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Organize customers, craft targeted messages, or host Hangouts with Google s social network. Confidently enter the exciting new Google+ social neighborhood with Google+ Marketing For Dummies. September 21, 2011 by anitacampbell Leave a Comment Visual Marketing isn’t even officially out yet, but we’re already ranked at #159,378 on Amazon, and #82,085 in the Kindle Store! You need to include keywords in your Web site, ads and social media to help prospects find you online.
In the image below you'll see that the top search results for this keyword are not specific at all.
So let's be more specific: we want to find marketing books for small business because the books for larger businesses just are more than what we want. I've learned from working with clients and teaching workshops, that small business owners often tend to think of keywords in terms of how they think and talk about their products. For the process of developing keywords - keywords that will help you reach that first page of search results - you really need to think like your target audience. Too often small business marketers put the old cart before the horse and come up with a list of keywords that aren't as targeted as they could be. Want hear about upcoming workshops on search engine marketing and social media and other marketing ideas?
The Web Division provides design and marketing services that include but are not limited to: Web Sites, Web Services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Consulting and Marketing Services, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Web Site Content Development, Landing Page Design. To help local businesses establish an online presence, Google offers products (many of which are free) that you can use to capture the attention of consumers who look online for products and services.

The Google products covered in this eBook will help you move your business into the online express lane for growth. With Google tools like YouTube, Picasa, Blogger, and Picnik being integrated with Google+, marketers will find Google+ is the best way to reach the long-time users of Google s other tools. Entrepreneur Magazine and Mashable have listed him among the 10 entrepreneurs and 20 developers to follow on Twitter.
Because our book is so heavy with graphics, it had to be specially formatted to ensure that you can see all of the visuals that make our book what it is. Keyword phrases of 3 or more words are far more effective and less competitive than one word. As searchers we don't want to work too hard at finding what we want., so we've learned that we need to be more specific.
It may not be perfect, but this process helps you understand how developing keyword phrases works. In this case we are the target market: small business owners looking for a book on small business marketing.
I'm willing to bet that it's not so easy for you to turn this around and think like this when it comes to describing your own products and services for your target audience. Yet if you think about it, you'll agree that rarely do our customers and prospects think about our business, products and services the way we do. Join our newsletter mailing list and we'll send you information that helps you gain more visibility, drive more traffic and convert leads to sales. Ads appear at the top and right of search results; the higher the big, the higher the position.

The Web Division also conducts SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media Hands-on Workshops in Massachusetts. Google+ expert Jesse Stay shows you how to create and maximize your Google+ presence to connect with your customers. Jesse is the author of Facebook Application Development For Dummies and Google+ For Dummies, Portable Edition. Our official launch of the book is September 29, but if you want to buy Visual Marketing on Amazon, it’s ready for you now.
It leads us to believe that keywords are individual words that describe our products and services.
But what if you are looking for a particular type of book, or a book store in your community? The results are more specific but still too vague for what we're looking for, or they don't apply at all. More specific and targeted keywords will help you gain the right kind of visibility for your Web site.
While that is somewhat true, single keywords rarely work for anyone because the results can be overwhelming and may not apply to what the searcher is really looking for. As you can see from this image, the major players in the online books world appear - there aren't any specific titles and there aren't any local bookstores.

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