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Don’t you wish you had the PROVEN marketing, sales, and business secrets of the most successful, multi-million dollar producing fitness experts and training facilities?
And how would you like to be able to generate as many clients as your heart desires just by applying these powerful profit multiplying secrets to your personal training business? Because I come to you with over a decade of in the trenches - trial and error experience - from real world research of the highest producers from virtually every industry. Get Free Instant Access To Seven Habits Of Highly Successful Fitness professionals and Download The First Chapter Of The PT Business Course. Youa€™ll discover how top fitness professionals maximize their fitness profits month after month. Just fill-in your First Name, and Primary Email Address below and click a€?Download Nowa€? and Ia€™ll email you the link to instantly access both gifts. I respect your email privacy and promise to never sell, barter, share or rent your email address to anyone. I have taken the money making, business building, competition killing success secrets of the highest producers, and most profitable companies ever created. I also wanted to let you know after reading the PT course and putting it in action, I have obtained a total of 10 new clients in less then a month All just by applying your comprehensive 2 step marketing plan with literally no extra money out of my pocket.
Thanks again and my 3 year old daughter will be thanking you too for all the money your PT course has made me when I give her a sweet sixteen party! Hey Bedros, I know its Sunday and you probably won't get this until tomorrow, but I had to write to tell you what happened yesterday. I was initially hesitant to order the PT Business Course because my personal training practice is already successful and booming.A ButA backed by your 365-day 100% money back guarantee, I knew that I could not go wrong. Let me tell you:A within several hours of reading I hadA many "ah-ha" moments and new ideas! IA signed an extra $21,500 in new contracts in a little over a month (and one of those weeks I tookA off for my honeymoon!!!). I strongly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about their personal training business taking off! And now, through me, you will gain these same specialized techniques,and strategiescompiled in this thick 191 page detailed step-by-step manual, three jam packed audio CDs, and a CD ROM full of dozens of ready to use marketing material, reports, postcards, and fitness and business forms! Just imagine if you could create a referral based marketing system so powerful that your clients, their doctors, and their circle of influence alone would send you more ready-to-sell prospect than you could handle! Just imagine the profits you can generate with a reliable marketing system that has been proven to repeatedly capture new clients! Just imagine if you could almost magically sell ten, twenty, and even thirty times the personal training sessions that you do today – While easily overcoming buyer objections!
Just imagine if you could give a sales consultation so powerful that your prospect will feel an overwhelming sense of urgency and commitment to join your program – that very day! Just imagine how it would feel to increase your client retention rate by 1650% - knowing that you have month after month of growing predictable income scheduled to come in! How to create strategic alliances (with the right people) that automatically bring business to your door. How to uncover multiple streams of income from your personal training business within 30 days.
Actually my main aim of writing you this mail is to thank you so much for the PT business book that you sent me. I managed to use some of the ideas that I had read from your book some minutes before she came and I experiencing the magic of selling fitness!
Normally, when people want to learn what I know, I charge $2000 to talk to them privately for two hours (minimum) – And that’s a steal of a deal considering all that they get! But I know that $1000 an hour makes me out of reach for many everyday personal trainers, and I know that a success-minded fitness professional like you can achieve so much with these strategies.
Therefore I’m letting my entire course go for $460 - this is a fraction of what it should really cost you.
You build your fitness income exponentially and then I get your continued business and the business of the trainers you refer me. So let me show you everything that you will receive in your course when you scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the buy now button.
Discover how to create powerful marketing systems that will pull ready-to-buy prospects through your doors. I’ll show you the step-by-step methods for creating multiple referral streams and killer marketing systems for your personal training business.
Nine Techniques For Building Rapport shows you how to create instant rapport with every prospect that you come into contact with. You’ll also learn the secret for becoming the assistant buyer so you’ll never have to use pushy sales techniques to close the deal!
Nine Techniques For Building Value gives you the step-by-step blueprint for building so much value that you will never have to sell on price again.
The specialized skills in this book will show you how to give your prospect what they want, so they will give you what you want. I’ll show and tell you every money making detail that I used to create my thriving business. Advance Fitness Sales Audio Seminar Over 60 minutes of hard- hitting audio coaching right from the horse's mouth.
In this audio interview I am being probed to reveal some of my most closely guarded secrets. Don’t take another step toward creating a business until you listen to this audio interview! Apply these seven tips to your website and instantly convert your website into a money making machine. Every single fitness and business form on this CD is completely customizable for your specific needs, including the business name header and footer.
Kelli Calabrese - Super successful online personal trainer earns six figures year after year as one of the most in-demand fitness professionals of our time.
Steve Dow – Listen as Steve spills the beans on how he grew Beyond Fitness into a booming 100 location training facility in less then 3 years. If you want to know what it takes to sell more sessions to more people more often than this DVD is going to change your life. During this sold out seminar I shared with over 200 fitness experts the secrets to supercharging your client attraction system. Actual examples of over one dozen marketing postcards, print ads, and letters that have performed with amazing results.
The four biggest marketing mistakes that MOST personal trainers make and how to avoid them. You'll also learn the 13 fitness marketing commandments that will easily have your schedule book overflowing with new clients. Tweet Sculpting abs from flab is a tough business when about 30,000 other fitness outfits are trying to do the very same thing.
In the fitness industry, the most attractive selling proposition that will keep the boat afloat is the one that actually delivers a rock-solid benefit. Establishing expertise in a specific area is very much like setting up a one-of-a-kind shop in a neighborhood: it allows you to enjoy a monopoly of business and automatically makes you the go-to person for the kind of training that only you offer.
Once a specific niche has been singled out, the marketing agenda automatically becomes more streamlined. Naturally, the kind of services you want to specialize in will not, and won’t ever be, for everyone, so there’s no point in trying to please them all.
Ultimately, the changes that a program can achieve for clients spell the be all and end all for the business, so spending time to design a kick-ass program that delivers is essential. At the end of the day, a successful marketing strategy suited for the fitness business boils down to two P’s: passion and promise. Take appointments directly through your website and invoice online with SimplifyThis — easy to use and affordable  appointment booking software. Simplifythis provides easy to use online scheduling solutions together with billing and account management.
Online appointment scheduling, Online invoicing, billing and time tracking software for managing small businesses. After all, living a healthy lifestyle gives you more energy, less disease, more confidence, decreased stress, a healthier body…It is the answer to EVERYTHING, isn’t it? If you thought more like a business owner you would argue that the answer to every problem is MARKETING!
Whether you need more clients, need to make more money, need to leverage your time better, want to change more lives, have a bigger impact on the world and share your gifts…If you know how to reach your target market you can solve any problem. Bottom Line– One of the most important things you can do is learn how to market your fitness business.
Because of this I wanted to share a quick crash course on marketing your fitness training services. You need to “hit your audience over the head” with your message 7-10 times before they might take action.
Paying for marketing such as direct mail or other paid advertisement will only work if it is the 7th time you have hit your audience over the head with your message or if it is going to get them into a loop to be hit a 7th time.

The biggest secret to “marketing” is to deliver such great results that your clients friends can’t help but notice, and such a great experience that your members can’t help but talk about you. From all of the above, before you have spent a dime on marketing you should be getting 10-20 prospects a month. RESULTS FITNESS BIZ RULE: If you are not already getting at least 10 prospects a month DO NOT spend $ on other advertising.
2.     They go to your website and the website looks just like what the friend had described so they sign up for your weekly fitness tip. 3.      They get an immediate email with a great tip and maybe a free report on how to get started losing fat today.
4.     They open their local newspaper the next week and see an article quoting you as the expert.
7.     They are on facebook and notice that the friend who originally told them about you just linked to a video on your fan page so they click on your fan page and decide- I need to check this place out! The above scenario or something similar should be happening on a regular basis driving people in to your business. 3.     They attend their kids PTA meeting and you are there speaking and what you say really resonates with them so they give you their email address and phone #.
4.     They get an email from you with some great tips and they click on your website link to check it out and the website looks like exactly what they need from a gym.
6.     They go into their beauty salon where they always go and their hairdresser mentions your place and they strike up a conversation about it and the hairdresser gives validation that it is the place to go. When the above scenarios are happening over and over and you are getting leads coming in without spending any money on marketing – NOW spend the $ and have a direct mail piece land in their mailbox getting MORE OF THEM to that 7th time faster to get in and sign up. 3.     Ask yourself if you have had at least one referral from every single client you work with? 4.     Get a website up that matches and reflects the above message and a Facebook Fan page. 5.     Set up to build an email list and have the sign up form on your website and start to collect emails to add to the list. 9.     Once you have 10-20 prospects a month THEN start to pay for direct mail and commit to doing it every month consistently.
This is a hierarchy, start with #1 and do not move on to #2 until you have #1 and move down the list. Following this hierarchy will start to get prospects pounding down your door building your business solving all of your problems! Alwyn CosgroveAlwyn Cosgrove is a sought after ‘expert’ for several of the country’s leading publications including a regular contributor to Men’s Health magazine, Alwyn has co-authored three books in the “New Rules of Lifting” series and currently spends his time consulting on fitness training, training clients, training his staff at Results Fitness, speaking on the fitness lecture circuit and coaching fitness trainers worldwide in their businesses.
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ABOUT US Marketing for Gyms was established by Brad Cusworth and Sean Bridger after they identified a huge opportunity to educate Gyms and Personal Trainers about effective online marketing strategies to generate more members and retain current clients.
Women who are in their middle age Twitter where you could create anor even the older ones will be account of your gym and you caninterested with this. One of the best ways to maintain a positive relationship with the public is through the use of social media. Emphasizing health over beauty when cultivating your fitness brand’s relationship with the public is another great public relations strategy you should consider implementing.
Branding is the process of using specific ideas, icons, words, mottos, colors and other forms of visual and textual stimuli to create a distinct image for a company and the goods and services it offers. I'm the personal trainer that created millions of dollars for America's largest personal training companies by selling over 20,000 personal training sessions a year a€“ for five straight years! After applying your EFT strategies in the PT course I have not had to go threw the demanding task of having to reselling sessions to the same client month after month. Oh did I forget to mention that all of these 10 new clients bought 96 session packages which will amount to a value of $38,400 over a 9 month period!! I got more great advice, helpful insight, and useful tips in one hour on the phone with you than I have in four years of college and two years as a fitness professional for one of the most prestigious fitness clubs in Las Vegas. Within six month we will be on pace to generate $50 thousand dollars a month and being a half a million dollar a year training facility.
I read your PT Business Course, studied my notes and became more persistent and consistent. Because I have created the fitness business program that has literally made MILLIONS of dollars for some of the biggest names in the industry..
I am really enjoying reading it and today I was much confident when I decided to take one of our female clients who comes to the gym, and I took her through a session.
Learn the seven important steps of selling that will have you converting prospects into buyers – every time.
This course gives you the skills you need to persuade and soft-sell your way to fitness wealth! That’s why I spent years studying why buyers object and what you need to do to overcome objections.
How would you like to create a sense of urgency so great that your prospect begs you to start today? I’ll show you exactly how I worked with the two multi-million dollar training companies and helped them grow from five facilities to over 100 locations strong. I’ll show you what to do to increase your website traffic and to generate serious cash from your virtual fitness studio. Hitech Trainer is used and trusted by more fitness professionals than any other trainer software – and it’s yours FREE for 30 days! Caution: All I ask is that you consult your attorney before using any of my forms and agreements in your state. In this sold out seminar I reveal the real reasons why people buy training and what you can do to influence the buying process.
In fact, in this DVD I give you the step-by-step blueprint for getting big time media attention, crafting postcards that pull tons of leads, writing letters that stimulate client referrals and so much more. I'm going to give you the blueprints to create your own financially secure, competition proof personal training business a€“ just like I have for thousands of other fitness professionals.
To order simply click the Buy Now button below and you will be taken to a secure page to order your copy of my NEW Personal Trainer Business Course. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional – this is the program that will enable you to break the chains of limitation and forge your own future.
The tightest lead generation tactics, slickest deal-closing strategies, and sweetest membership deals will only amount to so much. But, to do that, you have to forego being really, really, really good in all the other departments.
The marketing efforts become more focused on satisfying the needs of a specific group of people, and the company can now bank on slogans that begin with “The leading in” or the “The best in.” Besides, funds can be put to better use than in the shoot-and-miss affair of trying to appeal to a general crowd. Couple that with a first-rate client experience that overdelivers in proportion to the price, and perhaps you will have more business on your hands that you can handle. Everything you need to manage your small business-efficiently and professionally in one simple package. After all, knowing how to market will lead to more business, changing more lives, which leads to increased income, which leads to improved mood & overall happiness and financial freedom. As you are GIFT and have people going to your website the goal is to collect contact information for people who have “raised their hand” and said they are interested in your services. If you are not getting at least 1-2 referrals a month from someone you need to reevaluate why. Think about what other businesses are marketing to the same audience that you are.  Who else has customers that want to look better and feel better?
We had fought doing social media but at this point have realized this can be a fantastic way to “hit people over the head.” It is more like a fitness tip because it is secondary, they have to know about you and had to have “liked” you or signed up for your newsletter but then you can share everything they are missing out on – videos of classes, testimonials, people getting into great shape.
You will waste your money because you have not already built any buzz and you are only hitting them once with your direct mail piece.
For these situations let’s say that we need 7 exposures to your message to get your potential member to sign up. They call their friend to go with them and they both arrive and take class and have a blast and are thinking about signing up. If you aren’t getting referrals and prospects without spending money then spending the money isn’t going to help. For the past decade, with his wife Rachel, Alwyn runs Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, California – which has been twice named one of America’s Top Gyms by Men’s Health magazine, a gym which specializes in programs for real-world, busy people and prides itself on “changing the way fitness is done.
After doing some extensive market research they soon realised that a very small percentage of Gyms and Pts were effectively using online strategies in their business and many were still using very outdated marketing methods such as letter box drops, flyers and banners to promote their services. It needs not to be too long nor too short because what catchesCenter Marketing Can the eyes also catches their desire toDo somehow give it a try. You can in line with what’s trending now ismake a website for your gym and put not always a guarantee that it willeverything there. Public relations is important within every field, and it is particularly significant in the world of fitness given that people who operate within this sector rely on the development and maintenance of positive relationships with clients to facilitate sales and growth. More and more people are using social media channels like Facebook and Twitter every day, and fitness brand managers should recognize and respond to this reality.

This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that a desire to be healthy plays a greater role in motivating people to adhere to a fitness program than the desire to be beautiful.
Branding is important for several reasons, including the fact that it is the factor that helps prospective clients remember a company’s goods, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will make purchases. With this idea in mind, fitness brand owners should pay careful attention to the way they interact with the public such that the activity facilitates greater conversion rates and the development of a perpetually growing base of loyal customers.
It's so simple with your techniques, I just sell them once and I can focus on the training and the money rolls in on a consistent basis. You'll learn the key skills that every closer must have in order to close nine out of ten prospects. Because I have spent over 12 years creating, refining and compiling most of these forms for my own business. Like any other business, fitness firms make the necessary effort to execute various marketing campaigns in the desire to earn the top rank as health and wellness provider.
What do you think clients will do when they get the physical transformation they have been looking for?
Some of you have had websites that look nothing like your direct mail piece or the name of your business doesn’t match who you are marketing to, or you are writing blogs and email fitness tips that are written to a different audience. The goal is to create what are called “raving fans” which is an excellent book- Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard. Beauty salons, massage or spas, healthy food delivery, boutique clothing stores, chiropractors, physical therapists…approach these businesses about how you can work together to both get in front of more people, each other’s audiences or offer for them to train for free to become a spokesperson for you.
Facebook fan pages are proving to be a way to build a relationship with your potential customers and an easy way for your customers to refer other people to you. Put these pictures and stories at every touch point – your front desk area, your website, your face book fan page, anywhere your potential client can see them.
Marketing for Gyms offers a wide range of services including Website Creation, Custom Facebook FanPages, YouTube Channel Design, Twitter Backgrounds and Video Tutorials teaching effective marketing strategies. You can use strategies like free registration onIt requires hard work, determination, your gym or offer discounts on theand commitment to lose weight and first fifty persons to go into yourto simply stay fit. Text is important, don’t forget to stay fit yourself.but nothing captures people like Cheers to a healthy life!photos do.
The youngtraining, the men will be most into it ones prefer this more than thesince they are very conscious on how newspaper itself.their body will look. With this idea in mind, you will likely be able to gain and retain more customers if your emphasis is on how to obtain optimal wellness as opposed to how to get slimmer thighs or a flatter abdomen. If you want your fitness brand to maintain a positive and prevalent image in the mind of the public, be sure to implement effective branding strategies during your marketing campaigns.
By implementing some or all of the strategies outlined above, fitness brand owners can make public relations the medium through which they accomplish a variety of business objectives that entail growth and expansion. Plus meet people in town and tell them what you do – at the bank, at Starbucks, at a restaurant, at the hair salon, at the little league baseball field wherever you are GIFT. Your website should have a sign up form to get onto your list and every talk you do collect email addresses and add them.
Society has been fitness center and register.instilling in the young minds ofpeople that skinny is sexy and skinny When a group of people find youris the new fad of being fit. So don’t forget to postthose pictures- especially of beforeand after - of clients you already had, Boost Membershipalong with written testimonials fromthem. The design ofyour promotion must be in If the budget is tight, you can still optaccordance with your programs and for a more affordable method likeyou should be specific as well for this flyers or posters. I just followed your system just like you describe in your course and I now have two more new clients. Think massive referrals, numerous word-of-mouth recommendations, and they will not even cost a penny.
Marketing for Gyms has worked with Les Mills, Australian Fitness Network, Genesis Health Clubs,Contours, YMCA, Anytime Fitness, Re-Creation as well as a number of private clubs throughout Australia and the United States. And so gym really interesting, they will alsomen and women alike are dying to tell other people to join. So, you better getyour club and surely, you will keep yourself ready for a little or a lot ofclients coming. Also upload videos of exercise with the Right Fitnesstutorials on your website to make it Club Advertisingmore interesting. I wanted to shoot you an email to let you know that over the last 22 intros I've taken, I was able to close 20 of them.
You betterhave a body that they see in give incentives to them and rewards,magazines and television.
The more youattract visitors, the more chances of Most owners of fitness clubs aregetting clients.
As Six Figure Fit Pro guru Ryan Dobbs puts it, “It is our job to show results above all else.
Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. They hit and that motivates them to tellthe gym and feel great about others to join the club. How do you keep up orfrom your previous clients and make better yet, rise above the market?a video from it and play it in your site. Here are some useful tips you canTry to include that the gym really benefit from:does pay off and how it changed theirlifestyle.
It willyou will take will depend on how surely boost your gym sales if youmuch you will give out. If you have have the right strategies and enoughan exact budget, you can plan well spending budget.
It is mainly the Advertise the programs you offer andreason for most entrepreneurs to also the equipment available that areinvest money on business like this but really helpful in becoming physicallylikewise, strategies and fitness center healthy. An expert trainerand can precisely apply how your can be an added asset which couldcampaigns should be. An old cliche goes thatmarketing is essential to attract healthy body comes with a healthycustomers and for the gym to mind. There’s nothing more endearing in a place than a bunch of nice and3 Easy Steps to a helpful people. Skill and knowledge is very important for instructors at yourSuccessful Fitness gym but don’t ever take for grantedMarketing good rapport. They know better and they canguide you on how to properly decideon everything that will concern aboutyour health club.ADVERTISINGThis will be based on your budget andthe target clients that you want tocater.
Your clients or potential customers should feelPeople have never been more welcome and comfortable in yourconscious of their health than in the fitness club and with their instructor.recent years.
Health club advertising canconnections have the power to be complex if you are not fussy aboutexpand your fitness center more than the details. OfExercise is always healthy but not course, you have to invest on theeveryone who wants to stay fit is latest equipment for this.motivated. Fitness and health have Your team is the most determiningbecome the trending topics among factor of your business, so train themfriends and co-workers. Motivation is somethingyou should start first to build in your Hiring also a professional on gymfuture clients. The growing well and keep them happy.number of cancer cases and otherhealth conditions like obesity today 1.
There are socialnetworking sites such Facebook and Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients.
If you have friends who don’t you can decide your marketing plan.seem too interested in paying foryour services, provide them with Here are a few tips on what to keepexcellent free sessions. They will in mind when you do your healtheither end up liking the training club’s campaign.sessions and enrolling in your health CLIENTSclub, or they will make referrals foryou. And since we are living inattractive slogan can also do the trick, a world where technologyyou must spend time on what you advancements have taken place andmust write there to promote your the internet has become the source Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients.
Fitness marketing on thevigilant about their health and web is the easiest way to gainlifestyle. Potential clients may justplays a big part in our total wellness, be waiting in front of their screens tothus, the boom of the fitness be given the right advertisement, andindustry. It will depend on yourhesitant to offer services without services or programs or who your clients will be. The right fitness marketing guess what, you should be the onehas never been more in demand. Having the right content in Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients.

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