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If you work in marketing in today’s increasingly competitive higher education marketplace, the odds are, your school is facing the proverbial perfect storm. Many higher ed marketers often naively assume that once a new program is introduced or student registered, the hard part is over. At a time when more recruitment pitches than ever before bombard prospective students, your school can risk becoming lost in the clutter. When properly considered, these three core marketing guideposts can help amplify the impact of your efforts to attract prospective students, and retain existing ones. Brian Muys is associate vice president of public relations for American Public University System. Developing a brand for your business is an important step in becoming a successful entrepreneur.
The values you set out for your brand will play a significant role in the way your business is viewed so it’s important to think of these carefully. Research the most successful brands in the world and you’ll see how consistency plays the biggest part in the branding process.
Whilst it may be too big a leap to suggest an inanimate brand or service is akin to a living breathing human, any qualified marketer will tell you exactly that. When building your branding for your products, services or Business in general, you think of it as a real person.
There is also the practical look and feel of a brand, that is to reflect where you want it positioned in the marketplace, who you want to engage with it, and how it is to physically look to others. When developing your logo, you want to reflect on the brand values and everything (and more) discussed above.
We then develop concepts for you, combining the expertise between our marketing team at Double O who will create the brief for our highly skilled creative designers.
A well defined target market that your sales people know and love, your copywriter can picture and anyone who refers your products and services can recognize in an instant. I was reminded of the 4 M’s this morning as I read business advice in the New York Times intended for small business owners about the 10 steps they should take to Diagnose What’s Wrong With Your Business.
Colleges and universities face challenges every day in driving awareness with prospective students and faculty, let alone with existing students and alumni. Make a point to simplify your messaging so it is easily understood, while retaining a compelling “call to action,” re: the ease and benefits of enrollment.
But many schools tend to directly or indirectly associate themselves with competing institutions, rather than truly define what sets them apart. Identify and effectively articulate your unique selling proposition to these key target audiences to help ensure they are most receptive to the benefits of the academic experience at your school. It is particularly important for an online business owner because of the vast amount of competition and how everything is judged on a visual basis before anything else.

If you brand your business effectively, you will have a much easier time obtaining your share of your industry’s market. Being true to your brand is all it takes to make your business known around the world on the internet. As whilst we ultimately do want to engage with the target audience, a good starting point is to hear your thoughts, feelings and preferences for the brand logo development.
The fact is, no matter how well-regarded your program or institution is, it won’t sell itself. Aspiring students want to be able to quickly distinguish what they want from the blizzard of schools competing for their attention, and tuition. To rise above the noise, deliver messages to the market that will most effectively resonate with prospective students, if not ones contemplating returning for a second bachelor’s or graduate degree. While this approach may be effective for validating the comparable depth and breadth of your curriculum, for example, it’s less so when you’re seeking to distinguish your school’s key advantages.
He received an English degree from Dickinson College and an MS in Communications from the American University Kogod School of Business.
When someone comes across your website, your ads, your blog posts, social networking pages and videos, it’s a visual-first experience.
The key to creating a successful brand is not so much the brand itself, but how consistent you are with it. If one of your key values is quick service, be sure to reply to emails and messages as soon as you can to uphold your brand’s name.
As a business owner you want to engineer that identity so it positively impacts your bottom line. Do you have a strategy to reach your best potential customers with your sales and marketing efforts?
There are many choices for where to place an ad and how to execute a public relations campaign.
Your biggest challenge is finding the proper balance of traditional “outbound” marketing communications tactics like advertising, direct mail and earned and social media with more referral-based, “word-of-mouth” initiatives based on your school’s academic reputation and student satisfaction. That means clearly aligning your school to specific benefits that resonate with both current and prospective students, i.e, academic quality, affordability and flexibility, among others.
Clearly demonstrate, if not quantify, how and why your programs and instructors are different, i.e. Branding is so important online because it makes people visually familiar with your business through consistency.
You just need something that is appealing with complimentary colors that will make people familiar with your business.
Highlighting a pivotal moment in Ray Charles' career-a moment when he sees what else he must do besides being a gifted musician, when he needs to establish his own Brand-it reminds us that you must know who you are if you are to become a truly exceptional leader.

A shotgun approach is too expensive and inefficient for any company, especially a small one. The problem with many small businesses is that their marketing activities are driven primarily by which salespeople happen to call on them.
With this balance achieved, there are several considerations you should take into account to most effectively position your school to key target audiences.
Ineffective advertising or public relations can be not only a tremendous waste of money but a tremendous waste of opportunity. Are the technicians going to give me a haircut after they bring me back to life?) It was a good line when someone first thought of it.
It is about establishing your own unique voice-a voice that encompasses your values, beliefs, expectations, motivations, and other intangibles and that touches those around you in profound ways. If you are doing things the same way you did them 10 years ago, you are probably getting less response. Simply put, it is about establishing your professional brand.In addition to being a talented and innovative musician, Ray Charles understood brand marketing.
Whatever it is, it should say something about your company that means something to potential customers.
What about you?Individuals' brands have the ability to create pull as powerful as that of any product or company brand. Your professional brand is your most important asset; nothing else on your personal balance sheet trumps its value. Your brand represents your essence as a business executive.You may wonder how you go about building a brand from scratch. Your current brand is comprised of all the associations that other people have when they hear your name or interact with you.
The right question to ask is: "Does my current brand create the associations I desire? Rather, you should aim to develop a brand that more effectively leverages your core, authentic personality. She had direct, honest discussions with each of her managers in which she explained that their role was to produce energy, not to consume it.

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