're up) a simple and pain-free experience.
It’s also interesting to see how the new systems are similar, which gives some insight into what are apparently perceived as common problems in the older approaches.
A system can be useful even if it lacks some of the standard features, but buyers should know what they’re missing so they can decide whether it’s something they really want.
System pricing starts at $99 per month for up to 1,000 contacts; a system with 15,000 contacts costs $499 per month.
There is no form builder but the vendor provides a tool to map existing forms to the Dynamics database. Raab has written hundreds of articles for DM Review, DM News and other industry publications. However, it’s a little off putting that many automation services are still centered around email and offer little to no cross channeling.
Workflows can execute multiple steps but only branch on whether the previous email was opened. Data from those sources, as well as the built-in CRM functions, can be used to create campaign segments.
Campaign workflows can only react to an email result, with separate branches for opens, clicks, and no response, although standard Dynamics workflows could support other actions as well.
Indeed, the only traditional marketing automation functions provided by Salesformics itself are workflow and basic (untracked) email. The system’s particular strength is tracking customer activities across different channels by assigning them campaign codes; this covers emails, Web visits, social media responses, and CRM interactions.
Otherwise, trackable email and forms are provided via integration, there is no cookie-based Web behavior tracking, and lead scoring is not yet available (though planned). Leadsius comes in several versions including a free edition with a good set of basic features.
There is no synchronization to any external CRM system since Salesformics includes its own.
Revenue can be attributed in these reports to either the first or last campaign to reach a customer. It takes repeated conscious interrupts to get people to remember who you are, what you do AND why they should care. New pricing in mid-February will retain the free version and introduce several other levels, most under $1,000 per month. The workflow uses a conventional diagram of triggers linked to actions; the triggers and actions are based on both internal and external data. The system was released in mid-2012 and starts at $1,050 per month including a Dynamics license.

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