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Maximise the marketing potential of your clients, members, customers, employees, shareholders and partners. PricingSimple pricing model means, only paying for the amount of contacts you have in your list or the number of email newsletters you sent out per month. With your monthly contact plan, you can send as many emails as you need to your mailing list every month. Once you have completed the necessary paper work, we will have your account set-up within 24hrs.
The truth is, it doesn't matter what you sell online - email marketing absolutely must be a part of your sales system. Email marketing is more affordable than direct mail, radio or TV and you can have your first campaign up and running within an hour from now. As mentioned above, the average returns generated by a successful email marketing campaign trump any other form of direct response marketing. Your competitors may already be using email marketing to make sales and build customer loyalty. Our email marketing service provides you with all of the tools you need to generate real profit and build rock-solid customer loyalty using email marketing.
With our email marketing service you can focus on the content of your email campaign without worrying about the design.

We do NOT support or encourage spam!If your intention is to use this service to send spam emails, please leave now! Still reeling from the $1.5 million in funding it secured in July, Israeli startup Promodity on Friday announced its advertising campaign management platform for small businesses will now be free. One of the main goals of Promodity's service is optimizing conversion rates, which is more or less the Golden Goose of Web marketing. Essentially, though, the goal is this: marketers want to turn non-customers into customers, and Promodity combines many popular tools for doing this with tools for testing and tracking in a single Web interface.
Promodity lets businesses track their online marketing campaigns of all types: Media coverage, advertising, as well as social, affiliate, direct, and e-mail marketing, and lets them optimize their campaigns and even design new content directly from their Web-based campaign management dashboard. Promodity looks at all the major aspects that gauge a campaign's progress: payment per click in content networks, clicks per minute and cost per click in display advertising, exposure in social media channels, and of course, Web traffic based on geography, language, time of day, and so forth. Now that the company has secured the funding to develop its product even further, it wants small businesses to try Promodity out for free and give the team feedback on how it can grow the product. This is itself a form of marketing (promotion), and you're reading this in a marketing channel (the media), but if you're in marketing, you knew that already. Newsletters, special offers, follow-up emails, member notices, customer service announcements, affiliate emails, and invitations. If you are interested in the monthly send plan, we set a limit on the amount of emails you can send per month regardless of how many contacts you have on your list.

People who receive your email can simply hit the "reply" button and send you feedback and ask questions right away. It includes a selection of high quality, professionally designed, standards-compliant email layouts that you can use as the basis for your email campaigns - just type in your text and click "Send". After you've chosen a design (or uploaded your own) you can use the powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor to add your text. All of this information is presented in real time so the user can most effectively tailor his marketing budget for maximum efficiency. Your mailing list is hosted in a secure environment that only you, the account holder, has access to your mailing list. The editor is very similar to Microsoft Word, so even those new to email marketing will find it easy to create their first campaign.

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