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There’s nothing like live interaction with your potential customers to turn them into actual customers. A while back I was working with a womenswear client of mine and happened to meet another consultant while I was there.
She had printed “5 Ways You Can…” – I can’t remember what the 5 tips were, exactly, but I do remember that they were well done and relevant to her target market. 2) She is already offering value – at no cost, of course – which shows potential clients the information they’ll get after they hire her will be even better. Our experience includes many building types including residential, public and urban design projects.

Let us e-mail or fax you a sample non-binding proposal detailing some of our packages and the benefits and savings we can extend to you by working with us! Yep, I took the show on the road to her corporate headquarters and set up a little room near the lunch area. She also works with Indie designers but from a completely different angle – more on the manufacturing side. While I believe in the merits of social media and I think it has a place, it’s also a major time-suck that entrepreneurs use as an excuse to avoid “real” work. 1) Your emails must be consistent and 2) your emails must be engaging — offering your customers or prospects something more than a constant “buy my stuff” message.

Here are 2 simple presentations I did when I had my shop and my line that DEFINITELY got me direct business.
Our creative process tailored to our clients needs allows us to produce innovative architecture at all scales. But the greatest part was the ripple effect of that day – the friends of those “employee shoppers” that found me after the event.

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