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On Google’s 15th anniversary, they announced the launch of their new search algorithm called Google Hummingbird.
These are an important aspects for your SEO strategy as it is providing information that is directly related to the human desire. Now with google hummingbird, there is more of a shift from keyword search to conversational search. Google has progressed and changed astronomically over the last 15 years and they have improved their SEO by fine tuning their algorithm with the utmost care and innovation. It is true that it will be only a matter of time before we are fully talking and interacting with our devices.
The Digital Marketing world has been abuzz with chatter and trending discussions about the long-awaited new Google Penguin update since 2014. Over the last few years, Google has been coming out with various algorithm changes in a bid to give more value to its customers – the search user. Enter Penguin back in 2012 as Google’s latest super algorithm-hero to fight against spam and unscrupulous webmasters trying to manipulate search results with low quality backlinks. Before we proceed any further, let’s hold back awhile and give fresh business owners who’re just new in the Digital Marketing game some background about Penguin. The update was implemented on April 24, 2012 and website owners found violating the proper link building process as described by the guidelines got hit in terms of search ranking. However, the previous updates to the Penguin algorithm were purposely executed by Google, unlike other algorithm changes that are characterized by a continuous movement that adjusts ranking factors on a real time basis.
While many black hat offenders did get hit with the Penguin update, some claimed the penalties they received where unfair. Once hit, webmasters can search and identify bad backlinks and will disavow or remove these links in an attempt to correct the problem and get back to Google’s graces. With Penguin finally turning into a real-time algorithm, websites that are affected by bad backlinks can use the Google Search Console to disavow and remove such links. On the other hand, those who are intentionally trying to build unnatural backlinks will also be hit quicker than what they expected. There has been a lot of speculations since June as to when Google will finally roll out what they described as the real real-time Penguin update, but there were no concrete declaration as to when this will actually happen.
Although the exact date is still vague (Gary Illyes actually used the word “hope” in his pronouncement), there are indicators that the real-time update will be released soon, maybe sooner than expected.
Business owners shouldn’t wait for the actual real-time Penguin update to roll out before they start streamlining their websites. While this article talks about the real-time update for Penguin, it would be great practice to understand more about how these algorithm changes work. So, the question many business owners and webmasters who’ve been hit by the last Penguin updates, which is “will a real-time Google Penguin update be a reality?”, has finally been answered right from Google’s mouth.
Real time means quicker clear ups and recovery, particularly for legitimate business owners who are all trying to do good SEO, without resorting to any black hat tactics intentionally. It is the first major change in the algorithm since 2001 and will effect 90% of our searches. This allows you to search and compare a query in a clear and informative manner, as depicted in the image.This will prove to be an important part of the consumer’s decision making process when comparing your product or service with a competitors. In order for google to find the most accurate and relevant information for you, it tries to think as a human would.
This short video shows you how far google has really come in the last 10 years and points out key developments that has drastically effected SEO, which many haven’t taken the time to appreciate the genius thinking behind it.

We could simply ask “Where do I find someone that can teach me how to play the guitar?” and get a direct response. If one would analyze all these ongoing topic, he would eventually derive the fact that the most important key word aside from Penguin itself would be – Real Time. Along with real, honest-to-goodness search users come an army of spammers, scammers and black-hatters, all trying to ruin what Google was trying to achieve. Sadly, there were legitimate business owners whose websites got mixed up in the crossfire, simply because they used poor backlinking techniques (after listening to the advice of pretentious, fly-by-night SEO providers). In summary, this algorithm change was intended to fight against unscrupulous Google Webmaster Guideline offenders who were all trying to manipulate search rankings by buying and selling links.
Since then, there were some minor updates with the Penguin algorithm, the last of which was the Penguin 3.0 rolled out last October 2014. Google however recently announced that the first real time updates to Google will be happening anytime soon in the coming months.
With the volume of website traffic going on at any given minute, just imagine how this shook the online world, leaving a mess of website owners shaking their heads at what had just hit them.
That’s why many webmasters who’ve been hit by the Penguin 3.0 update are anxious to get this new Real Time Google Penguin up and running – so they can all bounce back from the website penal colony.
Penalties can now be resolved quickly so they can bounce back and regain their site rankings.
These will put greater pressure on these spammers as they will now have a shorter window where they can all perform their bad linking and spamming activities before they can get penalized. This has been going on for some time until Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes confirmed that this will materialize before the end of 2015 in front of SMX East audiences earlier this October.
Google will always give a watchful eye on bad links so it would be best start cleaning up your site from these undesirables so you won’t get penalized by the next Penguin update – or any other future algorithm changes for that matter.
Such bad links will get you penalized so it would be good practice to start disavowing links that you don’t need and removing the really bad ones.
This includes not only Penguin, but also Panda and other changes that may occur in the future.
This would really be a great advantage not only for those who’ve been hit by these updates before, but for new website owners who are still trying to streamline their online presence.
And of course there’s the spammers who, once the real-time updates caches in, will find a much harder time doing their bad deeds. This is Google’s main objective for their SEO, which is to provide the highest quality content.
No, but for a more effective search result, it is important to try think in the mind of your customers and think what questions or phrases they might be thinking when searching.
We must realise that google hummingbird is still at the caveman stages and that there still is a huge amount of tweaks to be made to the algorithm. Black hat offenders just shrugged their shoulders and waited for new schemes where they can run circles around Google. You will only you’ve been hit when you see a considerable drop in your search ranking – particularly your brand name – a keyword you should always rank high for. Others were receiving low-quality backlinks without their knowledge or they were not really intending to get such backlinks at all – but in the end they were all penalized. So, no matter how fast you clean up your site and remove unwanted backlinks, your site ranking may not get back to what it once before unless a new update is rolled out. This would be good news for legitimate site owners who can be hit with the occasional bad backlink even without their knowledge.

Moz gives a good description of how to identify unnatural links, while Search Engine Journal gives a comprehensive article on how you can remove such bad links. Keep in mind the factors that will get you site penalized, why keeping a keen eye on best practices that will give you a healthy website. The Call Extension option displayed a phone number, allowing users to choose between visiting the site and calling.
For example, instead of Motortax – Fast Bill Payment you might want to try Pay Your Motortax Bill Online.
Other indications include your site’s removal from Google’s cached search results and no results from site searches.
The key here is to maintain a healthy website, and Moz gives good advice on how you can do this.
Check out our Digital Marketing Services today and let us help you in achieving positive and profitable results for your business.
While having more options for users can be helpful, some advertisers may benefit from eliminating clicks to the website to keep the focus on only driving calls.
For example, you can ask “when was the empire state building constructed?” Then the second query could be “how tall is it?” Google hummingbird recognises that “it” refers to the empire state building which is what happens naturally in conversation.
This was a big win, especially for advertisers who didn’t have mobile-friendly sites. So, why should you consider Call-Only campaigns?4 Benefits Of Leveraging Call-Only Campaigns1. There are always improvements to be made and we must keep a close eye on these changes in order to have an effective SEO strategy that keeps up with these rapid changes. Mobile ad creation just got easier.Call-Only Campaigns only give the option to call, limiting traffic to mobile devices. Call extensions required a more cumbersome setup, excluding the website to show only the number, forcing customers to call. Even then, the Call extensions aren’t guaranteed to show if you aren’t in a top position.2. Not only does this more easily display the CTA you want a consumer to take, but it allows you to tailor ad copy for a mobile user.3. Phone calls are more valued.A Call-Only Campaign is great for services in which offline conversations are more valued. A campaign solely focused on driving calls can help maximize spending, through a focused bidding strategy based on the value of each call.4. When a website hurts instead of helps…Call-Only Campaigns are designed to only show your phone number and bypass the option of visiting your webpage. Don’t miss potential customers who are lost on your page, when you have a direct line of communication available.In a test implemented for an advertiser in the transportation industry, we were able to increase calls and reduce overall cost in just six months. With mobile device usage surpassing desktop, the evolution of ads is increasingly necessary.
What successes have you seen with Call-Only campaigns?Contact us to discuss how a Call-Only Campaign can play an integral role in your AdWords strategy.

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