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Discover how you can dramatically Increase Your Profits and Make Your Business Run Without You with Dr Greg Chapman's Proven strategies and get our Goal Achievement Manual to implement them. After years of research and experience, Dr Chapman discovered that the biggest risk for businesses is not that they will fail, but that they will stay small and they will become Micro-Stayers. Certified Master Business Coach and Small Business Consultant, Dr Greg Chapman, is the award winning author of the best selling small business book: The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success. Find out now from Dr Chapman how to double your profits in 12 months and make your business run without you.
Jay Hidalgo has a unique approach to helping youa€”the marketing, sales or business professional at small to mid-size companiesa€”move from where you are to where you want to be. AboutJay Hidalgo has a mind for marketing, sales and business, and a heart for seeing people succeed.
We provide frameworks, tools, knowledge, support & resources to help your business grow through turning your passion into excellence! Through Business Coaching, Strategic Planning, Marketing Planning & Governance, we help you to understand the challenges & opportunities that your business faces & we give you the frameworks, tools, knowledge, support & resources to help you overcome the challenges & take full advantage of the opportunities . If you are interested in a brief chat, please give us a call – 0800 332 007 or 09 308 6297.
I have enjoyed working with Debra immensely over the last year as she has guided and advised me on moving my business forward.
Integrating  Xero and PayPal into my  new website has fundamentally changed the way I work.
We believed in our business and knew we were onto a great thing but we just didn’t quite know how to fit it all together. So Debra’s role expanded ever so subtly from giver of information, common sense and advice, to supportive social worker, giving me and Daniel much needed hugs and pats on the back when we were lacking confidence. We look forward to our fortnightly meetings with Debra because she can help us see ourselves from the outside when we are so involved with the inside day to day workings.
Just want to thank you for today, it was a fantastic session and a great start to Kellands future, I am so delighted to have you on board to really make a difference to Kellands. Within the first few meetings, Debra helped us to articulate our value proposition, identify the appropriate metrics and empower us to work as a cohesive team.
RealStew is now poised for a global roll out including talk of a listing of one of its divisions on the AIM board of the London Stock Exchange. When we first met Debra we were at the very early stages of our business, just a crazy idea, but Debra believed in us from the start, made us stick to much needed deadlines, encouraged us, got us to think outside of the box, to do the ground work and research which we still refer back to today.
Debra came across as someone who was not only very knowledgeable and professional but approachable and someone you could trust.
This has been an incredibly difficult project to work on and my appreciation goes out to Susan for the professionalism she has shown and the significant work she has achieved to date. Susan managed the successful launch of AT HOP on trains and ferries last year, we have a solid marketing plan for the bus roll-out and the first bus operator programme delivered and launched.  Thank you Susan.
Working with Debra has had an invaluable positive effect on our business, and on us personally as business owners. We love Debra’s honest, straight talking approach and her ability to clearly target the areas of our business that require focus.
Her sound advice and guidance continue to provide us with the tools and confidence to grow our business, and have delivered tangible business results. I have worked with almost 1,000 small business owners over the years, helping them to get clarity about their marketing efforts, spend less time and money chasing down rabbit holes then getting more leads, leading to more prospects, and onto bigger paychecks. I provide three types of marketing products for business owners including DIY Marketing with the Last Marketing Strategy Workbook, Mentoring & Coaching, and Corporate Strategy.

I have two types of mentoring and coaching programs depending on where you are in your business process. If you want to take your marketing, lead generating and sales to the next level, this is program for you!
Small business owners who lack the slightest idea about how to market their business are getting pulled in a million directions everyday. This is why there are so many books, speakers and “experts” out there ready to tell you how to spend your cash. Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans. When the New Year comes, everyone has resolutions they want to complete…but few have the plans to make those resolutions happen. Now they are many ways to turn those resolutions and dreams into reality, but if you’re just fumbling in the dark hoping to do better, it won’t happen.
Goal setting is vital in both business and life, but to achieve your goals, it helps if you are using the principle of SMART Goals.
The benefits of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, Time-framed goals (SMART goals) have been touted for a long time…because they work. New Year’s resolutions fail because it’s not easy to suddenly change eating habits and an exercise regimen just because the calendar changes.
When done correctly, goal setting is a powerful process – one that turns vision into achievable, actionable things.
Insurance agents may set a goal of reaching fifty potential customers every week, with twenty-five of those actually signing a contract. One of the most effective marketing strategies ever used is promoting the company from within.
If you have a vision for your career or your business and would like some extra support to develop it or if you have  a new opportunity and want an outside perspective or have an impartial sounding board, our business coaching & consulting service might be just what you’re looking for.
Our approach is collaborative, as we work with you and your team with a drive and determination to achieve a successful outcome. We provide supportive accountability to help you clarify your goals and aspirations and assist you in turning them into reality.  We provide strategies and techniques to increase business  success.
The thing that they all have in common is that they are passionate about what they do and they want to take their business to the next level.
We'll shout you a coffee & take the time to understand your business challenges & opportunities. At  times I was definitely out of my comfort zone, being challenged to think and act differently but with Debra’s practical, knowledgeable  and approachable manner I  always felt accepted and supported.
Learning to be patient, organising my thoughts  and looking at the bigger picture of how to market and grow my business. Debra has advised and guided me through this process to make sales easy for the customer and more streamlined for me thereby allowing me to concentrate more on marketing and selling my product rather than wasting time in the office.
But most importantly she was there to listen when we said: “This is all too much, it’s doing our head in!
We’re not business analysts and have tended to organically grow from one crisis to the other. When I was with companies like Coca-Cola, 3M and Caltex, this is the type of marketing we saw.
For heavens sake my Dad threw down and said, ” If this the last book…then you’re out of business. As a team we all work together on a monthly basis, hearing what is working for others and figuring out what would be best for you.

Not only that, their competition is getting further and further ahead while they are considering what they should be doing.
Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People. In your personal life that can be a disappointment, but in your professional life, failure to plan is really a plan to fail.
You’ve got to figure out what you want to do… and what the steps are that will allow you to get there. So take the time to create SMART goals around your New Year’s resolutions and business plans… and see just how much easier it is to achieve what you might have thought of as impossible before. Businesses need effective marketing strategies to keep existing customers and clients coming back on a regular basis. A furniture company may have slightly different goals such as the sale of ten big screen televisions and ten living room sets sold each week.
One way is to determine what you have to do to make enough money to cover the expenses of the business for a specific amount of time.
Either through radio or television ads that promote the business or personally reaching out to individuals through telephone campaigns or in store promotions, setting marketing goals gives the company something to strive for. He helps each person with whom he works to establish goals, identify performance gaps, create plans for improvement, become accountable to take action, and implement lasting change. We'll then come back with some ideas around how you can immediately make changes to your business, along with some longer term strategies that you can undertake. Debra grasped quickly my core business to understand what was required to become more successful.
Debra’s wide business knowledge and experience as well as her  logical approach has guided me to set up a sustainable and practical plan of action. Now our business is growing, we have rekindled our passion and we are doing the things that we love. What to sell, how to position it and even the best marketing channels to use to get the word out about your fabulous products or services.
Markets and communication technology will change, and so must the strategy.” Well he is ABSOLUTELY right, but this workbook is not the end, only the beginning! No more flailing around wondering if you are on the right track, just solid marketing work over the long haul to success. All the benefits of my years of experience but at a lower cost and with group accountabily. In fact, there are many reasons why a person fails to achieve set goal and New Year’s resolutions are typical examples.
Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to tell others about the products they make and bring in new customers. Find out how much it takes to run the company and then put a goal in place to make that amount plus 10 percent each week. By doing this, the bills will be covered and extra will be made to cover any emergencies that might occur. When a company’s own employees are positive about their company, customers will be too.

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