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Numerous people fail to execute marketing automation effectively merely because of laziness.
Before proceeding with the best practices to utilize this successful marketing method, let’s have an overview of what exactly do we mean by marketing automation.
Marketing automation consists of a set of tools that processes inbound data using different techniques to market the products to existing and potential users in a better way. Today, a customer researches about a product online through various sources before buying it. A good marketer would always capitalize on these sales channels for a positive and satisfactory customer experience. Generally, market automation software would consist of tools working on email marketing, data collection and storage, data analysis and reporting, and campaign programming and management. The biggest challenge that comes with a new essential software is to train the staff to work on it. The advantage with big vendors here is they often provide training sessions on complementary basis.
The foremost need of the software depending upon the leads that your company currently generates. How the current marketing and sales strategies would change after installing marketing automation software. Would the vendor provide a demo about the functionality of the software before its implementation? The marketing automation software industry has seen a sharp rise in its sales in the past one decade. While there have been several success stories of companies implementing the software effectively, there have also been cases of failure in effectively utilizing it. Out of these four, budget constraint is the most widely faced obstacle behind poor utilization of the automation software.
No doubt, installing and utilizing marketing automation software gives you an edge over your competitors. In the best possible scenario, you will experience great lead generation and fabulous customer management over a period of time. Plan well and you can experience an increase in sales, plan badly and you would see wastage time and money in Marketing Automation.
About Saikrishna TipparapuSaikrishna is a student of Computer Science & Engineering and he is also a part time blogger who also blog at TSKSOFT. Trying to find a way to shorten a link for Twitter to get the tweet under 140 characters was a challenge. Twitter then used it as the default URL shortening service in May, 2009 until it created its own.
Raw social media automation software that allowed you to grow your followers, tweet content and other mundane tasks started to emerge.
But back then even simple social media automation was frowned upon because it wasn’t really social.
On the social web tools like TweetDeck and Hootsuite were launched by enterprising entrepreneurs to help handle the complexity and noise. Every switched on marketer was excited by the launch and possibility of every new platform. As marketers discovered the power of social media to reach the world in real time the need for more sophisticated tools became apparent.
As social media became seen as the next start up gold rush, the older generation of software providers in email marketing and lead generation rushed to join the party. This saw the rapid evolution of platforms like Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot amongst many. Here is a timeline from Marketing Automation Insider that suggests the journey started in 1992 with Unica.
The smart phone and mobile market reached critical mass and is accelerating digital noise and adoption.
Established Enterprise software providers at the big end of town including IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe and Teradata started building their own platforms. It is software that allows you to automate repetitive tasks, reduce human error, manage complexity and measure and optimize your efforts. The number of reviews received on G2 Crowd; buyers trust a product with more reviews, and more reviews means a more representative and accurate reflection of the customer experience. How recently the review was submitted; reviews that have been written or updated more recently receive a higher weight to help more accurately capture the rapidly evolving nature of software.
Below is the G2 Crowd Grid Showing where the different platforms sit according to their ratings. I discovered Hubspot 7 years ago in 2008 (it was big part of the inspiration of me starting this blog in 2009) and they were one of the pioneers in automated digital marketing.
Pardot’s lead management software features CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and ROI reporting to help marketing and sales teams work together to generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles, and demonstrate marketing accountability.
Powerful and easy marketing software that helps marketing and sales professionals drive revenue and improve marketing accountability. Oracle’s B2B Cross-Channel Marketing solution, Oracle Eloqua, enables marketers to plan and execute automated marketing campaigns while delivering a personalized customer experience for their prospects. Act-On’s cloud-based integrated marketing automation platform allows marketers to tie inbound, outbound, and lead nurturing programs together to maximize their return on marketing investments. The company was founded in 2008 and initially sold its software exclusively through Cisco, which provided $2 million in funding. LeadSquared is a Marketing Software company helping small and medium businesses drive revenue by aligning their marketing and sales activities. Infusionsoft is a leading sales and marketing software for small business owners that helps them get organized, grow sales and save time. Infusionsoft was founded in 2001 by brothers Scott and Eric Martineau and Clate Mask in Mesa, Arizona.
Salesfusion is a leading provider of marketing automation software that is designed for B2B companies who are committed to driving more revenue by aligning marketing and sales. According to SiriusDecisions, a leading sales and marketing analyst firm, as much of 70% of the buying cycle may be self-directed and completed prior to sales engagement. Salesfusion is dedicated to helping companies build a large revenue funnel for marketing and sales by creating customized digital conversations that are seamlessly transitioned between departments.
OutMarket provides marketing automation software and services for marketing teams to drive quantifiable results. The OutMarket platform integrates email marketing, landing pages, social media management, press outreach, and robust analytics in a simple but comprehensive cloud-based solution that helps customers outmarket the competition and grow their business. You end up getting more done in less time while doing a much better job nurturing your prospects, uncovering qualified leads and driving revenue growth. The thing about marketing automation systems is that you have to actually use them and use them well.
I’ve just recently started my lead management business and I definitely found a lot of information from this analysis. SalesPanda enables you to create customized engagement windows on every page of the website to convert visitors to leads. It also provides a content editor with templates for creating marketing collateral which can be shared via email and social media. Marketing automation tools are an essential part of inbound marketing, but have you ever tried doing research to see which software is best for you? Well if you have, you will quickly learn that this is a booming industry with countless vendors all offering a multitude of features that will surely give you a headache.
I have picked 5 of the most popular marketing automation vendors that I feel are best suited to inbound marketing and compared prices and the features which I think are important to manage a successful inbound marketing campaign.
This post will not tell you which vendor is outright best for you as that is down to you to decide. These five have been chosen as they are the most well known to me and I have personally used three of them. Pricing comes in many shapes and sizes when it comes to marketing automation and I have tried to keep the pricing as simple as possible. When looking at the cost also think of the time that may be saved; time saved is money saved. One thing that leaves people scratching their heads is all of the features that marketing automation has at its disposal. Tools that help you save time of course are a benefit, but marketing automation is no magic wand. One thing to consider when you are looking at these features is some can be more advanced depending on which vendor you use. The level of complexity within the lead scoring systems in the marketing automations solutions vary.
That said I would have loved to have talked to you about how good the customer support is when you buy from these vendors. All of them give you a free demo so I would recommend you test out the level of support during your free trial, as this will give you an idea of what to expect once you become a paying customer.

I also took a look at how the vendors are performing, how many clients they currently have and their growth over the last twelve months. It is always good to get the opinions of the companies themselves so I contacted each one and here is what they had to say. Unfortunately although we did hear back from Eloqua after several phone calls, emails and tweets they did not provide any information for this post. We discussed a few of the most popular marketing automation solutions in the previous post, but we barely scratched the surface of the options that are currently available. Hubspot is well-known around the web thanks to the company’s excellent marketing of its own products. When looking at a matrix that includes factors such as the number of customers, number of users, total company revenue, Google searches, Twitter followers and other ranking data, InfusionSoft is thought to be the second most popular marketing automation platform after Eloqua.
Fans of Marketo’s automation platform are very vocal about their love for the software. Optify is often compared favorably with Hubspot, and one look at its friendly, easy-to-use interface helps you understand why this is so.
Net-Results might not be one of the more notably popular names on this list, but the company has established itself as a major player in the industry by providing exceptional service and results.
Act-On provides a simple, cloud-based platform for its users, and the software is notable for its no-nonsense approach. These ten marketing automation solutions represent the best that the industry has to offer. Marketing automation did not change the sales and marketing process but it did foster spam.
Buying a cold list and expecting it to last is the same as buying yogurt and expecting to keep the same container for a year. Mike used a great example of how to keep up the interest of your customers even down to the second before they decide to leave you.
Our team at VA Partners ensures that before any prospect is contacted, the appropriate information – such as company name, company information and background and contact information – have been researched. Mark Elliott: Mark worked 10 years for a Fortune 500 company in numerous sales, marketing, and leadership roles.
It tends to provide enhanced user experience to its potential customers across online channels, which further leads them to make an initial purchase.
As the customer enters in this funnel of sources, utilize further tools to track their purchasing behavior so as to prompt them to make more purchases in time to come. It can be a time-consuming task to install and configure the software correctly at first place. However, on the whole, there are several challenges and troubles that most of the businesses need to undertake before going for any marketing automation software. Generally, large businesses with widespread operations need such a tool to simplify their processes.
In 2013, its sales doubled, growing to $750 compared to sales figure in previous year. Most of the software solutions would require you to buy additional licenses or add-ons to utilize all its features. Started blogging in 2010 for fun and later its became a profession, helping co-bloggers and sharing the knowledge to everyone from what he learned.
Twitter and Facebook were it and digital marketing revolved around Banner ads, Google AdWords and email marketing.
Distilling the noise and managing the engagement required more than just watching the native Twitter feed. But to accelerate their evolution they started acquiring technology start-ups that added features and market share.
It is about marketing at scale with multiple partners, many social networks and managing content and permissions. They score products and vendors based on ratings and reviews gathered from the user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. It was founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and launched in December 2007. It was acquired by Exact Target in 2012 for a reported $95 million and then Exact Target was bought by Salesforce in 2013.
Marketo provides the leading cloud-based marketing software platform for companies of all sizes to build and sustain engaging customer relationships. It has raised an additional $74 million and its platform according to reviews is best suited to small and medium business. Provides the capture of leads from all your sources – inbound email, online campaigns, phone calls, website, chat, lead generation websites and more. It is also used by many bloggers for creating marketing campaigns and funnels and email marketing. Marketing and sales teams participate in and measure these digital conversations to deliver more lead-to-revenue results by communicating with the right leads at the right time with the right message.
I am a small business owner and I have heard good things and bad things about Infusionsoft. But it is very important the company you decide to work with, because not all of them have a good client care and they don`t help you exploit the data collected. This software is missing on your list even though according to Datanyze it is world’s TOP6. They provide me great content every day that I can’t wait to read, so I know they are a fantastic company. The only issue I have with those marketing automation platforms is that they take a very long time to learn and very expensive. These leads then flow into their lead management system triggering automated alerts to the user.
Unfortunately I am a newbie in lead generation, luckly my business partner take care about this part. Main helping tools for me – pipedrive CRM, ESP systems (trying few of them) and automated trigger email campaign (using triggmine). This post has come about as a result of listening to our clients as they also have had problems understanding which is the best solution. What it will hopefully do is give you enough information to make an informed decision on which platform to explore.
I will try not to push my opinion on which I personally like as that would be unfair to the two that I have not used.
You may already be using other separate systems to do some of the work these platforms can do, so money may be saved there also.
Below you will see a comparison of the features, in the chosen companies, that I think are important when it comes to performing inbound marketing. Lead scoring helps you to determine how interested a lead is and depending on what actions they perform, they will be assigned points.
So ita€™s not always just about who has the most features, it is about the ones that are best to fit your needs. When it comes to deciding which marketing automation tools to partner with, customer support plays a huge part in who we choose here at Stargazer.
Although I have had experience with three of these companies and the the support for the most part was excellent, it would be unfair of me to talk about only three of them when I havena€™t experienced all five.
This gives you an indication of how they are performing which may also be a factor you might want to consider when choosing. Our platform includes a robust email marketing tool, but we believe that for most businesses, marketing should be less automated, not more so. Small and mid-size companies and marketing departments of large enterprises all benefit from using Act-Ona€™s powerful and easy-to-use platform to manage sophisticated, multi-channel marketing campaigns.
Any information in this post regarding clients and company growth is based solely on my own research.
Basically, marketing automation tools give you the chance to take greater control over your marketing plan by putting all of your data, contacts and other tools in one easy-to-manage place.
In this post, we’ll go over the consensus picks for the top ten marketing automation tools.
The platform’s software is comprehensive and incredibly easy to use, plus there are numerous training and educational modules available for registered users.
Eloqua was able to get a head start on other companies, though, which is why it can boast more than 50,000 users.
The company specializes in offering solutions for smaller companies, and its price is more affordable than some of the industry’s behemoths. A favorite of technology companies, Marketo offers software that is straightforward and easy to use. Its software is designed to help businesses over the long term with sophisticated capabilities that help marketers capture, nurture and convert leads.
One of the more appealing aspects of Optify is the fact that it has a highly manageable learning curve, unlike some of its competitors.

The platform often finds itself at the top of various customer satisfaction surveys and lists, and it has an excellent client retention rate of 95%.
The company’s software platform is perfect for small businesses, particularly if they are just starting.
LoopFuse is not the best-known marketing automation platform, but it is growing quickly as an increasing number of small businesses and entrepreneurs turn to it for solutions.
While many people love the software for its simple, utilitarian aesthetic, others find that it is not as easy to use as some other platforms. If you perform a bit of research on your own to determine your specific needs, you should be able to find a winner from among these choices. Mike Volpe from HubSpot outlined the disadvantages of using marketing automation and why companies should take other measures in order to enhance their marketing efforts. He said that every time you think of using a cold list, pretend that for every email sent out, a kitten dies.
The company Groupon, like many other ‘deal of the day’ companies, allows its subscribers to “unsubscribe” from their mailing list.
Learn how to deliver a good user experience, how to set up an effective site and what features you need to capture lead information. There Mark won awards for Manager of the year, Top Sales and Marketing Team Member, and a $200 Million revenue quota.
It will be waste of money and energy if a business installs it merely because its competitors have done so.
The ability to sift through the big data and make insightful decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.
They apply a unique, patent-pending algorithm to this data to calculate the customer satisfaction and market presence scores in real time. However, based on your list, it seems that Infusionsoft is most applicable for my business. The only way to scale fast is to outsource what you aren’t good at and focus more on your strengths. Been a content writer for a long time and due to the numerous things that I needed to achieve each day sometimes I usually get stumbled on what I will do next or what are the things I needed to do. We are using Firecart – Marketing Automation Software, which not only help us to make email marketing strategies, even help us to nurture the leads and get business. It has drastically improved the flow of my business, as well as enhanced my staff’s productivity.
Automation of some routine processes is great, but what i appreciate the most is its pretty good geography search system and ability to post pics from pc. However marketing automation is not about setting it and forgetting it, marketing automation should help you make better marketing decisions and bring all of your marketing efforts into once place.
If a lead visits your a€?about usa€™ page and your pricing page, they will be assigned more points than someone who just visits one blog post. Marketing automation exists mostly in the form of web-based software platforms that can be accessed from virtually any location where Internet access is available, and it has transformed the lives of marketers around the world. Some of these software platforms will be familiar from your research and exposure to the web, but others will not. The company was launched in 2006, making it one of the more recent entrants into the marketing automation landscape. It has existed since the earliest days of marketing automation as a concept, and it has continued to attract users with its friendly interface as well as its ability to make the job of marketing as simple or as complex as end users desire. Many marketers are reluctant to start using marketing automation software because they don’t want to let leads and other business slip away while they learn new software. Net-Results, which was founded in 2003, is a comprehensive solution for any marketer’s needs, and it scores highly when it comes to the ease of implementation. The Genius software is incredibly easy to learn, and its interface makes marketing look easy. Although LoopFuse does not offer website hosting, SEO or landing page creation, it gives users the opportunity to import 500 contacts. That being said, if you prefer a simple, yet comprehensive solution for your marketing automation needs, Act-On could be the perfect platform for your needs and the requirements of your organization. Of course, you can always try a platform for a month free of charge to determine if it will work for you and your organization. An automated message is acceptable from time to time, they may come in the form of mass emails notifying everyone of a sale, which can be annoying, but also useful. This is a giveaway that the company has not taken the time to research your company and match your potential needs with their services.
Hi John) or mention your company in the email, is a red flag for spam and another indication that the company sending you the email has no invested interest in your company. After someone clicks the unsubscribe button on the Groupon website, they are brought to an interactive slideshow.
For more information about how you can enhance your sales prospecting, take a look at our Part-Time Sales offerings. He moved on to be the GM of a moving and relocation company, managing the Toronto office that saw quality scores improve, increased sales by 10%, and doubled gross margins. In fact, the most effective list of email addresses is the one that is generated on our own from reliable sources, such as from social media activities or from your own blog or site. Was able to filter the quality leads from the spam ones, get lead notifications once a potential lead came back to my site again, finding out where the lead (persons name) came from exactly, plus all the lead management tools…. As a completely comprehensive platform, it is able to help you with everything from lead capture to completing final deals.
If you are in charge of a smaller business, and you are looking for software to help you enter the realm of marketing automation, InfusionSoft might be an ideal choice.
Its flagship platform is ideal for medium-sized to larger companies, while its Spark platform is perfect for businesses that are just starting out. Optify soothes these fears by allowing users to jump in immediately and start using the platform in a meaningful way.
As long as you are attuned to your needs and goals, you should be able to find the perfect match when it comes to the marketing automation platform that will help you streamline your work and make you more successful. Companies are reaching out to their prospects with white papers, blog, webinars and educational resources on their website. The slideshow shows the customer what happens to the guy who is in charge of subscribers, after they leave Groupon. I am always looking for something new and affordable, as I’ve just launched my own small project.
Although it can be used in businesses of any size, Eloqua is best suited for medium-sized organizations. Although Marketo offers tremendous functionality and it is a major player in the industry, some users feel that the company charges too much for its services. Pardot was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007, and it was ranked as one of the city’s fastest-growing companies in 2008. Additionally, the software features excellent lead capture capabilities and fantastic marketing analytics. As it was said in the webinar, marketing automation was invented to help, it can also be deadly.
Needless to say, the slideshow is funny enough that most people – when prompted – re-subscribe to Groupon’s mailing list. The solution provides and automated email-marketing system with advanced personalization, available within several minutes. For a reasonably priced, comprehensive solution for your marketing automation needs, it’s hard to argue against Hubspot. Regardless, Marketo’s software is a viable solution for any company that requires more streamlined management of its marketing. The software platform has a client retention rate of 90%, plus it scores points for its quick implementation time.
However, users can always upgrade to a “Pro” account for greater functionality and a larger set of tools.
Buying a list and emailing as many companies as humanly possible within the hour), you’re enhancing your company’s image – in a positive way – amongst the competition. If you are looking for a contract-free solution and you don’t have extensive time to learn a new software platform, Pardot could be the ideal choice for you. If you do not deal with a high volume of clients, LoopFuse might be the ideal solution for you.

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