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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Gone forever are the days when an organization could rely on independent advertising campaign.
At its core, an integrated marketing communication strategy unifies formerly independent promotional activities for a cohesive and consistent final advertising solution.
We’ve often worked with our clients to create an effective integrated marketing communication strategy that successfully combines traditional and online promotional tactics. For today’s entrepreneurs, failing to incorporate an integrated marketing communication strategy within their organization can ultimately mean leaving opportunity on the table for the competition to scoff up.
When working with our clients to successfully manage an integrated marketing communication strategy, we take a holistic approach to ensure optimal results are achieved. From there, we work with our clients to create a detailed outline of their business’ specific consumer niche.
With a firm grasp of what your business is about and the demographic it markets to, it’s important to implement a customized integrated marketing communication strategy that will deliver a consistent message in every campaign your company undertakes.
And receive exclusive insider tips & tricks on SEO & design as well as free upcoming seminars and events. Web Design & DevelopmentWe custom design innovative, hard-working websites that you can proudly stand behind as the online face of your business.

Branding & Graphic DesignWe know that your brand needs cohesion in order to be effective. Custom PhotographyWe offer custom photography services to compliment your design & branding campaigns.
Internet MarketingDesign & Promote specializes in social media marketing, and online promotional techniques that put your brand everywhere it needs to be. Today’s business professionals instead must implement a unified and consistent brand image that resonates with their targeted consumer niche and leaves a long lasting impression. Rather than creating various advertising campaigns and initiatives with different objectives, business owners using an integrated marketing communication strategy will use the same messages and missives on various platforms to achieve universal goals for the organization.
Important buying trends, interests and characteristics are all critical components to what makes your targeted demographic unique.
We not only help business’s implement  integrated marketing communications strategies, we also gauge the progress of campaigns.
Starting off as a one-man team in the upstairs office of his home, his commitment to providing excellent workmanship to both his clients and the community has given Bruce the ability to build Design & Promote up from the ground to a fully functioning and award winning business in a few short years. We have the skills, the expertise and the resources to create a customized SEO campaign for your website that will allow you to dominate the search engines, draw more visitors to your website, and convert those visitors into sales.
We hone in on three key elements for maximum impact: visibility, usability, and converting visitors into customers.

From meet the staff photos to virtual office tours, we can provide you with beautiful photos to convey your message!
What’s the best way to effectively deliver a streamlined, uniform promotional brand image?  Create an effective integrated marketing communication strategy. Both traditional and online resources can blend together to deliver a unified brand image to a company’s targeted demographic. Marketing slogans, product graphics, logos and your brand color schemes are all analyzed to create a uniform, consistent brand identity to be used in marketing campaigns. By understanding your consumer pool, we are best able to create a marketing plan that caters to their distinctive needs and wants. By conducting periodic check-ins on how your marketing solution is working, it is easier to go back and make changes and modifications as needed to ensure optimal results and ROI.
Whether we’re designing your logo, brochure or electronic newsletter, we create brand assets that complement and interact with each other.

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