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The Nutrition Business Journal says that NutriBeauty, including conventional beauty products with natural, functional claims, now represents a $15 billion market. If you walk down the personal care products aisle of any store, you’ll see people dabbing, sniffing and smoothing on the products. How does this translate into the words you use on your website or in your marketing materials? Hartman Group’s research places consumers on a health and wellness continuum, which they categorize as Core, Mid-Level, and Periphery. Here are 6 sniff tests for your marketing copy, based on this report and my own experience in writing web copy for natural beauty products.
To pass the sniff test with core customers, speak about your pure ingredients, (traceable if possible), your company’s values including social and environmental responsibility, and that your products are not tested on animals.
To pass the sniff test with mid-level customers, present expert opinion, or appeal to their sense of fun and enjoyment. To pass the sniff test with periphery customers, appeal to their emotions by discussing physical outcomes such as glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails.
One of the keys to marketing your own beauty shop or spa is to always be certain that you reach as many consumers that you can as quickly as possible. Promoting and advertising plans have to change with the changes because it helps to be reliable. Post office, office supplies, newsagents quite often, any shop supplying special cards such as wedding cards, sometimes craft shops.
As I was browsing on Facebook the other day, I realized my friend got an official VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) welcome kit including a VIB member card in the mail from Sephora. After I realized I was actually a member, I felt kind of offended that I didn’t receive the VIB loyalty card as well.

Beauty and body care products appeal to the senses, and scent, texture and color all influence purchases.
They want to know about organic ingredients, and that you don’t use synthetic fragrances or chemicals such as parabens. Mid-level customers have some knowledge of natural ingredients, but need more education.  They are the bulk of the buying market, so understanding their emotional triggers will pay off. Talk about how products with natural ingredients are efficient and effective, while being good for skin and hair. Periphery customers are generally not very knowledgeable or interested in natural products, and buy mainly on price, convenience and brand. Consumers generally begin by being conscious of what goes into their bodies (food, beverages and supplements.) The next step is what goes onto their bodies, such as cosmetics and personal care products.
These related blog posts may be of interest. Be sure to sign up for my free report at the right, so you don’t miss any new blog posts.
The next few salon promoting and advertising tips are perfect techniques to expand your day spa and establish your returning customer group. You could possibly offer customers a discount card with a trim when they purchase a body massage or even offer another salon discount point that combines any kind of three specialized services for a single lower fee. So I went on the Beauty Talk (Sephora’s online forum) and found a thread of conversations with people who came across the same situation. Sephora’s digital marketing team decided that personalization was the way to go with their loyalty cards. They scrutinize ingredient labels, check out products on EWG, and research backgrounds of the brands they favor. Stress the effects that your ingredients (or lack of negative ingredients) will have on their health and wellness.

When growing your day spa your main attention should really be about getting in new consumers, and in addition making a solid relationship with your overall returning customers. The more your salon have to give a consumer the far better opportunity there is they’ll return repeatedly, and that’s the objective . Select through a wide range of colors and ideas, and then personalize everything with your spa custom logo as well as identify. However, things could get sticky when fans are able to talk and share with each other on a global scale.
This is opening the eyes of the periphery and mid-level customers to the ingredients in their personal care products, and may help push some customers a step forward in the continuum.
The better you know your customers, and appeal to their level of knowledge and interest, the higher your sales will be. Don’t get me wrong, Sephora has amazing marketing in the social world, but what confuses me is personalization all the way from deciding who gets the VIB loyalty card? Some may realize they are not offered the particular promotion that they want (as you can see from some of the clips), and some may decide to share their dissatisfaction to the world (me).
Apparently anyone who is a Beauty Insider (a free reward program they offer) who spends more than $350 a year automatically gets upgraded to VIB status.
Taking a closer look at my emails, I realized that I was in fact an official VIB member as well.

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