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Network Marketing – Marketing Tips and Strategies – How To Generate More Leads For Your Home Business!
The Daily Marketing  Coach is more than just another training platform, it is a community of top Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Coaches that teaches, mentors and supports team members wanting to build a successful network marketing business (or any kind of business) online. The Daily Marketing Coach teaches in all aspects of Consultative Selling, Creating a Marketing Funnel, Building a Business Online, Attraction Marketing and other Marketing Strategies, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Product Development and more. Whether you are an Internet newbie looking set up your first blog and build your first lead funnel, or a veteran network marketer looking to refresh your marketing knowledge on what’s working now, or you are looking to take your business online and want to know how to attract prospects to your online network marketing opportunity, then the Daily Marketing Coach is a community that has a coaching and training level to empower you. Affiliate DisclosureSome of the links I drop on this website are affiliate links, and that means I earn some commission if you purchase through my links. With the help of your coach you will clarify your values, set measurable and attainable goals, find better life-balance, and increase your ability for self-care and self-management. The old strategy recognizes that it is easier and more cost-effective to get additional business from an existing client than to reel in a new client. To hire you again, clients must perceive that you do good work for them; however, in today’s highly complex legal services market, many clients are not equipped to judge the quality of legal services they have received. Clients know whether you promptly return their calls, whether you get the work back to them when promised, whether you understand their business, whether you keep them informed and avoid surprises, and whether you truly care about them and their concerns. Clients who are satisfied with the quality of legal services they have received may share your name with colleagues when specifically asked for a referral. Don’t forget one last element of good customer service: keeping in touch after the case has wrapped up. Updated Version: Additionally use speaking and writing to develop relationships with potential clients.
Speaking to the Bar at continuing legal education programs and writing for Bar journals are still good ways to raise your profile in the legal community. However, to become directly exposed to the people who have the authority to hire you, you also should pursue opportunities to speak at the conferences and industry association meetings your clients attend.
I must give a nod to Mark Maraia and his book Rainmaking Made Simple for this clever way to open doors to new client relationships. During your speech, always announce that you will be available for questions after the conference or during the break.
Some of you may worry that I am suggesting you turn away business when what you want is more business. An effective marketing effort spotlights you as the ideal lawyer to help your prospect with his or her unique problem. Such information will help you to pinpoint your speaking, writing, networking, and advertising efforts, maximizing the return on investment of your marketing time and dollars. An article in the May 3, 2004 issue of Texas Lawyer illustrated the power of a well-defined narrow niche.
More recently, the July 2013 issue of the ABA Journal profiled a Covington & Burling lawyer who helps protect against the plundering of shipwrecks. To make your professional self-description more memorable, you can use elements of humor or surprise, although it is not necessary to be so clever. Another memorable way to introduce yourself is to describe your service in terms of your solution to their pain or problem. Whether you are a budding new attorney, or a gray-haired veteran, revamp those “tried-but-no-longer-so-true” business development strategies. How will you find your next client … or will they find you?Marketing in the new media world is complicated. Most small business owners don’t have the expertise to create a powerful web presence for their business.
And you want to do this without being held hostage and overcharged by someone who calls themselves a “guru”, then you've found the right person to help you. Free Marketing Plan TemplateJoin the 1000s of people who have created a winning marketing plan. Work with a marketing coach that is passionate about your successAs your trusted marketing advisor, let me help you leverage inbound marketing to build brand visibility within your target market. Masterful Marketing services are designed specifically for the small service-based business owner and entrepreneur who wants to invest in the success of their business but doesn’t have the time or resources for complexity.

Take control of your marketing by working with a marketing coach who can help you cut through the noise and select the right marketing activities for your business. Discover how you can use search, social and content marketing strategies to increase your visibility, drive more qualified inbound leads and turn you into the go-to expert in your field. Get started on the right path now by signing up for my Masterful Marketing Insights blog, and receive my free marketing plan template that now includes a marketing action plan, editorial calendar template and a budget spreadsheet – all in one package!
TestimonialsMasterful Marketing LLCI have worked with Debra for the past several years on several different projects. Make your business visible and easily found by those searching for your products and services.
10 Ways to Increase Website TrafficYou finally have a powerful website and blog that you are proud to show off, with messages that clearly explain how you help your clients and the value you provide.
Join us for an exclusive webinar to learn how to attract new customers and reps like a magnet to you. He Finally Discovered The Secret Of Making Money Online And Enjoys Sharing It With Strangers Who Want To Improve Their Life And Lifestyle. It is also a key component for developing leaders, working with teams, and helping individuals at every level achieve their personal and professional best. Coaching is an alliance between two equals for the purpose of meeting the client’s needs. The number of attorneys has almost tripled since then, yet I still hear experienced lawyers give newer lawyers that same business development advice.
This article will provide a few ideas for updating some well-worn (and perhaps worn-out) business development strategies. You already have made it past the first barrier of getting the client to trust you enough to hire you. So, while you are focusing on those important legal details, don’t let those equally important client relationship details fall by the wayside. However, clients who have received great customer service often will volunteer your name—and they may even brag about how well they were treated. You must reconnect with your clients now and then; even though your clients likely will remember the high-quality service you provided for years, in time they may forget your name.
If a potential client asks another lawyer about your reputation, that lawyer is more likely to assume you are a good lawyer if she has heard you speak knowledegably.
It’s easier to whip up speeches and articles for members of the lay community (once you learn to drop all that legalese). To take it up a notch, use writing as an avenue to meet and build relationships with prospective clients. It is likely they will appreciate the opportunity to gain publicity and to be characterized as an industry leader. You can extend your relationship with people who approach you by asking for their card and offering to call to provide a more in-depth answer when there is more time the following week. Rest assured, you can still handle everything that walks in the door, if that’s what you desire.
Although the problem may not be unique to you, it is to your prospect, and he or she wants someone who is an expert at handling such a problem.
He still handles other kinds of litigation, but he got national publicity because of his narrow niche.
A family lawyer says she helps parents get divorced with less pain for themselves and their children.
Your website is one component of a complex network of information about your business that projects your brand and expertise to those searching for a product or solution.
They also struggle with being consistent with the day to day actions needed to achieve their goals.
Sign up for tips on small business marketing and get your own editable template that includes an action plan, editorial calendar and budget spreadsheet. With the immense opportunity available for small businesses to compete online, I am passionate about helping you learn how to market your business and take advantage of this powerful online channel.
Debra has helped us in several areas year after year and her role with us expands each and every year.

Now you need to increase website traffic in order to gain visibility, grow your email list, sell your product or offer your services to the right audience.Tips to Simplify Inbound Marketing and Eliminate OverwhelmThe most frequent question I get asked by small business owners is how to simplify inbound marketing when faced with limited resources. In addition, you have had the opportunity to learn about the client’s needs, so you can easily identify additional opportunities. An in-house lawyer told a story about being very satisfied with the service the company had received from a lawyer in another state. By the same token, a lawyer who doesn’t practice in your field may refer a client to you because he has seen your name repeatedly in seminar brochures. For example, you can call a prospect you don’t know and say, “I’m writing an article for Widget Manufacturers Quarterly, and I want to make sure I’m addressing the issues and concerns that manufacturers like you have. Within months of starting her marketing efforts, she had more than 1,500 cases from which to choose. Members of her target market passed her name around in Internet discussions. Inbound marketing seems so overwhelming with all the effort that needs to go into creating great content, sharing it on social media and optimizing that content for search engines.The Secret to Marketing Success? Through the process of coaching the client is effectively empowered to find their own answers.
They want practical how-to advice, information on risks and benefits, and real-life stories that resemble their own situations. Each time you make contact with potential clients, your relationship with them becomes stronger.
After you bring in clients by niche marketing and do a great job for them, you have the opportunity to tell them about your other services. She got great free advertising because she demonstrated specialized knowledge about their narrow area of concern.
If your listener needs that solution, or knows someone who does, they will remember you much better than if you just said, “I’m a lawyer.” They will probably ask you how you do that, which gives you an opportunity to tell a success story.
I have been working with her for several years and she has helped design and implement many different marketing ideas. The coach supplies encouragement and support on the path as the client continues to make important choices. Unfortunately, the file had been archived off-site, and no one could remember his name or locate his contact information. For example, you can e-mail the draft of the section in which the quote appears, and then call for approval. But one thing is guaranteed - if you don't market your business, your competition will step in and take business away from you.
I believe that coaching is chiefly about discovery, increasing self-awareness, and choices. You also can e-mail the version of the article you sent to the editor, and then later send a copy of the published article. If your prospect will not be attending the conference, you can offer to forward the handouts or PowerPoint slides from your presentation. From her useful daily advice, to her webinars and marketing packages, Debra can offer something for everyone's budget. Marketing must become a regular daily activity if you want your business to grow and thrive. You can follow-up with a request for feedback or perhaps invite them to lunch as a thank-you. Ask your prospect to specify other topics of interest that will be presented at the conference. I realize that there are plenty of marketing challenges facing your small business on a daily basis, so I understand your reluctance to start for fear of marketing consuming your entire day. Even if you don’t get that lunch, you may find that the next time you introduce yourself to your prospect at an industry conference, instead of getting a polite “nice to meet you,” you will be greeted with enthusiasm.

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