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Our clients use a variety of formats for their briefs, and the level of detail ranges from a single sheet wish list to a well-researched and thoughtful PowerPoint deck. It is tempting for time-strapped marketers to skip a written brief in order to get a project rolling. How does your brand fit into the competitive landscape now, and where do you want to take it?
One worry I hear from clients is that by being too specific, they’ll stifle our creativity. In addition to the essentials, what can you add to inspire your design team to even greater heights? WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY“I've been working with Sterling Creativeworks since I started at Constellation Brands two years ago.
Cynthia and everyone on her team have been extremely collaborative throughout the process from the first briefing all the way to the press checks and all the requests and deliverables in between.
A planned packaging refresh project quickly turned into a complete redesign, and our team couldn't be happier with the results."Taylor Knight,Director of Marketing, Crimson Wine Group“I've worked with [this] amazing team on several key packaging design projects with superlative results.
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Arguably things today are moving faster than ever.  With the advent of new media options such as social, digital and search media, the list of tactics is longer than ever.

First off, I would hope that every brand has the discipline to do an advertising strategy that should answer the following six key questions.
Once you have these six questions answered you should be able to populate and come to a main creative brief. Objective: What do we hope to accomplish, what part of the brand strategy will this program.
Target:  Who is the intended target audience we want to move to take action against the objective? If you choose to do it over the phone, you’re relying on the Account Manager to explain it to the creative team. When you provide clear objectives and specific input at the beginning of the design process, you get creative results that are inspired and strategically on target.
For instance, if your brand’s volume is in 1.5L bottles, do we need to consider premium bag-in-box brands? And, it can be scary to put a stake in the ground and say with conviction, “This is exactly who we are and what we want to accomplish.” However, what we need from you is specificity.
They are always willing and ready to help and always with a careful eye to details and with a cheerful attitude. Our ability to provide great creative solutions is directly tied to your ability to define the problem.
Our role, the expertise you hire us for, is to figure out what the visual solution to your problem looks like. It describes the challenges and opportunities in its competitive environment and the needs, desires and motivations of your consumers. And all those browser windows you’re afraid to close because you’ll forget how to find that site again?

Her creativity, executional excellence and category expertise allowed her to deliver far beyond other packaging firms with which I have worked….”Jason Daniel, Constellation Wines“Hard-working, enthusiastic creative designers dedicated to understanding the scope of the project and delivering a wide range of options to clients. Not only did the final design exceed our expectations, but it helped us better communicate our unique branding and positioning to the trade and consumers.
In [their] round one creative presentation I was shocked and impressed by the number of viable options presented…. It reinforced our key selling points and created an ownable look for us on the shelf."Angie Vetter,Brand Manager, Jackson Family Wines“I have worked with Cynthia and her team on two brand launch projects over the last few months. They take the time to understand the business issue, serve as branding consultants throughout the process, and produce beautiful results.
The creative exploration went far and wide and showed that ‘no stones went unturned’…”Paul Englert, ?Wilson Daniels“The Sterling Cross team designed the complete visual identity for a new wine brand which launched in early 2010. You can organize it, categorize it, tag it and then access it forever from any device that accesses the Internet. They have done packaging design, brand story development, copywriting and creative inspiration work for us and have truly hit it out of the park in all aspects.
Their depth of experience really showed as all of the designs and brand development work has been very strategic, on trend and innovative. The label, capsule, cork, and shippers all reflect the creativity and attention to detail … invested in this project…”Keith Scott, DiageoCopyright © 2016 Sterling Creativeworks.
Not only were we impressed, but when we shared the designs with the sales team and members from the trade, they were equally delighted with the new designs.

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