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Last week the digital marketing world was rightly focused on CES and Google’s latest evolution: Search plus Your World. However, caught between the importance of Search+ and Google’s embarrassing Kenyan adventures and easy to miss, there was also a humble little post about making better use of page titles. One of the digital marketing takeaways from the post was how Google describes the tag as a single rather than an instruction. In the past Google has not been keen to suggest that behavioural signals have an influence of ranking.
The truth is that we do not have to go digging around between the lines of webmaster announcements to know that Google is interested in behavioural signals and has been for a while. This is interesting because it is clear there is a sizable grey area when it comes to just how much emphasis Google gives to behavioural signals.
Even after the search engine stood up and explicitly announced it used social signals in search there was plenty of industry debate. Today, as the controversy around social signals moves to new areas –whether Google are implementing social signals in a good and fair way – I have to wonder whether 2012 will see new debates and new controversy around behavioural signals. If behavioural signals are strong or do grow in influence then core digital marketing disciplines like branding, usability and engagement also become key SEO concerns. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. At a briefing earlier today, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata explained that the company was now developing a device to monitor sleep and levels of fatigue. Zynga is rebooting one of its most well known and popular games, Words With Friends, with an update for the iPhone and iPad that not only adds some new features but also changes the name of the game slightly to New Words With Friends. Casio's team of smart-ish G-Shock watches is getting a new member next month that's fixated on finding new music. With the traditional music industry floundering, some acts have embraced the rapidly changing musical landscape more than others. In addition to opening doors, that set of keys in your pocket also serves as makeshift knives, prybars, and even ice scrapers. Harebrained Schemes has announced Shadowrun: Dragonfall, the follow-up to sir successful isometric action title Shadowrun Returns. Everybody who's familiar with her work knows that Dutch graphic designer Irma Boom is brilliant with books.
Career Management These days, if a marketing organization is to deliver value and show tangible results, it must build an analytical culture.
Career Management Whether you like politicians or not, you've got to hand it to them: On either side of the aisle, they know how to connect with others and win hearts and minds. Career Management Here's a quick crash course on the agile project management methodology and how I, as a marketer, applied it to managing my team. Career Management The job prospects of direct and digital marketers have weakened for the fourth quarter of 2012, according to Bernhart Associates' Quarterly Employment Report: 46% of employers plan to add marketing staff over the next three months, down from the 50% who planned to do so six months earlier. Career Management To inspire you in your marketing, we've put together a roster of 16 remarkable smarty-pants who over the past few centuries changed marketing—and, often, business itself. Career Management Marketing folks and designers have the same goal: well-designed sites and well-executed campaigns that convert viewers into customers. Career Management Many businesses are members of their local chamber of commerce but don't take advantage of opportunity to increase sales and brand awareness.

Career Management Too many PR practitioners choose to ignore editorial etiquette, some going as far as demanding to see an article before it goes to print or offering bribes for positive coverage. Career Management Even though launching an organization-wide collaboration effort isn't just a marketing project, its success is largely dependent on your internal marketing efforts.
Career Management Let's face it, most executive bios are deathly boring—a list of career highlights delivered in the driest corporate-speak imaginable. Career Management Dealing with on-the-job distractions is a constant part of every marketing professional's day, according to a new survey by The Creative Group. Career Management Media appearances are essential if you want to build your personal brand and emerge as a recognized industry expert.
Career Management Smartphones, Wi-Fi access, and social media have liberated business executives from the confines of their offices; however, the flip side of that freedom is that very few can separate themselves from work after hours, according to a study by gyro and Forbes Insights. Career Management The following decision tree will help you decide whether to hire or contract your marketing team. Career Management Public speaking is a powerful way to get your message to key influencers and decision-makers. Career Management When you hear about an out-of-town conference you'd like to attend, the cost-benefit analysis can be intense.
Career Management Buoyed by renewed confidence in the US economy and higher expectations for new business, CMOs say they plan to boost marketing spending over the next 12 months, with B2B products and B2B services marketers leading the way, according to the CMO Survey. Career Management Leading business bloggers say the perceived authenticity of a CEO plays a critical role in how they assess a leader's abilities and performance overall, according to interviews conducted by the 10 company and Gotham Research Group. Career Management Over the past six years, an increasing number of US companies of all sizes have appointed a single executive who leads customer experience efforts across a business unit or the entire company, according to a new report by Forrester Research. Career Management Digital and direct marketing hiring is expected to rebound in the first quarter of 2012, according to the Bernhart Associates' Quarterly Employment Report: More than one-half of employers plan to add marketing staff over the next three months, as layoffs continue to fall. Career Management Personal-branding expert William Arruda offers six more trends to keep in mind and on top of in 2012 as you continue to build, improve, and polish your own personal brand as a marketer in tune with the times.
Career Management Social networking is blurring the lines between people's personal and professional lives, particularly among younger generations, according to a new study by Millennial Branding. MarketingProfs uses singlesign-on with Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to make subscribing and signing in easier for you. This is important in search marketing because those headlines have a significant impact in click through rates. That certainly dovetails with the way Search+ makes multi-signal SEO the natural successor to the traditional few-signal SEO of yester year.
The way searchers behave is a signal that can override the explicit technical signal of the tag. Towards the end of last year the search giant was granted an American patent on Systems and methods for determining a quality of provided items. Some of that debate was fuelled by SEOs protecting old business models, some from search marketers who did not welcome the encroaching influence of social and some came from those who were confident that Google would only ever place a small about of emphasis on social. While the Wu-Tang Clan is hawking just a single copy of its upcoming double album, John Frusciante is letting anyone on Earth listen to his for free—at least for as long as the satellite it's riding stays aloft.
Great news for anyone who doesn't want to be saddled with 70 channels they're never watching. You can at least visit from the safety and convenience of your own computer because Google has mapped more than 44 different U.S.

She's crafted everything from a bite-sized biography to a rainbow-hued, 2,136-page corporate history. If yours is like most marketing organizations, you already pack a strong dose of creativity. Ad and marketing executives say the longest they can work on a task without being interrupted is 30 minutes, on average.
Learn 10 tips for mastering media appearances, and five key guidelines to follow during an interview.
Simply put this patent described an algorithmic way to detect whether searchers were happy with a set of research results.
Including the new campaign, there are a number of additions and improvements from Shadowrun Returns. Analytics enables you to combine that creativity with fact-based decision-making—with powerful results. Because today's business climate requires agility and the ability to perform an ever-increasing set of tasks that require specialized talent, including marketing talent.
In Dragonfall, you lead a small team of shadowrunners, each with their own weaknesses and strengths that play vital roles during missions.
You and your team will get pulled into a conspiracy in the Free City of Berlin, the Flux-State. Community Match provides players with a personalized way to find more opponents and opportunities to play more games. Dragonfall also feaures new weapons, like a long-range sniper rifle and grenade launcher, as well as new cyberware. You can now save your progress at any time in the game, and this feature is also coming to the Shadowrun Returns "Dead Man's Switch" campaign. In addition to Community Match, players can still enjoy the Smart Match feature to find new opponents. Dictionary and Word of the Day – Build your vocabulary and learn the meaning of more than 170,000 words in the Words With Friends lexicon using the new Dictionary feature including definitions, audio pronunciation, and a word's frequency of play.
A scripting system for better lighting control, tracking mission objectives in the primary game interface, and letting players use keypad passwords and custom text strings in conversations. Word of the Day presents a new word each day directly on the main screen to expand players' vocabularies and word savviness.
The Berlin environment art, items, and characters will all be available for use in custom creations. Profile and Stats – Present your game face and show-off your victories with new Profiles and Stats. A version for iPad and Android tablets is expected to follow shortly after the desktop release. Players can now track their all-time playing history including high score, number of games completed, and their average word score. Player Profiles also enable players to compare their stats with friends and recent opponents in a fun, animated format.

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