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As a continuation, I shall discuss further the different aspects of marketing communications at the Introduction stage. Here are my suggestions as to what marketing communication tool you will use and the pressure level. When asked "what is advertising", most practitioners will respond with 'Above the Line' (ATL) or 'Below the Line' (BTL) ideas. Advertising at its very nature is a tool that reaches large, geographically dispersed audiences, often with high frequency. One negative aspect of advertising is that more often than not, medium scale enterprises who wanted to advertise on select mediums are limited with their budget therefore not gaining enough momentum. If advertising can help you reach mass markets, then equipping your marketing arsenal with a good sales promotion can help you achieve the short term sales goal and eventually help your long term growth. Some people debate that sales promotion can make a brand perceived as low quality since it's on sale.
Event marketing is highly suggested at this stage since it can go hand in hand with your advertising and sales promotion campaigns. One disadvantage of event marketing, base on personal experience, is that the type of event that you would want to market should go hand in hand with the product you are selling. Public relations is a series of planned activities that helps achieve the business objective. About 2 months ago I was invited to a speaking engagement by the De La Salle University Graduate School called the Taft Marketers Talk. Over all it was  a good experience for me since this is my first time speaking with grad students as my audience. A lot of marketers have a hard time assessing what they need to do in order to successfully promote a product. Like what I posted a few weeks ago, I will be starting a Product Life Cycle (PLC) series that focuses on the promotion aspect.
For those of you who doesn't know PLC, this is a framework that you can use to determine the things you need to do in each stage. As you can see, one common characteristic of products in this stage is that it requires a demand from a market segment and this can only be achieve by letting the product be known to the target market.
What promotional tools can I use to introduce my product that is cost-effective and resources-efficient?

As you can see, each tool has it's own purpose and if you have a very limited budget, you can choose these tools specifically to launch your product.
Since the product has zero awareness, the marketing communication mix should focus on the product benefits.
Of course other practitioners might have other ideas but I think this can help you launch your product in the introduction stage. But in the context of the product life cycle, the primary question that needs to be answered is that what form of advertising is needed to launch a campaign on a certain stage. Mostly referred to as mass marketing - advertising is commonly associated with the traditional medias: TV, Radio, Print. I even remember marketing stories about this topic when a customer preferred another brand of airconditioner since the current one is priced lower than suggested retail price.
Event marketing makes it possible for consumers to experience the product and help them identify themselves with it. While most corporations hire third party event agencies, most of them are not really in line with the brand vision.
There are a lot of forms when we talk about public relations and even event marketing can be considered part of its arsenals. What is important to know is that your primary objective is to get high visibility in your preferred channels.
What I love about this topic was that the speaker explained how to spot legit direct selling companies. My experience before was mostly college level so I hope it doesn't end here and I get invited again as I gain more exposure at work.
Some would even go as far as using all marketing communication tools in order to achieve their business goal.
However, if this is planned carefully, it can serve as a good foundation for future profits. This can also hurt the brand since if the desired channel is not the channel the target market is watching, then everything is lost at the very beginning. So most of the proposed brand activations campaigns are somewhat generic and brand incorporations are done at the last segment of the event. If you are new to event marketing and management, this is a tough topic to discuss since most metrics in this tool are challenging in terms of quantifying.

But what makes it important at this stage of the product life cycle is that it helps the brand or product become highly credible.
Companies expect to recover the cost and begin earning when the product moves to the next phase which is the Growth stage.
So in effect, when we refer to advertising, it should be the nature at which it reaches the audience. And if your product is really good, then consumer conversion takes place on the next store visit. What people see on billboards or TV ads or hear from radio commercials, are only mere brands. It dramatizes the company or the product and it reaches many prospects missed via other forms of promotion. But what I'm trying to say is that using this tool at this stage can help your tactical goals meet your long term strategy. When creating your marketing communications plan, make sure to indicate the type of channel you want to pursue and how much you are allocating. Sales promotion helps make a memory imprint saying that the consumer experience is either good or bad.
Sales promotion is a tool that you can only use at certain stages in the product life cycle. But whats good about event marketing is that it makes the event organizers and brand managers more creative in selling the product.
And more often than not, this is the least used element in the marketing communications mix. Same goes with other stages and just allocate more than your estimated budget for this stage to give it an allowance.
If you wish to dispose old stocks, then a sales promotion will help you do that but pricing should be thought out carefully. Pricing is a completely different topic but as a general rule, you price your items by adding all the cost from raw materials, production, marketing, distribution and actual selling.

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