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The SnapComms internal marketing tools allow product marketers to dynamically interact with employees to build greater product awareness and knowledge and to effectively reinforce key propositions.
Prior to the formal launch of a new product, a succession of key messages and product themes can be delivered to targeted staff computer and device screens as a series of continually rotating screen savers.
Screen saver messages build employee awareness and ensure that sales teams are familiar with internal marketing campaigns and want to know more. Following the formal launch of a product, interactive screen savers can promote and help staff find relevant information on the intranet or network. By maintaining proactive marketing communications after a product launch, messages remain top-of-mind, and ensure that sales teams are sufficiently well briefed to engage the market with confidence. The staff quiz tool makes it easy to further educate sales teams in order to maximize their sales effectiveness. Display of scores and correct answers can help reinforce learning, and best-time-to-beat scores and prompts can provide a competitive and fun feel. Customizable recurrence options can ensure that unanswered staff quizzes continue to reappear at defined intervals until completed. Marketing communications touches consumers using many different types of communication vehicles.
The above items are just a partial list of customer-facing materials that a company may use at different touch points in the communication process.
When writing the plan, keep your company speaking with a€?one voicea€? throughout the products, regions, and customer interactions. Your message should be consistent with the target audience and it should rise above the clutter and a€?noisea€? of the marketplace. The marcom plan should provide you with a better ROI (return on investment) for your expenditures of time and money. Like every other plan, a lot of research must go into creatingA an effective and thoroughA marketing communications plan. When researching and profiling your target audience, you want to address who are your existing and potential customers.
How the customer prefers to receive information about your organizations offerings.A  Do they prefer E-mail communication, direct mail, print advertising, or one of many other types of communication vehicles?
Marketing communications, as with marketing in general, aims to maximize sales by aligning the sales process with the customers buying process. In the next section, I will provide some examples of communication vehicles used in the different stages of the communication process mentioned above. After you have identified and understood your target markets demographics and buying process, ita€™s time to make some decisions with regards to your marketing communications plan.
Communication Objectives:A What customer behaviors do you want to see happen or hope happens; basically, what type of behaviors do you want to see as a result of your marcom activities? Marketing Message:A What do you want your target audience or customers to know about your products or services? Marcom Vehicles:A Which communication vehicles will you select to convey the best messages through the buying and selling process? All of the above questions should be addressed prior to developing a marketing communications plan. Again, I mentioned the various stages in the communication process above, but as a reminder they are, awareness, credibility, interest, preference, selection,A andA loyalty. Loyalty:A Staying in touch with customers is essential to the survival of your business as well as helps reduce the cost of new customer acquisitions. Address and generate awareness for products and services that are weak and not performing well.

Focus on the first half of the communication process for newer products and save the second half for more, established products and services. It’s estimated that 40 percent of older millennials are already parents and they account for 80 percent of the 4 million annual U.S. A new biometric survey shows that traditional TV commercials are four times more engaging than video advertising on Facebook. Bud Light supported its “Up for Whatever” campaign with a bottle that included the tagline “perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.” There was public outcry over the seemingly overt date-rape, or at the very least sexual, implications of the tagline.
The Bud Light Up for Whatever campaign, now in its second year, has inspired millions of consumers to engage with our brand in a positive and light-hearted way.
What we love about Cindy, our financial services manager, is that she is never afraid to offer her opinion, crack a joke, or share a story. So, when we asked Cindy to write a blog post, we didn’t have any worries that we would have something to publish.
Airport and presidential news, the latest with femvertising, and more – all in this week’s wrap-up. This week’s headlines include information like cool campaigns, the golf world, and what readers look for in articles.
Creative campaigns are 11 times more effective than campaigns that do not win creative awards, according to an IPA report. Isolating the KIOTI orange in the footage and pairing with a gritty, blues rock track gave just the right amount of energy and attitude to get dealers excited about the 15 new models.
A more effective sales force almost always results in increased sales and greater market share. Screen savers can incorporate attention grabbing animation and flash to ensure that messages and themes come alive and are noticed.
They can click embedded links to visit access more information (on the intranet, web or company network). Rather than adopting traditional approaches (which often end up buried in email or on the intranet), SnapComms' Quiz delivers training programs and quizzes directly to targeted employee computers and mobile devices. This is because marketing communications is one of the most important activities a company can undertake due to its proximity to the consumer. However, prior to deciding which communication vehicle is required and at what point in the marketing communications process, ita€™s a good idea to develop the marketing communications plan first. Effective marketing communications starts with a complete understanding of both the selling and the buying process.
People want to knowA whata€™s in it for them; they make purchases based on what they will receive from the product or service. Ita€™s important to note that the communication vehicle you choose depends on the stage of the communication process you are in and want to influence. A communication vehicle can often address more than one stage of the communication process, but the vehicle will typically have a specific strength at certain stages. Direct mail incentives to current customers, a€?Thank youa€? cards, follow-up E-mails can all serve well as loyalty vehicles during this stage.
Therea€™s no point making products that are already a preferred choice in the market place a priority. Manufacturing industries in a B2B environment will have different selling and buying processes than retail products in a BtoC environment. Study participants were exposed to the same video advertisements across Facebook, TV and digital pre-roll on PC, tablet and smartphone. In this spirit, we created more than 140 different scroll messages intended to encourage spontaneous fun.

Brands are getting smarter about leveraging sensationalized events such as the latest snowstorm or State of the Union Address as an opportunity to get their name out.
With that in mind, Docklands Airport developed the “Across the Miles” campaign that allows people to send personalized video messages from the London airport to their friends and family.
The report showed that these creative ads are more effective due to the greater “buzz” effect.
If appropriate, scheduling features allow delivery of quizzes at a pre-determined time (e.g. In this post, I am going to address the process for developing a marketing communications plan. You basically want to know your customers, which not only holds true for marcom planning, but for all aspect of marketing.
Do they use the information as a starting point for inquiring about additional product information? The plan must have objectives that specify what you want customers to think, feel or do once they receive your marketing communications. All too often, marketing communication messages fail to deliver the benefits to the target audience, resulting in failed communications thus resulting in little to no sales or interest from the target audience.
See below for some examples of marcom vehicles at the different communication process stages. For this reason, your marketing communications plan and strategy will needs to be different. Are you ready to get some hands-on experience in the field of Public Relations, Social Media or Advertising? The latest use of this technique came this week with #Snowmageddon2015, also known as #Blizzardof2015.
The airport set up a log cabin in the departure lounge complete with elf helpers encouraging passengers to record their messages in front of a festive backdrop.
According to Adweek, when India’s new prime minister, Modi, took power five months ago, he actually stopped giving interviews to local reporters and instead tweeted his photo opps to his more than 7 million followers, ranking him just behind the pope in Twitter popularity. I will address the elements that go into an effective marcom plan as well as the buying, selling and communication processes.
Understanding the specific demographics and psychographics of your target audience is important in the planning process. The snowstorm might not have been historic as it was predicted to be, but that didn’t stop brands from seeing the opportunity at hand. By the end of this post, you should be able to identify the elements of a marketing communications plan and be able to create your own plan. When creating the marcom plan, be certain to do your research and then develop the strategy based upon your findings. Dairy Queen, DiGiorno Pizza, Honda, McDonald’s, and Netflix are just some of the notable brands that took advantage of the snowfall.
Developing a marketing communications plan takes time and thorough understanding of your target market.

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