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Restaurant owners and operators are always on the lookout for special events they can use in their online and offline marketing efforts. Tax Day, for example, has become an annual favorite as restaurants across the nation step up to offer tax weary Americans a break with special deals and offers. This seems like common sense but then as the old saying (approximately) goes, common sense isn’t nearly as common as the name would imply.
I think the problem is social media is way too easy to use and there is no visible cost to doing it so people don’t think it through like they would other marketing. For example, no restaurant owner would pay to run an advertisement in the newspaper or on the radio that made a dumb joke, insulted customers, discussed religious views or took a political position. The nice thing about using Facebook in your restaurant marketing is that the traffic is often cheaper and if you are doing it right a little paid traffic can turn into a lot of free traffic as people post about you to their friends. If you are starting a restaurant in a small town with few other options and where all of the town people will know about your place whether they ever use facebook or not then you are probably OK without this right now. Online restaurant advertising is a proven & cost-efficient way to reach new customers and build your brand.

Your customers are searching your business and making their decisions online more than ever. Traditional print advertising is very expensive and is hard to measure when it comes to results.
National Chili Month shares the spotlight with pizza in October.  Spicy, chunky, with or without beans . Other food related days include Chicken Cacciatore Day, Egg Day, Fried Scallops Day, Greasy Food Day, Gumbo Day, Pasta Day, Seafood Bisque Day, Taco Day, Vegetarian Day, Wild Food Day and more.
Restaurants looking to sweeten things up a bit can look forward to Angel Food Cake Day, Apple Betty Day, Boston Cream Pie Day, Brandied Fruit Day, Caramel Apple Day, Caramel Custard Day, Chocolate Cupcake Day, Chocolate Day, Dessert Day and Pumpkin Cheesecake Day.
But doing it on Facebook or Twitter is so fast, easy and free that the normal thinking that goes into marketing doesn’t seem to apply.
Chances are a good portion of the people in a restaurant on any given day will have something to celebrate even if that isn’t what they came to the restaurant for. Gourmet Marketing provides expert online advertising management services to help you achieve your business goals.

Gourmet Marketing helps you reach thousands of potential customers on search engines and social media platforms. Online advertising with Gourmet Marketing allows you to carefully control your budget, specifically target the customers that are relevant to you, and focus your resources on the most profitable campaigns.
Running the restaurant, I have a million things to do and I know I can rely on you guys to take care of our online marketing. We fully manage your online advertising campaigns so you can focus on what's most important, running your business. They have certainly delivered on their promises to me.- Burak Karacam, Pera Mediterranean BrasserieGourmet Marketing has been an important partner in our success and they keep on showing us new ways to increase business.

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