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As the CRE market continues to grow in 2016 and demand for commercial real estate strengthens, we have prepared our yearly review of the latest real estate marketing ideas to help you stay ahead of the curve in the digital age. Once you’ve updated and optimized the website, there are several things you can do to drive people to it.
More than ever, real estate professionals are investing heavily in their online strategies. As mid to late August rolls around, every parent is dreading…the list of school supplies to purchase required from each teacher.
Another amazing way to inform your customers this season is to give an excellent seasonal tip on a direct mail piece. Marketing is always at the top of any business agenda but coming up with ideas and concepts can be a challenge, but not any more if you attend our 101 Marketing Ideas & Concepts conference. At just ?25 per person this innovative and business focused event offers you each marketing idea at just ?0.25. 101 Marketing Ideas & Concepts conference offers you the opportunity to discover how marketing and marketing platforms can improve your organisation, bottom line, brand, sales and shareholder value. Scroll down this page to book your place and nearer the time of the this Somerset business event you will receive a reminder.
With 17 years in business Andrew has a wide and varied skill set including ICT, design, business development and all things Internet and marketing. John Taylerson took over the role of chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in April 2012 following five active years on the regional board.
Andrew has been involved in marketing, sales and business development in the UK and overseas for more almost 25 years.
Jim joined Viper Communications in 2008 to help organisations communicate more effectively.
With over 25 years of experience working in PR and Journalism Jane set up South West based PR firm, A Head for PR, five years ago and specializes in helping businesses develop cost effective PR campaigns to perform as part of a marketing strategy. Dez Futak runs and operates Magnetic Marketing Ltd, whose primary focus is on providing text messaging, mobile web and video marketing solutions for SME’s. With more than a 30 year career within the IT and Digital Agency industry, Peter has helped deliver solutions to many blue chip brands including Virgin Media, Thomas Cook and hundreds of SME businesses.
As a Chartered Marketer with 25+ years’ of sales and marketing experience, Sue Windley specialises in helping smaller businesses ‘punch above their weight’ to beat bigger competitors.
We all know Sex sells – How to create customer desire – The big business have been using the technique of ‘Sex sells’ for as long as marketing has been in existence. Rebecca is the founder of Go Monkey Marketing a Somerset Marketing agency working with Start-ups, small business and brand. Luan Wise is an independent marketing practitioner, with 12+ years experience in full service agency, client side and consultancy roles. Founded in 1991 by former world champion sailor Alice Driscoll, the agency comprises specialist consumer, B2B, outdoor and marine divisions, working across regional, national and international client accounts. Annette Harpham is the Director of SharpEdge Marketing, a hands-on consultancy and marketing management service.
Marketing Innovation – – What do a French menswear retailer, a Welsh sports equipment manufacturer, a US car sharing club and a Swedish music website have in common? Alex is the author of two books – Crafting and Executing Strategy: The Quest for Competitive Advantage – published in 2013 by McGraw-Hill and the CIM’s Study Guide to Emerging Themes in Marketing – published in 2012 by BPP.
Rupert is the CEO of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce and Into Somerset and operates his own business in Somerset. Creative Innovation Centre CIC is a Community Interest Company with a strong mission to provide and unite enterprise, culture and community.
We are pleased to announce that we are open during the day for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, paninis, cakes at CICCIC, and what a great place to relax and enjoy a cuppa with our amazing art gallery, beautiful day lit Victorian hall and why not read our latest Arts & Culture newspaper too. Blues music is a growing music genre and excellent to watch and hear live but with over 32 types of blues music genres it’s no surprise the most common blues music is that from the Deep South of America, jazz blues, gospel blues and of course blues rock. Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool. Creative Innovation Centre CIC is non-profit Community Interest Company and social enterprise Company No.
In this article on Guerilla Marketing Ideas I will show you how you can make the most of limited resources by using the Guerilla Marketing concepts of being bold, creative, unexpected and engaging. Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Being UnexpectedThe first of the guerilla marketing strategies I want to discuss is Saatchi & Saatchi's ingenious conversion of manhole covers into ads for Folgers coffee. As unscientific an approach as it may seem, "bigger is better" is something that still holds true for a lot of sales and marketing. What you see time and time again is that companies with the best sales and marketing approach win out over their competitors who actually offer a better product. This is very similar to the first example where I suggested thinking about things like interestingly-shaped flyers or branded gifts to give customers; can you come up with some kind of cool toy or gimmick that is something neat to play with or use but as well advertises what you do and your strong selling points really well? I hope these guerilla marketing ideas were useful in getting you thinking about your own sales and marketing ideas and strategies that you can put into use on a much smaller budget. Do you have insights, strategies or a story about Guerrilla Marketing to share with other readers? In these tricky economic conditions, dozens of small businesses are closing on a day-to-day basis.
People who have a brick and mortar business have their battle in their hands particularly if they sell anything which is sold by these giant chains. So as to market the product successfully, you’ve got to be an expert and unique in what you do and provide best customer services to draw in and retain customers.
Look at what the major chains do NOT offer and you’ll see that consumer service is a thing of the past, their stores all look the same and if they have not got what you want, you are sunk. On a local strip I recently asked 11 small business owners if they have their own website and only one said yes.
All a small local business needs is a Google map of where they are a page explaining what they do, a section that gives opening hours and contact information, some great photos and perhaps a record of the business and that is it! Add an opt in box and a monthly newsletter can go out, chits can be sent and sales narrated, and with the addition of some affiliate advertizing the site can essentially make the business owner some money even after covering the minor costs concerned. PS: Need some marketing ideas for small business to help you get more customers?Click here for access. If you enjoyed this post on marketing ideas for small business, then please retweet and comment below.
Online Noise – everyone in your line of business seems to be creating awesome content and adding to the noise. Tired Audience – your current and potential customers are tired of the noise and seem indifferent to Social Media posts. Lack of time – you rather spend the time needed to create an effective social media strategy on other business tasks. Focus on YOUR goals and in having a relevant content marketing strategy and don’t get sucked into the rabbit hole by looking at what others are doing. Your most loyal online followers are not necessarily your biggest customers BUT they’re connected to other people and can help you reach further.
Active social profiles are more likely to be updated on regular basis and there would be no need to rush in creating new ones when creating campaigns during peak consumer seasons.
Hopefully, you’re now convinced of the value of keeping and improving or adjusting your current social media marketing efforts.
With 25+ years in sales and management, Lynn Albro is focused on internet marketing for Realtors and small business owners. A joint study by Google and Loopnet has shown that almost 80% of tenants and investors search for commercial real estate online. Educate your clients with tips and advice, highlight lease transactions, key company updates, and discuss relevant industry and local market news. This will give search engines (and your clients) a positive signal that your company is active and growing, a very valuable and important trust factor. Publish Market Reports – A valuable real estate marketing idea would be to create a local market report for the markets your operate in. Include a newsletter sign-up This is an easy and free way to help you build up a database of potential clients and partners. An effective SEO strategy can help generate massive “free” traffic from Google and other search engines and help you generate visibility for targeted keyword terms related to your business.
Consistently Track Your Results – At a minimum, make sure you are running Google Analytics on your website to track marketing performance and make sure you look at results at least once a month.
Launch a Company Newsletter – Email remains one of the most effective forms of communication for brands moving into 2016 with a higher response rate than almost any other online format.
Run Targeted Advertising Campaigns with Google – Google AdWords offers a fast, efficient and scalable way to target potential tenants and investors online. Run a Remarketing Campaign – Remarketing allows you to recapture traffic on your website, showing ultra-targeted ads only to people who have already visited or performed a specific action on your website. Launch a Video Marketing Campaign – Video is one of the highest engagement rate tactics in digital marketing. Optimize Your Twitter Marketing Campaign – In the last year, Twitter has introduced several new marketing tools, including the ability to showcase specific content from your site, embed multiple images in a tweet, and even capture email addresses directly from an ad you run on twitter. Create and Publish High Quality Content – High quality content is one of the most valuable currencies on the Internet today. But, while online marketing is becoming one of the most powerful ways to grow your business, offline strategies remain important and should be a core part of your marketing plan. Host a Broker Event – Hosted events are always popular, drawing people from across the spectrum of your industry, giving your properties much needed exposure, and allowing you to meet new people. Create a Strong Presentation – A good presentation can be an incredibly effective way to convey your brand story and communicate your services to prospective clients.

Update Your Print Collateral – The quality of the print collateral you send to your clients, says a lot about you as a company. Back a Local Charity or Organization – There is nothing more fulfilling than working with a local organization or charity that you feel strongly about. Buy Media in Traditional Outlets – While advertising dollars continue to shift online, there are still plenty of affordable and effective options offline in trade journals, newspapers, and even on billboards or local print ads. Summer is an excellent time for you and your business to increase sales, get exposure and gain new relationships, including customers. Whether it is updating your logo colors, profile picture or web theme, summer is a great time to add warmth and vibrancy to your brand. Use this time to give tips on how to keep your grass green in the dry weather, camping tips or even a recipe for organic frozen fruit pops. So if you are looking to push your business forward for the coming year this event is right up your street. You’ll go away infused and confident that your marketing activity can work even better for your business. There’s plenty of parking near by and we are central to the town centre so ideal for public transport access too. From branding and social media to content creation and ebusiness strategies Andrew develops all for public and private sector.
John is a practical but passionate exponent of marketing with hands-on experience of each stage of the food and drink sector from farming to consumer retail.
Discover how a content marketing approach enabled a Devon based SME to engage with a global audience who were unaware of their existence and enabled them to increase sales leads, improve conversion rates and generate more sales. He works with clients on their digital marketing strategy, helping to increase sales and find new customers through a mix of inbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and search marketing (SEO & PPC) programmes. Emma provides expert marketing advice, clarity and strategies that will guarantee to increase your customer base. After originally training in graphics and design he decided to save the environment by looking after parks and countryside areas in London, Bristol and the Mendip Hills AONB. With a career spanning brand strategy, marketing and copywriting, he is currently Strategic Director at Believe In®, an international award-winning brand design studio based in Exeter. Starting her career at the celebrated Department of Journalism at City University, Jane went on to become Editor of several prestigious London based trade and technical magazines before turning to a career in PR and Press Relations. Examples of messaging services include: text-based lead generation systems for estate agents and car dealerships, sms reminder and mobile coupon platforms for restaurants, schools, dental surgeries and any business with a repeat customer-base. She works with SMEs as a marketing communications & social media specialist, delivering marketing strategies through operational planning and evaluation to being their hands-on marketing resource. Her marketing focuses on the use of a variety of techniques working together for the best of the business. Highly qualified, Luan has a BA (Hons) Business Studies degree from Sheffield Business School, postgraduate diplomas from the Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing (IDM) and Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) plus the CAM Award for Digital Marketing Planning. He is a technology industry veteran, having spent over twenty years working in a variety of marketing, business development and management roles over that time. ADPR’s team of professional communicators includes marketing experts, award winning journalists and experts in digital and traditional media relations, providing clients with creative press campaigns, marketing and publishing expertise, crisis management, newsletters, events, media training and more.
Based in South Devon, SharpEdge helps small and medium-sized B2B companies achieve more through better online and offline marketing. He is also the senior examiner for the CIM’s postgraduate diploma Emerging Themes unit and has recently been working with the Institute to redesign their professional qualifications.
You can use these concept to be more successful in your sales and marketing efforts regardless of your budget and beat out bigger, better-funded competitors.More than anything else I want to impress on your the basic philosophy of Guerilla Marketing which is you can too.
What this guerilla marketing approach does is break into the day to day lives and thoughts of commuters and passerbys by introducing a familiar concept in a novel new way. Granted, you may not have the budget to pay the City of New York and hire a creative team to put together a similar concept for you. From the famous Goodyear blimp to McDonald's huge golden arches, if it stands out in real life it stands out in customers' minds. What this shows you is the power of guerilla marketing ideas to help reshape the way customers think about your business without knowing anything about your product or service.
Perhaps you have implemented a new strategy that is working really well or have insights into utilizing Guerrilla Marketing in the Internet age.
But there still exists a bunch of reduced cost or free marketing ideas for small business.The low price offerings of big outlets like Target and Wal-mart on a variety of items from electronics to clothing in an effort to control the market will continually cause the small business to fail. Local businesses are what make a community and folks who’ve chosen to start their own businesses have a taste for what they do and they really like to help when was the last time that happened in your local Wal-mart? They most likely do not know that Google really loves small business and always will pull a small business to the apex of a search page, by somebody putting in the name of a city and whatever they are on the lookout for. There are always local directories, for instance thru the local Chamber of Commerce, where you can list your site, regularly for a small fee or free. If you need to start your own business the market is completely open to help these folks out and make yourself a great living, I just wish I had the time.
Just like a small high street business, a website should offer helpful information, great buyer service and brand itself as being unique. Here’s why you shouldn’t give up on your Social Media Marketing even if your stats are down. Their inspirational quotes might be popular but they have nothing to do with marketing success. Brooke Ballard of B Squared Media wrote a recent article on how NOT to waste time on Social Media and what you should be doing and looking at instead.
As you can see from this article on Entrepreneur, there are tools involved and technicalities that require time and knowledge for an efficient Social Media strategy. Specializing in SEO and Social Networking, she is a creative problem solver, and loves to help! This means your website is critical to gaining brand visibility, acquiring prospects, and helping drive sales and lease-up efforts for your company. Your ability to reach and attract more potential tenants, brokers and investors increasingly hinges on the user experience of the website displayed on their device. As an expert in your field, this is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge and position yourself as an authority – and invite comments and suggestions from your readers, of course. Include data points like rentable square footage (RSF), average rent prices, vacancy data, absorption rates and any significant transactions. Not only does a marketing video give your audience a different kind of medium to interact with (and one that generally encourages them to spend a while on your website), but this also allows you to better showcase your company, your properties and make yourself stand out from competitors. Even if you don’t yet have a concrete email marketing strategy in place, it doesn’t hurt to ask for emails and start building your list in the mean time.
More and more potential tenants and investors are using online searches to research properties, don’t be left out of the game. This will help you make better, informed marketing decisions and enable you to understand if your website is having any significant impact. Not only does a regular company newsletter allow you to stay in touch with your most valuable prospects and customers, it provides a means to showcase the activity of your company, offer valuable free information, and build a relationship that transcends the anonymity of your website.
Its 300 million user base consists of just about every professional in the commercial real estate, finance, investing, or legal fields you could want to meet, and it offers a powerful marketing and engagement system with blogging, group discussion boards, and search functions. Programmatic advertising allows you to showcase your services or offers in specific locations in search results, or with display and retargeted ads for people visiting your website or those of your competitors. Because more than 90% of your web traffic won’t take an action when they visit, you need to increase return rates – retargeting allows you to do just that. To start, it gets your name and brand on large websites (news platforms, blogs, trade journals) that your target market trusts.
Use these tools to share new ideas, events, and property updates with your customers and prospects and to continue growing your network in 2016. By combining the two and building a plan that moves seamlessly between online and offline tactics, you’ll reach a much wider audience.
A good broker event will allow you to engage with people and build relationships in ways you may not be able to otherwise online. Create your own professional group to gather people interested in real estate, finance or marketing, or join another group if there is one that fits your interests.
But it needs to be of the highest possible quality if you want to make a lasting impression. If it’s been some time since you last updated this or you still don’t have professional graphic design for your marketing materials, consider investing in new collateral in 2016, updating any contact information, social media links, website links, and imagery to match your online presentation. If your goal is to increase reach, build your brand, and make sure locals recognize you and your property, this is still one of the best ways to do so.
Word-of-mouth marketing can help you drive a significant increase in inquiries without having to spend heavily on marketing materials or advertising. Use this 3-4 month period as a way to profit and expand your business with outdoor activities, food festivals, and community gatherings, simply because the weather allows you to.
Send out dynamic mail pieces in the shape of a flag or post an oversized poster in the front of your office.
Andrew is proactive in the business community as well as the creative industries community and offers a unique insight into marketing.
John has held marketing roles within large corporates to small farmer owned co-ops including head of marketing at the Milk Development Council.
He is a chartered marketer, Google Analytics and Google AdWords qualified individual and an active member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Since becoming a Business Growth Advisor for Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneur’s Circle in Bristol, Emma now also devotes much of her time to teaching, training and mentoring UK business owners who want to be super-successful. Through all of these he’s fine tuned ways of involving people through facilitation work, training, strategic planning and practical marketing. As former Chair of Design South West, Tim is a passionate advocate for the role that design can play in business.

A recent winner of the national Best For PR Silver Award, Jane is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of PR.
As a prime time TV director Pete relaunched the BBC One Watchdog studio before developing BAFTA winning cross-platform breakfast show Level Up for CBBC. As Business Development manager at Evosite, based in Taunton, Peter is continuing to enjoy working amongst a large team of highly talented individuals to provide fast ROI’s for eCom solutions. With a deep knowledge of the Psychology of Marketing, Sue can identify and target the ideal customer, ensuring businesses with limited resources reach and engage with the buyer who’ll always say yes!
Here is how you can beat the big businesses at their own game and create customer desire for your business, without resorting to tacky images or awkward moments!
Her Monkey approach is always to place the customer at the centre of the marketing, which she believes leads to successful business growth and more satisfaction.
In 2012 Luan achieved Chartered Marketer status and was nominated one of the UK’s Top 50 Creative Freelancers by industry publication The Drum.
In early 2011 though he decided that it was time to make a change, relocating with his family from the South East of the UK to Somerset in the South West, establishing Artisan Southwest. Annette is a Chartered Marketer, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and holds the CIM’s Postgraduate Diploma.
He regularly presents to audiences of 3-400 and teach on Stockholm School of Economics’ Executive MBA programme in Moscow and St Petersburg.
As well as being passionate about the county for the quality of life it offers, there is very little that Rupert doesn’t know about the Somerset and South West business communities.
Each event and workshop we provide is focused on all these themes and we welcome business and community to attend or invent their own creative events in Taunton and Somerset. You can create customers, be persuasive, expand your market, increase sales and create the impact that bigger companies do. The point here is to focus the attention of the customer on something they are familiar with or is a part of their day-to-day environment but in a new and exciting way. How can you be bold in your advertising, displays or your general approach to marketing yourself "bigger" and sticking out? When small business fail competing against these giant companies, many folks have a tendency to lose their livelihood and valuable resources are lost by communities.Therefore how is a small business to remain afloat in these difficult times? You might need to re-focus and adjust but never stop having an active social presence for your business, big or small.
If Facebook is working for you, or if Instagram can be added to the ‘Combo’, then remain there and optimize your strategy. That said, there’s a few strategies that are highly likely to have a strong impact for you in 2016.
Highlight it on your website as a monthly (or quarterly) feature and you will surely generate more eyeballs and interested readers.
If your website is not generating prospects for your company or property, it’s time to revisit and take action. Combined with ultra targeted advertising, LinkedIn is an important focus for any business in 2016. That content allows you to gain exposure you may not be able to gain on your own website, at least not yet. By producing high quality marketing videos of your properties, publishing interviews, or creating high quality videos that showcase your company, you can drive traffic from YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. You need to produce exceptional, well-written blog posts, informative articles, high quality HD videos, infographics showcasing interesting data, and other educational content that can capture attention from prospects when they visit your website. There may be several, offering you the opportunity to network and build connections more easily.
Invest in a professionally-made presentation that is engaging, on target with your audience, and tells a compelling story. Make sure to choose an organization that matches both your brand and business goal – it should be one you feel strongly about. Check out the list below to gain some ideas on what to print on your next direct mail flyer, poster, newsletter and even social networks. Have clients enter the raffle by visiting your store, signing up to your newsletter, or even liking your company on Facebook.
By creating one side of your mailer informing your customers know-hows and the other promoting your business, your piece is bound to stay on the family refrigerator much longer than if you only promoted yourself. An Associate of the Institute of Business Consulting and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
Acting as a consultant, John has presented to The Minister of Agriculture on innovation, acted as an expert witness in high court tribunals together with speaking at numerous conferences, seminars and in the media. Using practical examples, he will aim to get you thinking creatively about your future success. Her modern outlook moves from traditional marketing towards a more versatile and charismatic value. Luan has worked for clients of all sizes, from household names such as Hilton and University of Cambridge to the kinds of companies that are big in their field but unknown to the wider world. Prior to founding the company Andrew served as the EMEA Marketing Director for RSA, The Security Division of EMC. A former client-side Marketing Manager involved in business planning and new product commercialisation, Annette specialises in marketing for manufacturing, construction and engineering. You may be working on a smaller scale than organizations with multi-million dollar marketing budgets but the point is the the small guy can win using these techniques and you too can create more business than you can handle.
Just do it!Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Being CreativeYou've got to love this ad by Miele that shows one of its vacuum cleaners sucking a hot air balloon out of the sky. Marketing intelligently!Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Being EngagingWhat a cool concept, a straw that advertises Yoga Center by showing someone bending over backwards in a yoga position!
Rather, think of cool new ways to attract their attention and get them experiencing something fresh and new that relates back to you in a positive way.In order to be successful in sales and marketing using guerilla marketing ideas you have to be able to live up to the image and impression that you create. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. It would be like stopping maintenance work in your shop because they don’t seem to change anything. Jay highlights the very different ways in which brands and consumers expect their online relationship to work. In order to communicate your brand and services effectively, it is crucial that your site is optimized for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet). All three platforms offer incredibly targeted advertising as well to increase your online reach.
Good content helps you build an audience, create trust, and allow you to leverage the other distribution tactics listed above as well. Consider making custom website URLs you can drive people to from these ads to measure which is most effective. Create a referral request program with potential partners, maintain close relationships with previous clients, and follow up frequently to ensure you’re tapping every potential source in 2016. This drives foot traffic and sends out the message that you know and care about your clients. Make sure to send colorful food imagery and sunshine on your direct mail piece to entice gatherers. From parish council’s to senior partners of law firms, his communication planning techniques work. She is also an Urban Explorer and adventure girl with lots of projects on the go, including designing her own Couture Lingerie label. He joined RSA Security in 2005 initially working exclusively with the financial services industry in developing strategies to combat fraud. Her marketing career began in the late 90s when she cut her marketing teeth designing and organising exhibition stands – and since then she’s planned and managed stands from San Diego to Hong Kong. This is a real winner, one of those guerilla marketing ideas that is creative, unexpected as well as engages the customer by virtue of the fact that it is probably something you are going to use or keep around (e.g. Do not go "over the top" and do something potentially embarrassing, harmful or in bad taste. This might be what you need to understand in order to look at your social marketing efforts in a different way. This can drive traffic to your site, but also has important SEO value and can improve your ranking in search engines. And as an added bonus, make sure to reward the winner with their name or photo on your social media site or even next summers direct mail piece! This developed into a period of time running the financial services business at RSA, before leading the marketing function across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Awe, mostly, followed by the (somewhat illogical) thought that if Nike can do this they must be able to make great soccer shoes! The answer is creativity and being able to connect the concept of suction power in such an incredible and visually appealing way. Remember that you want customers to come to you feeling good and not be put off by your advertising concept or think that it is just plain silly!
Customers are impressed with the creative execution and "wow" factor and so Miele scores points for its brand.

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